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For Great Success and Inner Peace | $250 Talisman

This medallion is known to cleanse past blocks while surrounding one with positive cosmic energies, creating the space for inner peace. The combination of symbols upon Abundance creates in the aura the energy for expansion, abundance and spirituality. All of our pieces are exquisitely produced in sterling silver and 18K gold and include a sterling silver chain.

Abundance Talisman

with Green House CD (add $19)
Develops self-confidence and opens the doors to prosperity.

with Flow of Naam CD (add $19)
Illuminates the way to happiness.

with Sounds of the Ether CD (add $19)
Helps you realize your dreams and ambitions.



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About Your Talisman


Activating Your Talisman with Sacred Music

Each talisman is accompanied by a suggested CD from our Sacred Music Series in order to help better connect you to the beneficent influences that your Sacred Talisman represents and to accentuate their impact on your magnetic field. For a more detailed description of each CD, please view all of our music here. Many individuals prefer to utilize all of the healing musical energies contained on each CD by listening to them while driving, working out, at work, meditating, relaxing or sleeping. We highly recommend that you read Lifting the Veil and the Divine Doctor as well as the Alchemy of Love Relationships to familiarize yourself with the laws of nature as they apply to your life, your health and your love life. In addition, the book the Code of the Masters gives you the humble details regarding the use of the Word.


Guidelines & Suggestions

These beautifully crafted talismans can be worn at any age, interchangeably, and in multiples to create powerful synergies of positive influence based upon one's personal aspiration. In order to receive the most benevolent attractions, we suggest that your Talisman(s) be worn continuously for a minimum of 40 to 120 days and beyond. Their term is life long, as each Talisman will become endeared to you throughout the phases of life; a trusted companion.




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