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Rootlight Akashic Record

An interactive journey through the unseen Universal Laws that shape the experiences of our life.

This internet service, based upon the numerical system of Kabbalah, provides personalized reports that help you to gracefully navigate through life. By analyzing the necessary information that you provide on this site, you will be able to gain vital insight on every aspect of your life including your talents, relationships, business and career. You may also analyze the vibration ruling a marriage or receive help choosing the most optimal date for an upcoming wedding. The Akashic Record is an authentic forecast system based upon Kabbalah and distinct from astrology. It allows you to accurately understand the unseen patterns and influences that affect every aspect of our existence. There are nine amazing reports to choose from.

The ancient and sacred system we present to you uses the divine code of the Universe in combination with the laws of the main Archangels who stand before the throne of God and operate through the creative planets. It is the very system used by Mother Nature in Her mysterious dealings with life and the action of the Archangels of the Lord whose magnetic influence operates through the creative planets and radiates over the Earth. After years of practical experience and planning, we are able to make the sacred system that reveals the mysteries of Heaven and Earth available to all who seek to make living in accordance with Divine Law the highest priority in their lives.  

Akashic Record is an interactive journey through the hidden vibrations and influences, a link between you and the unseen. Created with a meticulous attention to detail, Akashic Record allows you to apply the priceless wisdom of an ancient and mystical system in the service of determining the vibration attendant with your relationships and name. In addition, Akashic Record reveals the gifts you were given at birth and gives you an essential understanding of your destiny and earthly purpose. Having gained such invaluable knowledge, you can put it to use. Indeed, by the Grace of God, Akashic Record can give you the keys you need to master your past, present, and future. This foresight will make you extremely effective as you move through the journey of life. Through a deeper understanding of the laws of nature, we witness their continuous cosmic dance in and around us. As a result, our faith in the Almighty Great Architect of the Universe becomes unshakeable, and we are blessed with the realization of our true and heartfelt desires. Working with this ancient and sacred system calls upon the help and protection of the luminous beings that dwell in the higher world, and establishes a spiritual communion between you and Heaven. May you sanctify your life and achieve your highest destiny through harmoniously working with the forces of nature while establishing a link with the Divine.

The matrix of change we call Nature is structured by forces, and regardless of whether or not we are aware of the universal cycles present in our lives from the womb to the tomb, we are governed by their influences in all areas of life. Let's consider romantic love with this truth in mind. The moment of sexual engagement and/or the day of marriage sets a clock in motion, and from that point forward the relationship is involved in a dance with the creative planets. When you understand the operation of each creative planet and the impact their energy has, particularly as it relates to your yearly cycle, you have tapped into a source of infinite wisdom. Potential pitfalls have been revealed so that you are able to side step difficulties. Happiness in love, then, is achieved by working with your personal cycle, for said cycle clearly demonstrates the time when it is most auspicious for you to enter into a relationship or marry. From this example, we can see how Nature provides a guide whereby those who desire overall health and happiness, as well as successful love relationships, may align with the energies of the Creator and see the mysteries of being with more clarity. Such alignment is achieved by following nature's laws as revealed by the divine spiritual wisdom. Again, by taking the time and effort to mark the turning Wheel of Karma, each point of which holds a specialized type of energy that can be accessed through observing the planetary bodies, we allow our consciousness to experience the subtle forces that move manifestation through endless and beneficial change. In terms of love relationships, this energy is then synthesized into the consciousness of our love relationship after the making of our decision.

In addition to learning the divine spiritual wisdom and employing Akashic Record, working with the Rootlight Sacred Music CD series and reading the books can help you connect with the constructive energies of the Universe in order to clear, purify, and balance your mind, body, and spirit. With practice, great receptivity and clarity can be established in the body, mind, and emotions, thereby creating the energetic alignments that promote harmonious results in all areas of life. Since the endless emanation of creation can never be exhausted, our opportunities for growth, expansion, and realization through the forces of nature are limitless. By observing and working with these heavenly and powerful rhythms, we progress from identification with the personality toward Self- and God-realization with every turn of the Wheel of Karma.








Akashic Record


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