The Heavenly Pentagrams in the Sky

and the "I Am Meditation"

from Joseph Michael Levry (Gurunam)


Dear friends and beloved forum members,

     In light of the presidential elections taking place exactly five days after the appearance of the second Pentagram, we highly recommend that you take the time to connect with your heart and pray for the world so that the outcome may create a greater platform for peace and more healing in the world.

     The upcoming presidential election in the United States will take place at a very special time in cosmic history. During the month of October 2004, two Pentagrams appear in the sky, signaling powerful, important changes in the human condition. The first Pentagram appeared on October 1. The second Pentagram will appear on October 28 in close conjunction with a lunar eclipse, and with a solar eclipse at the mid-point of both Pentagrams. The appearance of one Pentagram is a rare occurrence. That two appear in the same month is even more rare.

     We must pay attention to the fact that the presidential election in the United States, which is the leading country of the world, is happening exactly five days after the appearance of the second heavenly Pentagram of the month of October. It is noteworthy to point out that five is the number of the Pentagram. (Please refer to the Heavenly Pentagram communication for more details.)

     In addition, according to Universal Kabbalah, during the time of the election, President Bush will be in his Mars period and Senator Kerry in his Saturn period. Mars and Saturn are the two most challenging planets known in the entire spiritual kingdom. This is why the country seems to be so divided, and predicting the outcome of this particular election appears to be so difficult. Mars and Saturn are two of the seven creative planets which correspond to the seven Archangels who sit before the throne of God and whose magnetic influence radiates all over the Earth. They initiate the karmic wheel.

     For this reason as well as many others that you will soon read about, we are sending you the "I Am Meditation" along with the last communication entitled "The Heavenly Pentagram". Again, two Pentagrams in one month are a very rare occurrence, for they bring to light the importance of the Christic mysteries.

     Before the Fall, human beings had the faculty to perceive and understand the hidden, eternal truths via an inner spiritual organ. This organ was given to us as a result of our incorruptibility and immortality. After the Fall, when we rendered ourselves mortal and corruptible, we received the outer organs we now call the five senses. This envelope of senses is truly a corruptible substance found in our blood, forming the fleshly bonds that bind our immortal spirits, making them the servants of our mortal flesh. Indeed, at present, our inner faculty is enveloped in gross matter to the extent that the external eye cannot see into the spiritual realms, we are deaf to the sounds of the metaphysical world, and our speech has been paralyzed so that we can barely stammer the words of sacred import. These are the words that were once ours, and through them we held sway over the elemental forces and the external world.

     These events will affect us for the many years to come. They presage the fact that there is a new and great force emerging in our world, a force that evokes the Christic energy that lives within our very souls, and which manifests in all the great and wonderful occurrences of our lives.

     We must learn the heavenly science, in order to develop the lost inner faculty that allows us to perceive the hidden, eternal truths. Now is the time for the greater truths concerning the nature of our divine spiritual wisdom at this moment in history to be shared and expanded upon. Moreover, the Divine has ordained its usage so that the promise of great transformation, held by this age since the beginning of ages past, can be brought about.

"I Am Meditation"

     Your chest is a great ocean of energy. In it you find the heart. The peace for which every soul strives and which is the true nature of God and the utmost goal of man is found in the heart, or by following the heart. The source of every truth is hidden in every human's heart. The heart is the seat of life, and life is the outcome of harmony. The whole secret of creation is harmony. The harmony of the universe is life itself. And it is life that every one desires. It is life that is the real source of healing. The temple of God resides in the heart. It is the essence of all beings, the progressive, higher self within the self. Always throbbing, always beating, the heart is the ultimate chanter. And the beat of the heart is the rhythm of your soul. The heart chants continuously, relating to the presence of God - the Creative force that continues, uninterrupted. This relationship is perfectly balanced and harmonious. Whether or not you pay attention to it, the heart beats on. The beauty herein is that the moment your heart stops beating, you are released from this world of illusion called Maya. Unfortunately, mankind has replaced the precious internal temple of the heart with the external exterior form of worship. This is a grave error. We must not lose the temple that is the heart. These types of exercises can enable you to align your mental, astral, and physical bodies so that you can become aware of the true, initial cause of imbalance and illness. This, in turn, will provide you with an opportunity to empower and heal yourself by seeking out those situations and persons in your life that need to be addressed and tended to in order to reach a healing point of resolution. The first part of this "I Am Meditation" is an empowering, healing exercise designed to cleanse the lymph glands and the lungs in the upper chest and help you prevent breast cancer and heart attack. It also helps to balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain because the hands are the servants of the brain. The benefits of this meditation are both physical and metaphysical.

Step I. 3 Minutes - Warm-up
Sit as calmly as you can, in any posture that does not cause pain. Relax the arms at the sides with the palms facing forward. As rapidly as possible, alternately bend the elbows so that the forearms come up toward the heart center. Do not bend the wrists or hands, and do not touch the chest. As you proceed with this movement, the arms will begin to feel as if they are moving automatically. Try to maintain a balance in the rhythmic motion of your hands. If your hands hit each other, it means that this balance has been upset. After a couple of minutes you may feel sweat on your forehead. Do this first part for at least three minutes.

Step II. 11 Minutes
Put your hands on your heart, listen to your heart beat and feel like you are at home. You are resting in the center of your self. Chant along with "I Am I Am" on the Sounds of the Ether CD. As you chant I Am, feel it in the depth of your soul. Connect with this Divine flame of light that burns within yourself, and let it shine forth and welcome all that is good, all that is healing, all that will aid humankind and its growth in this world. Connect with your heart so that this Divine candlelight may burn brightly, holding your mind, body and spirit, so that these things of goodness and of love may come to you, and God in all his wisdom may guide you towards those healing paths that you are meant to walk.

Step III: Send love, peace, and light to the world.
Be on the lookout for details on how the Prayer of Love, Peace and Light can be used to help the world. We will send you more information shortly.

Incorporate the "I Am" exercise and meditation into your daily spiritual practice. It is an excellent addition. Recite this sacred sound as you face East towards the rising Sun that is symbolic of the Fountain of Light. This should be done on a daily basis for the remainder of 2004. It will connect you with your heart, illumine your soul, and align you with the Divine.

     If you so desire, in addition to the above exercise and meditation, you can combine with your practice some of the sacred sounds found on Rootlight's Sacred Music CD series, as they will greatly improve certain aspects of your life. Specifically, use the Ra Ma Da Sa CD to bolster your physical health. In order to increase and expand on the opportunities that come into your life, use the second track of the latest Green House CD. The first track of the Triple Mantra CD offers you protection and strength in the face of challenges. The first track of the Soul Trance CD eases anxiety and depression, and initiates emotional healing. And finally, the first track of the Heaven's Touch CD bestows grace and blessings.


The Heavenly Pentagram in the Sky

     As we mentioned above, we are resending the link to the last communication because it contains a message of great importance, providing mankind with greater understanding and clarity, with greater truth, with a greater conscious tangible connection to the energy and presence of the Christic mysteries and the Divine so that we may recognize more fully the "I Am I Am" within ourselves and the part that each one of us and the Christic force that we carry in our hearts, have to play in the unfoldment and future development of the Earth and our own consciousness and race. Click here to read the complete communication.


In the days and months to come,

I wish you love, peace, and light.


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