The Descent of the Clouds

Facing the Next 8 Years with Grace

from Joseph Michael Levry (Gurunam)


Dear friends and beloved forum members, it is our humble privilege to deliver this letter to you. May this message bless you with the light of wisdom so that it may serve your highest destiny.

We are currently in a terminal station for a 25,000 year period.
The eight-year period to come is called "The Descent of the Clouds." During this difficult transitional time, great and lasting changes will occur in the global landscape. Therefore, the time has come for me to share knowledge of what may lie ahead so that you are able to interpret the global circumstances that arise with clarity. The following communication will discuss the nature of "the descent of the clouds," and disclose the tools you will need to face its challenges with grace, so that you are able to grow in ways that are conducive to the coming age. In particular, I have included the mantra of light for this age. It is the mantra of mantras that serves to uplift humankind.

Decoding the Signs of the Coming Age
When you open your eyes fully, you can plainly see that the world is in a state of chaos. Many nations are ravaged by war and disease. Natural catastrophes and weather irregularities are making headlines. Many people are living in states of pain, confusion and poor health. We are inundated with technologies that speed up the pace of our lives to unnatural levels. Indeed, we have come to regard the Internet as indispensable to our professional and personal lives. Interestingly, www, the prefix to all websites, is the equivalent of 666 otherwise known as the number of the beast. When 666 is reduced we arrive at 18, the number of the tarot card the Moon. Eighteen represents a materialism that strives to destroy the spiritual side of nature, a materialism that uses divisive and/or deceptive tactics to gain position and/or wealth. Eighteen also warns of treachery and deception from known and unknown persons, friends and enemies. In the extreme, the number 18 is also associated with wars, social upheaval and revolution. Under the energies of 18, everything conspires to destroy the native. Hostile spirits, represented by the wolf, are laying traps, while servile spirits, represented by the dog, hide their treason behind a mask of flattery, and idle spirits, represented by the crab, gaze upon the ruin of the native without concern. What's worse; the native is often ignorant of such conspiracies. Therefore, one must be on guard. He must watch, listen and act accordingly.

Conversely, in the Jewish tradition, 18 is regarded as a positive number that brings blessings. It is derived from the word CHAI, which means Life. The word Chai is made from Chet and Yod, and together they make 18. Our science of spiritual numerology also reveals that the name of Christ, which stands for truth and light, adds up to 18 as well. This further demonstrates the positive aspect of this number. Moreover, the Bij mantra Sat Nam, which means "Truth is my identity, reduces to 18. Therefore, with the advent of the Internet nothing can remain hidden. All truth shall come into the light. There is no way around it. The Internet, then, plays two roles, that of the beast and that of the angel. Therefore, depending on the ways in which you choose to use it, you will either develop the beast in you or strengthen your angelic side.

As we further explore the energies of the number 18, we see that it can be reduced to 9. Nine is the number of Mars. The energy of Mars rules over construction as well as destruction. It also rules the energy of sex. Once again, when we look clearly and neutrally at the occurrences on our planet, we can see that both the mass media and the Internet are currently riddled with subtle and overt images/messages of violence and sexuality. Indeed, the prevalence of sexuality and violence in the content of traditional and non-traditional media outlets depicts the unbalanced energy of Mars at work. The pendulum has swung to the extreme and these forces, long held in check by social custom, ethics, modesty, cultural law, physiological ignorance, and ecclesiastical restriction, are rapidly being released on the global scene.

The open nature of the Internet has made it fertile ground for many avenues of expression. However, this has also made it a playground for depravity and sexual deviance providing a haven for those who traffic in darkness and prey on the unsuspecting. These unchecked, rampant forces can represent a serious danger for children, and for people who turn to the Internet to unknowingly fill the void of emptiness in their hearts and souls. Some places on the Internet have even become the invisible bar or nightclub, the place where one can go unseen and unregulated, to fulfill the low animal desires, the beast in humankind.

Burying oneself in endless surfing on the Internet or spending hours in other on-line activities, can remove one from the healthy, positive, life affirming relationships with others and one's self. Rather than experiencing the joy and sorrows of life in real time, people have retreated into the shadows. Such loss, such emptiness, builds on itself. One can soon find themselves completely isolated from the heart essence of life. For some individuals, the Internet has become a substitute for human interaction and connection. And for others, such use has become an addiction, a destructive tool to escape the realm of the heart where personal issues are resolved and love flows forth. This addiction is no different from others in that it becomes a slippery slope that leads the addict down a path of pain and destruction. Children are particularly vulnerable when it comes to the Internet with its wealth of knowledge, games and activities at their fingertips. In some cases they stumble onto violent and sexually explicit sites that shape their tender minds in negative ways, and in the worst-case scenario, are drawn into harm's way. It is imperative that we nurture our children by providing them with activities that strengthen their character, intellect, emotional intelligence and spiritual awareness. These precious hearts and minds will be our spiritual, community and political leaders as well as our hope for tomorrow.

For the next eight years, these unimpeded and dangerous forces will provide ample evidence of Nature's powerful forces and elements of destruction. Do not despair, however, for in due time these energies will give way to their more balanced aspect and, with it, a more peaceful and healing way of life will be initiated.

To reiterate, the Internet is ruled by the Moon archetype and the planet Mars. Not only does the Internet have its dark side as discussed above, the Internet also has the immense capacity to positively serve humanity in several ways through our conscious use. Just as it is a powerful tool used to promote messages/images of sexuality and violence, it can also be an equally, if not a more powerful tool, when used to promote messages/images of truth, justice and peace. We can counteract the dangerous misuse of the Internet by using it to universally disseminate uplifting information to the masses. Indeed, when the gentle message of Love is backed by the energy of Mars, it is extremely powerful. Such messages can open a multitude of doors and overcome many obstacles. Therefore it must be stressed that when used consciously, the Internet can become an integral tool for spreading the message of Love, Peace and Light throughout the planet, thereby uplifting humanity.

The upcoming Presidential election is of keen interest to many given the current national climate. Let's look at it from the perspective of Universal Kabbalah. President Bush was born on July 6, 1946. He is the 43rd president of the United States. The number 43 is interesting, as it indicates the action of the square, or matter, over the triangle, or spirit. If the current President stays in office for another term then the challenging aspects of the number 43 will be fully activated. If a new person is elected, he becomes the 44th president. Here again the number 44 is also interesting, as it is the action of the square over the square. Furthermore, it reduces to 8, the number of Saturn. In 2008 if we elect a 45th president, the number 45 reduces to 9, the number of Mars. As you can determine, then, the archetypes ruling the next coming presidencies are challenging. Indeed, Mars and Saturn are the most challenging karmic planets ever known in the entire spiritual kingdom.

As stated in the preceding paragraph, George Bush was born on July 6, 1946, and John Kerry was born on December 11, 1943. This means that on Election Day, President Bush will be in his Mars period, while John Kerry will be in his Saturn period. Regardless of who is elected, the political landscape of the next eight years is going to be rocky. In addition to the challenging personal periods of the two candidates at the time of the election, Saturn's influence is going to be felt in deep and dramatic ways. A strong spiritual technology is the only way to overcome Saturn's influence. Saturn is related to Hearing. This quality links Saturn to sound and the power of the word. Mantra, then, is extremely important at this time in history. Adopting a consistent mantra practice, will provide you with a shield of protection that buffers you from the negative and chaotic influences that may come. In addition, surrounding the earth and the leaders of critical nations with healing light, is the only sure way to move through the next eight years with grace. You may want to refer to the book Lifting the Veil: Practical Kabbalah with Kundalini Yoga for a more detailed discussion of the Saturn and Mars periods. Even a small amount of knowledge of Universal Kabbalah can help you understand the coming times and thereby walk with more confidence through them.

Age of Transition
Know that we are in for a rough ride ahead. The battle against falsehood and dogma so necessary for regeneration has begun. False rules are being destroyed in order to permit the Spirit to be sensed and felt in actual life. Beginning on June 3rd, 2004 the world will experience a period known as the "Flood," the descent of the "Clouds," or the "Rising of Aphrodite". This period of great cosmic significance and turbulent transition, which lasts until the end of 2012, will be heralded by a time of intense conflict that calls for a shift in individual and collective consciousness. The cosmic forces are fighting for dominance. The Earth is also fighting, for survival. Indeed, the world will go through eight years of purification, a sort of planetary near-death experience, through the bitter experience of natural catastrophe and/or warfare. The old world will be laid low in order to make way for the building of the new world of spiritual, collective consciousness with universal love at its core. The political map will be altered. There may even be a change in the geophysical stability of the world. Sacrifice, including loss of life, will be a necessary part of this process. All will come to understand that the new age that emerges, along with the devastation that came before it, was a necessary purging so that humanity could transform.

Humankind, then, has come to an evolutionary crossroads. Individual and collective karmic debts must be paid in full. In this time of transition, however, there lies the seed of hope found in the Divine Spiritual Wisdom gifted to mankind through the heavenly Community of Light. Indeed, its flame of wisdom has been lovingly held and nurtured even through the darkest of times. Only by partaking of the fruit of its knowledge will we be allowed to eat, once more, from the Tree of Life. We must strive to divert all energies that seek to come between man and the Tree of Life. Those who choose to harmonize with the divine spiritual wisdom will form the seedbed from which a new global culture and consciousness develops. The Truth of Life will descend from the world of Eternal Light to illuminate the minds, regenerate the hearts, and renew the souls of the sons and daughters of truth, destined to constitute the nucleus of a new humanity. Loving use of this knowledge will bring us into harmony with the Divine Fountain of Light and the Laws of Nature.

As a Universal Kabbalist, you are a student of the divine spiritual wisdom that teaches one how to master life. By attuning to the Cosmic and living in harmony with natural and spiritual laws, you are able to invoke cosmic aid in your endeavors. The divine spiritual wisdom which flows from Universal Kabbalah is of a nature which can improve one's life, restore one's health, solve the many problems of one's existence, and lead one to happiness; and that is why it is authentic. Therefore, work with Universal Kabbalah so that you may become deeply attuned to cosmic processes. Your challenge is to learn the divine spiritual wisdom and expand your experience of both self and life. As we commence with the rough ride ahead, use the divine spiritual wisdom as your seatbelt and your parasympathetic nervous system for damage control. Global change begins with personal change. The divine spiritual wisdom will give you the right attitude, help you see these eight years from the right angle, and turn even your most painful experiences into blessings. Know that its practice is the fulfillment of the divine union with the children of the light that will bring about the Golden Age that follows this transitional period. Working with our sacred science will align you with Heaven, creating deep healing and an understanding of the unifying divine force that is inherent in every aspect of creation. It will help you regain your lost inner powers, so that you are able to function from your Universal Mind. This is critical to personal and global salvation.

Mantra and Spiritual Practice
Mantras are words of power. We use them to communicate with the invisible world of terrestrial and celestial beings that exist between Heaven and Earth. Mantras, then, must be your working tools. The practice of chanting mantras will not only connect you with the higher worlds, it will initiate the personal change and growth that spreads positive change throughout the world. When you consistently use mantras, you become a healing vehicle whereby the Earth is revitalized. With the healing vibration of mantras embedded in the earth, we can all return to a state of perfect harmony.

Before we examine the benefits of specific mantras, let me add that with regards to your health and spiritual growth, I revealed in my most recent lectures the three parts on your body that you need to expose to the sun in the morning hours before 12 noon. Doing so will drastically improve your health and help with your spiritual growth. Also, it is especially good to practice chanting meditation at sunset or whenever the sun forms a 60 degree angle to you. This period of the day is your daily weak point when negativity can easily triumph.

In this communication, we will focus on three mantras that are particularly powerful. As this is a complex, troubling time in history the use of Triple Mantra is important. Triple Mantra burns the seeds of bad luck and protects you. Ra Ma Da Sa is also necessary, as it aligns you with the Divine healing energies and creates an internal healing vibration. By chanting along with the Ra Ma Da Sa CD, sickness leaves and all bad omens fall from the being. It is recommended that you read The Divine Doctor for more information on the various applications of this mantra. Lumen de Lumine, however, is the mantra of mantras.

Mantra of Mantras for Connection, Illumination, and Personal and Global Healing
Most mantras are beneficial, as they awaken the Divine within. Lumen de Lumine, however, is the effective mantra of light for this time. As the mantra of all mantras, Lumen de Lumine will bring the mental peace that allows the path of truth to become clear. It possesses the power to open the energy centers of the body, thereby harmonizing you with the vibration of this age. When sung from the neck lock, at the point where Prana and Apana meet Sushumana, its light vibration unties the knot of ignorance. Lumen de Lumine is a Divine secret that uplifts humanity, and those who use it will become enlightened and become one with the Divine. Moreover, Lumen de Lumine is the greatest Divine key, able to unlock time and liberate you from the cycle of reincarnation safely and quickly.

Lumen de Lumine is a light equal to trillions of sunrays, as it is the light vibration from the wheel of Cosmic Energy-the Great Central Sun. It is heavenly, giving energy that is the brightest of the bright and the sweetest of the sweet. This mantra of light dispels darkness and banishes evil from one's life, as it acknowledges the Glory of the Light of the Lord. It is easy to know truth, but difficult to live it. By chanting Lumen de Lumine, you will experience the continual flow of light from your inner self that transforms the behavioral patterns of day to day living. Indeed, the power of Lumen de Lumine lies in its ability to establish a vibration between self-consciousness and Supreme consciousness that will break down all subconscious barriers. In esoteric terms, from the self to the supreme self we cross, with the power of the creator, through the cosmic flow of consciousness. Lumen de Lumine acts as a connecting bridge.

Lumen de Lumine provides a direct link to the Fountain of Light, the One Cosmic Heart. When chanting or listening to Lumen de Lumine, you receive assistance from the ascended masters and the Luminous Beings who are always ready to send strength and help through the finer forces of Nature. Those who have experienced Lumen de Lumine understand that it is a deep vibration of Love that moves through one's being and often brings the healing tears of heaven to one's heart. Lumen de Lumine is the mantra that ushers in the very Light of the Universe that brings healing and nurtures our souls.

Rose Croix Kabbalists chant Lumen de Lumine in order to remove darkness. When used consciously, this mantra provides a potent shield of protection and healing, as you are establishing a spiritual communion with the hierarchy of Luminous Beings who dwell in the invisible world, as well as calling on the help and protection of the hosts of the superior astral world. All you need to contribute is sincerity, reverence and humility.

The vibration of Lumen de Lumine describes the Glory of the Lord. Chant in the early hours before the Sun has risen, as this is the time of day when the channels to the Divine are the most clear. Your heart will open, and, in turn, charge the solar centers and connect you with the Cosmic Energy that releases you from Karma. Those who chant or listen to Lumen de Lumine for 31 minutes a day while meditating on the light of the Sun will overcome all challenges and rule their destiny.

Concentrate on the light of the Sun and immerse yourself in the energy of Lumen de Lumine. You will experience the radiance of your heart center, and expand beyond the limits of time and space into the realm of total peace and joy that allows you to know your boundlessness.

Additional Mantras
The first track on the Mystic Light CD, RAMA RAM RAM, will bring a great stimulus of energy to your heart center, while creating profound and beneficial internal changes. This mantra will help you understand others better by giving you the perceptive ability to discern their moods and read their thoughts. In turn, you will become more understanding, tolerant and compassionate. The sound "RAMA" balances the energy of the sun and the moon within us. The sound "RAM" deflects Uranus's negative, confusing and disturbing influences, prevalent during this age, while protecting your aura.

Finally, the most recent addition to the Rootlight CD series, Sounds of the Ether, will call on the beneficial forces of the universe to work in your best interest and come to your aid, thereby helping you to fulfill your worldly dreams and ambitions.

The mantra meditations we have outlined here expose negativity to the light and eliminate it. Remember that the powerful CDs in the Rootlight series are your spiritual working tools. Use them, and they will cut through any blocks you may have. I can state with confidence that they will clear the way for you. Use them and you will quickly discover the simple truth, they work.

Power of Breath
Breath is one key to physical, emotional and mental health, and there is no energy more potent than word. Proper use of the breath during your mantra practice will help you successfully navigate the coming years. Our sacred music series is a unique collection of spiritual recordings that enable you to work efficiently with your breath. Many of the tracks on the Rootlight Sacred Music CD series call for you to use the breath in order to enhance the depth of the effects of the kundalini shakti mantras offered. Once your breathing pattern is regulated to four breaths per minute, your central brain will begin functioning more intensely. Those who work with the mantras on these CDs properly, will breathe at about two and half breaths per minute. The pineal gland and pituitary glands shift their relation to each other, making the effects of the outer and inner sound more potent. Thus, these powerful mantras are able to penetrate more deeply. As a result, you will become better able to synchronize and move into the divine flow thereby more fully manifesting your intentions.

The Way of the Heart
Yoga fever is spreading. Many people are now practicing some form of yoga. Although the more physically based forms of yoga are beneficial, they are not enough. You need to open your heart center. Remember, that which is physical is physical, and that which is spiritual is spiritual. Purely physical activities cannot help you enter the spiritual worlds. In other words, no amount of physical exercise or stretching can open the heart center. If it did, all those who practice Hatha Yoga, the most popular form of yoga in the Western world, or workout at the gym would have succeeded in opening their heart center.

The opening of the heart center is initiated by living according to the precepts of the Way of the Heart. To follow the Way of the Heart is to live a life characterized by kindliness, compassion, charity, humanness, forgiveness, benevolence, understanding and service. All other methods are merely substitutes. Attempting to open the heart by reading all manner of spiritual books and/or going to yoga every day accomplishes nothing to change one's interior perception and state of consciousness. It is the practice of chanting mantra, working with the Sun, obeying the Laws of Nature and following the Way of the Heart that opens the heart by effecting the Transmutation or what is know to the Rose Croix Kabbalists as the Magnum Opus.

The heart is the seat of the Christ light, the love nature, and the love of all that is good and wholesome. But it is also the seat of malice, envy, jealousy, anger and evil thoughts. The true purpose of life is to open your heart and become a channel of God. The truth of life is not to glorify your little self, for a candle which burns by itself serves only itself and its light slowly diminishes. But the burning candle that lights the path for others, serves and uplifts the whole of humanity. Its light becomes brighter and brighter. Therefore, the true idea of life is to serve and uplift others from the power of your Heart. You cannot truly practice effective spiritual work before your heart center has been opened and regenerated by its positive powers. Once a true opening of the heart has occurred, the faculties of precognition are awakened, becoming useful tools for communicating with the divine spiritual beings during Prayer.

You must open your heart correctly in order to rise above the endless modifications of your fundamental animal instincts. For the highest degree of human culture, which the world has until now maintained, has still not brought us any further along the path of evolution than to cover over this fundamental instinct of animal man with a fine coating. There can be no hope of higher happiness for mankind as long as the corruptible, material essence, expressed through the lower chakras, constitutes the main ingredient of existence. You must open your heart in order to make the mortal immortal, and the corruptible incorruptible.

In Closing
The essence of life and leadership lies in the Way of the Heart and in the conquering of your negative karmic influences that create duality in your life. The Great Work is performed by restoring in your faculties, the same law, the same order, and the same regularity, by which all beings are directed in Nature. True divine spiritual work is done by acting no longer in our own name, but in that of the living God. Utilize the Divine Spiritual Wisdom, gifted to us, to open your heart and confront your negative karmic influences, so that you may move to a state of divinity. During these eight years, as the darkness of the world grows denser, increase the power and strength of your inner light through mantra and prayer so that you are able to overcome the world and become a demonstration of the eternal life and light. Do not allow negativity to dim your light. Let it blaze forth within you.

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