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Our Sacred Music

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Heaven's Touch                                                                                       Price: $19.00

     These sound vibrations bring grace, blessings and internal peace. The sound current on the first track synchronizes your energy and expands the aura. It is also for emergency saving grace and spiritual guiding light. The second sound current cleanses the emotions, creates internal peace and allows you to project outer peace. The third track moves you into a meditative space with rhythm.

1. Guru Ram Das 11:50

2. Sat Narayan 11:40

3. Mystical Ivory Coast 21:33


Sounds of the Ether                                                                                    Price: $19.00

     The sound vibrations on Sounds of the Ether open the doors to opportunity, good fortune and the realization of one's dreams and ambitions. When you chant and/or listen to them, you are calling upon the divine helping hand to assist you in attracting true happiness. As a result, you will be blessed with a fulfilling and successful earthly life.

1. Ad Such 11:00

2. I Am 11:00

3. Aim 30:00

4. Hari Har 11:00

5. The Fire of Prayer 11:00



Ra Ma Da Sa: Healing Sound                                                                 Price: $19.00

     The vibration of "Ra Ma Da Sa" cuts across time and space and brings healing. It maintains, strengthens and improves your health. It can generate beneficial energy in hospital rooms and places of recovery. It will also create a peaceful and productive environment in the workplace. Families can benefit from its harmonizing effects on the home, children and even pets. Those who chant this mantra will age in grace. In the spirit of love and healing, share this knowledge with others.

1. Slow version 11:00

2. Rhythmic version 10:55

3. Extended version 31:12



Triple Mantra: Protective Sound Current                                                 Price: $19.00

     "TRIPLE MANTRA" clears all types of psychic and physical obstacles in one's daily life. It is a sure protector against car, plane and other accidents. It cuts through all opposing vibrations, thoughts, words and actions. Listening to or chanting TRIPLE MANTRA will strengthen your magnetic field and keep negativity away. There are three parts to this mantra. The first part will surround you with a powerful light of protection, the second part will remove obstacles from your spiritual path and the third part will remove all types of obstacles from your daily life.

1. Triple Mantra 11:00

2. ONG Instrumental Version 5:16

3. Triple Mantra (extended) 31:09



Lumen de Lumine: Light of Light                                                              Price: $19.00

     "Lumen De Lumine" opens the heart and surrounds those who chant or listen to it with a blanket of light. Just listen to it and it will purify and strengthen your aura. Play it in a room and it will clear the energy in a short time. Go to sleep with it and you will awake revitalized. When faced with challenges, play it continuously. It will eat the darkness out of your life. It is a prayer of the strongest potency, which will keep misfortune away and bring peace, love and mercy into the lives of those who chant or listen to it.

1. Version I with piano, guitar, and violin 11:00

2. Version II with guitar and synthesizer 11:00

3. Version I with piano, guitar and violin (extended) 31:00

4. Lullaby 11:00



Green House                                                                                           Price: $19.00

     These sound vibrations develop the psycho- electromagnetic field and extend the power of projection and protection in the personality of the chanter or listener. They work with the creative forces of the universe to protect one from negativity and misfortune, while helping you achieve a productive and fulfilling life. They help develop personal confidence and convert anxiety and fear into determination, while bestowing spiritual growth and radiance.

1. Har Har Har Gobinday 11:41

2. Har Haray Haree Wahe Guru 11:00

3. Ad Such (extended) 31:00

4. Calm Heart 11:00



Blissful Spirit                                                                                              Price: $19.00

     These sound vibrations eliminate mental impurities and cause the spirit to blossom, while bestowing divine grace and radiance. A regular practice of listening to this CD or chanting along with it will move you from duality to divinity.


1. Wahe Guru (adagio) 11:00

2. Har Har Har Gobinday (adagio) 11:00

3. Ganputi Mantra 11:00

4. Prayer of Light 5:00



Soul Trance                                                                                             Price: $19.00

     Wahe Guru Wahe Jio - Chanting this mantra 5 to 8 times per breath not only increases your stamina, but also helps you think more clearly, perceive more honestly, and act in accordance with your higher self. Har (God) - the creative aspect of infinity. Love, Peace, Light to All - These sacred sounds raise the energy from the lower to the higher spiritual centers.

1. Wahe Guru Wahe Jio 20:10

2. Har 31:00

3. Love, Peace, Light to All 11:03



Mystic Light                                                                                            Price: $19.00

     The sound vibrations on Mystic Light totally revitalize the energy flow within the body and build a tremendous protective electro-magnetic field, thereby allowing the divine fire to forge you into a new state of life. They make the aura strong, bright and beautiful. They not only affect the two brain hemispheres and bring you into balance, but they also draw down the protective light and grace of heaven. They give you light, healing, and strength.

1. Ra Ma RAM RAM 11:00

2. Hallelu-ya/Christe Lumine 11:40

3. Lumen de Lumine (Chanting Version) 11:40

2. Har Haray Haree Wahe Guru (version II) 30:25

5. Sophia 11:40



Healing Fire                                                                                                Price: $19.00

     These sound vibrations give youth, beauty and spiritual illumination. They work on the glandular system and organs. ONG will take you to a meditative and creative space, and leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized. A regular practice of listening to this CD or chanting along with it promotes good health and helps develop intuitive intelligence.

1. ONG with Piano 11:00

2. ONG with Prayer of Light 5:05

3. Twelve Seed Sounds 11:00

3. Twelve Seed Sounds Instrumental 11:00



Om House: The Primal Sound                                                                             Price: $19.00


     The Primal Sound: OM (ONG) / AUM (AUNG)

     The divine word OM, which is nothing more than AUM, is pregnant with mysterious power. There was a time when the word was believed by most traditions to possess tremendous power. The sacred word is seen by some as the authoritative word by which all thoughts become objectified - made reality. Om stimulates the psychic centers and is known to have certain therapeutic values. This sound is thought to have special universal powers for the creation of worldly things.

1. ONG/AUNG with Rhythmic Beat (version I) 21:21

2. Ong/Aung with Piano 11:42 (version II)

3. Ong/Aung for Relaxation (Version I/Lyrical) 21:19


Healing Music Therapy

     The medical community is now coming to the understanding that sacred music can be used to effectively manage pain, moods, depression, blood pressure, and anxiety, as well as the nausea associated with chemotherapy and the immobility associated with Parkinson's disease. Indeed, exciting research suggests that the brain responds to music almost as if it were medicine. The anecdotal evidence of music therapists bolsters the credibility of such research by demonstrating that the healing properties of music can lessen a patient's post-surgery recovery time while helping them handle future complications. Many in the field recommend that music be used in conjunction with traditional healing modalities. To this end, the Rootlight Sacred Music series can do much in the way of helping patients, as it creates a positive, uplifting atmosphere in which they are better able to cope with the health challenges they face. Our sacred music warms the heart, soothes the soul, and stimulates concentration and creativity.

Beneficial for Children

     Sound is not only beneficial in times of physical distress and challenged health, but also, music affects development in the womb and in early childhood. Researchers observe an increase in fetal heart rate when in the presence of music. Moreover, when a mother listens to sacred music during her pregnancy, she creates a healing, soothing, and uplifting environment for the child to enter into. Of course, a child continues to develop after birth, when environment and experience combine to create mental circuits and patterns between neurons, those electrically charged nerve cells that transfer information through the brain. When the neurons are not exercised, they cease to properly form the necessary pathways. The brain then trims the fat, so to speak, by pruning the unused neurons. Understand that a critical window of opportunity for the development of both verbal and musical abilities opens at birth and closes around the age of eleven. Music can assist in the cognitive development of very young children; for musical training generates the neural connections used during abstract reasoning and the assimilation of mathematical concepts. Meanwhile, the spoken language heard by an infant creates a complex set of interconnections that have an important impact on overall brain development. To be sure, there is an overlap in the neurons used to process music, language, and mathematical and abstract concepts. The more parents sing and/or play sacred music in the presence of their baby or young child, the more the brain generates neural circuits and patterns. It is essential then, that parents cultivate, encourage, and support their children's appreciation for music. Again, sacred music is recommended for its ability to create a high vibration and beneficial atmosphere that helps to calm children while heightening their level of intelligence and intuitive thinking. Children should be encouraged to chant along with sacred music; for this is a magical experience that forms patterns and creates energy fields of resonance and movement in the surrounding space. The energy absorbed positively alters the child's breathing, pulse, blood pressure, muscle tension, and skin temperature. Due to the high level of unfiltered noise and environmental chaos, the beneficial impact of sacred music is greater when the volume is kept low.

Why Our Sacred Music is Unique

     All music on the Rootlight label has been created during the most positive and healing phase of the Moon to magnify the beneficial impact upon the listener. They are created in accord with the natural and healing laws of the universe. All our music is especially created to bring their listener a host of benefits and blessings. Our sacred music series is a unique collection of spiritual recordings that enable you to work efficiently with your breath. Many of the tracks on the Rootlight Sacred Music CD series call for you to use the breath in order to enhance the depth of the effects of the kundalini Shakti mantras offered. Once your breathing pattern is regulated to four breaths per minute, your central brain will begin functioning more intensely. Those who work with the mantras on these CDs properly, will breathe at about two and half breaths per minute. The pineal gland and pituitary glands shift their relation to each other, making the effects of the outer and inner sound more potent. Thus, these powerful mantras are able to penetrate more deeply. As a result, you will become better able to synchronize and move into the divine flow thereby more fully manifesting your intentions.

May the Sun of Truth, Wisdom and Light
Rise in your heart and illuminate
Your life with grace and joy.
May the luminous beings from heaven
Surround, bless and protect you always.
May you ever dwell in the divine light.
So be it.


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