What is Naam?

The Language Spoken in Heaven

Naam is the Word or Logos – the creative Word by which all things have been made manifest. Naam or Logos is the 22 forces by which the world was created. They are symbolized by the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. Naam is not only the language of the heart and soul, but also it is universally understood by all creatures. While speech is the language of the physical world, Naam is the language spoken in Heaven. Humans use Naam to communicate with the heavens. The word Naam itself is Sanskrit whose literal translation is word or name. Working with the Word or Naam is the most secret and powerful practice known to yogis and Kabbalists. All beginnings, all seeds, all things come from Naam. It is in fact by Naam, in Naam and through Naam that all things, seen and unseen, have been created.