Harmonyum and the Lineage of Light

from Universal Kabbalah Master Joseph Michael Levry


Dear friends and beloved members,

Harmonyum is a Divine healing science known as  Bio-Metaphysical Medicine. While many, many healing systems exist, Harmonyum is an extraordinary healing science that is the total sum of the 22 Major Arcana in action. In other words, Harmonyum is the psycho-therapeutic application of Arcanal wisdom. Its power is the same as that of the force represented by the engraving on the rod of Moses. Harmonyum belongs to a chain of light. This chain of light is the lineage of those once worshipped in Atlantis and Ancient Egypt. During this period in human history, health was of the utmost importance. People with pristine power routinely accessed the astral body and spirit of the bones, known as the Body of Light, in order to heal the physical body without causing side effects.

     The spiritual healing science of Harmonyum is precise and mystically sophisticated. It cannot be taught. Rather, it is a transmission of a specific and healing spiritual seed, passed on through the chain of light. Before a Harmonyum transmission can occur, however, the heavens must bestow its power. Today, there is one sole living master, as an extension of the invisible Community of Light, with the wisdom to transmit the science of Harmonyum, thereby bestowing it onto others so that it may grow, flourish and eventually manifest fully within the heart and soul, and turn one into a full servant of Light. The seed, held in the heart of the practitioner, contains initiatory power. It must be nurtured with a complete shift in outlook and a single-minded devotion to Divine Union. This is attained by invoking the blessing and support of the Lord of the Universe and the support of the invisible Egregore of Lumen de Lumine through consistent prayer, meditation and service. By nurturing the Harmonyum seed through the cultivation of certain major virtues, all spiritual centers are brought into full activity. In fact, they are automatically brought into the necessary radiatory condition far faster by right thinking, right feeling and right action than by meditation or concentration on the internal menorah. While these virtues may seem mundane, they are the most potent and effective at nurturing the Harmonyum seed and bringing the centers into their optimal potential of expression. When the task is done, and when all the centers are living spheres of outgoing, healing activity, they swing into each other's orbit. The Harmonyum practitioner then becomes a center of living light, rather than a composite of seven radiant centers. As the seed grows and blossoms to bear healing leaves, flowers and fruits, the practitioner is blessed with an ever increasing capacity to heal through Harmonyum. Understand that the healing spiritual seed and the tree hold the same nature, as do the fruits. Indeed, as the fruits ripen, they gain the same taste as the original, seed-bearing fruit. Thus, a single seed creates a vast number of heart opening off-spring, which, in turn, create a vast number of leaves, flowers, fruits and trees. This is how the circle of light continues to expand.

     The transmission of the Harmonyum seed is the beginning of a new consciousness within, which manifests as an internal light that dispels all darkness. It is accompanied by an influx of forces that we can direct toward healing and serving others. In so doing, we contribute to the edification and construction of the Kingdom of God here on earth. Harmonyum is dedicated to teaching the Divine Spiritual Wisdom and spreading Love, Peace and Light throughout the world. It brings us balance and reason as a means of merging with truth. Those who receive the seed of Harmonyum and nurture it realize that there is nothing but Truth. Everything is Truth and everything leads to Truth. In coming to this realization, they are overcome by a sea of Love, Wisdom and Truth, for working with this seed allows the individual to re-connect with internal archetypes, as well as the Divine that lives both within and without. Those who are in the truth will be perfect when all the truth is revealed. If you know the truth, the truth will make you free. Ignorance enslaves; knowledge brings freedom. When we recognize the truth we shall find the fruits of the truth in our hearts. If we unite with it, it will bring our fulfillment. Moreover, the seed of Light planted in the heart of the practitioner by the Harmonyum Master is a perpetual one. In other words, it will remain intact throughout many incarnations, growing ever stronger as the individual rediscovers his/her psychic abilities with each new life cycle.

     Again, during challenging periods in history, the heavens choose an initiate to whom the healing method is revealed. That person is someone who has been spiritually prepared throughout many incarnations and is fitted to carry the Heavenly Crown of Harmonyum. That initiate represents the true teachings of the Harmonyum School in the upper world. During a Harmonyum workshop, a subtle, unseen energy is transmitted from the Master to each participant. The aura of the Master of Harmonyum is of such a vast, magnetic nature that it has a beneficent effect wherever and whenever it touches people. In other words, the presence of the Christic Force over the Masterís aura, supported by the Lumen de Lumine Egregore, is such that it can be directed to heal and uplift through his very presence. Because of its incredible potency of attraction and stability, the aura of the Master not only helps to transmit the Harmonyum seed, but it also holds the group energy together. This beneficial sphere of radiance can easily be felt and/or experienced by those who seek it out and watch its positive effects.

     In its practice, Harmonyum is dedicated to bringing Light to the individual by opening up the body through a variety of simple, yet Divine motions. These Divine movements control simultaneous healing transformations on a larger scale. The simpler the movements, the more complete the transformation. Regular treatments begin a new cycle in time in which the individual is reincarnated into a new consciousness and a renewed body. As a result, continuous Harmonyum treatments give you lifetimes of wisdom and the effects of years of meditation, bringing you into a higher, more advanced cycle of manifestation. With each new Harmonyum Healing cycle, the experience gained during the previous cycle remains, resulting in a compounding healing effect. The spirit of the individual becomes one with the universal Spirit of All Life. The challenges of time and space are then met with an outpouring of the spirit, through the power and might of the internal Christic force.

     Harmonyum heals through the heat of Divine Love as it initiates a superior vibratory shift that causes the body, by its own virtue, to create a platform for self-healing. During treatment, potentially harmful energies are cleared from the aura while, at the same time, the recipientís innate gifts are brought to the fore. Keep in mind that ideas that do not manifest remain unassimilated desires. As such, they accumulate in the mind, where they form mental toxins. Eventually, mental toxins create astral debris that have a negative impact on the mind, body and spirit. As a result, metabolic inefficiency sets in and the blood and tissues of the body become polluted. Indeed, the presence of toxins in the body is the primary reason that microbes develop into full blown disease. Emotional disturbances due to a lack of love affect the liver, blood and heart, while negative thinking affects the chest and wrong action affects digestion. Right thought, feeling, speech and action, along with the will to manifest our deepest, purest desires keeps the bodily systems, and the blood in particular, pure and clean so that disease is unable to flourish. With Harmonyum, optimal blood supply is restored to the vital organs, thereby removing toxins, initiating cellular rejuvenation and causing the glandular system to positively alter its secretions. In turn, youth and vitality are restored. Harmonyum works on your physical body through your spiritual body. It works on your emotions and thoughts. Harmonyum will heal your heart, make your mind clear and brighten your energy. Indeed, Harmonyum delivers the recipient to a state of indescribable healing by opening the channels of the body and expanding its healing light from the inside out. As the sunlight fluid circulates, it changes the molecular composition of the cells, transforming them into high-energy matter. With each additional Harmonyum treatment, the bodyís light progressively expands. Your aura becomes so large that in other dimensions your spiritual body exceeds the size of your human body. We exist on many levels; we not only have a physical presence in the material world, but we also affect the astral and divine worlds. We are primarily spiritual beings, and what we do, think, feel and believe creates a mark on the astral world as well as on the physical, thus the Hermetic axiom: ďas above, so below and as below, so above,Ē which means that anything created on the astral world must manifest in the material world.

     The Universe is the entire Cosmos, and we are a microscopic part of the Cosmos. The mystery of both the creation of the Universe and the creation of humankind can be explained in elemental terms. The trinity of the Kabbalah mother letters: Aleph, Mem and Shin, are the primal constituents of the material world. The whole material system would perish if this trinity were thrown out of balance. The same trinity of primal elements exists in the human body, maintaining the breath and temperature, keeping the organs active and healthy, circulating the sunlight fluid, and building and nourishing our metabolic systems. Just as with the Macrocosm, if the interplay of this trinity in our bodies is thrown out of balance, we become vulnerable to disease. Mind, body and soul are connected by our breath. Our breath relies on rhythm. Balance, the upholding power of life, is kept by rhythm. Harmonyum regulates the breath. Therefore, Harmonyum assists us in keeping and maintaining our balance and rhythm. In other words, Harmonyum is a practice that sets the whole mechanism of the body and mind in rhythm and order. Understand, if an instrument is not kept in proper tune, if it is knocked about and treated fickly, it will not play beautifully. Its tone will be out of tune. Our bodies are akin to an instrument. In fact, our bodies are the most sacred instrument, created by God for His divine purpose. If it is kept in tune and the strings are not allowed to become loose, then this instrument becomes the means of that harmony for which God created man. Harmonyum restores the rhythm of the body with great wisdom and gentleness. This is essential, for a sudden effort to regain the bodyís rhythm may backfire, and make the individual lose even more. In turn, by breaking oneís rhythm, one may end up breaking themselves. Again, restoring rhythm must be a gradual process.

     You enter and leave this life with nothing. Regardless of your level of power, money or beauty while you are here, all will be gone in a few short decades. You cannot take anything material with you, and you do not truly leave anything material behind. The wise among us, then, focus on perfecting their words and deeds in goodness and light in order to become a better person. Karma incurred from one lifetime to another manifests as disease and/or disorder in our lives and must be cleaned from the internal body gradually. Disease, whether mental, emotional or physical, experienced as pain and suffering, comes with a lesson we must learn in order to overcome the challenge and create a more fulfilling life. Todayís suffering, then, creates the conditions for future joy. When we understand that the nature of suffering is not punishment, but rather an opportunity to learn, grow and become a better, more sensitive person, it is easier for us to bear it and receive its benefits. In other words, when we embrace the lessons that come with suffering, we raise our consciousness. Great souls must endure great ordeals however they also experience great joys not known to the average man. No one, including doctors, can eliminate your karma on its deeper, root level. They can only address the physical manifestation. For example, removing a tumor cuts away the matter, but the disease has not been touched on the astral level. In other words, while the pain may be removed from the surface, it merely gets transferred to a deeper level where it becomes buried and may resurface again. The relapse may not happen in this lifetime, but may reappear in subsequent lifetimes. Karma must be repaid. This is a spiritual law. Nothing is accidental, including disease. Karma is the universal force of self correction; the way we pay for our past errors. We must shift our thinking so that we are able to understand that a little suffering and tribulation is not a bad thing. The absence of suffering means that we are not paying for our karmic debt. Harmonyum burns the seeds of negative karma and bad luck and allows us to face our challenges and repay our karmic debt gracefully.

     There are two essential components to the art and science of healing disease. First, one must understand the lesson of the disease. Every pain or disease we experience is a karmic manifestation. Indeed, each of us has had millions of lifetimes that created the karmic imprints affecting our current circumstances. Therefore, the root of disease and disorder has most likely originated in another lifetime and world. Second, you must raise the recipient's vibratory frequency, as the only pathway out of fulfilling the karma attendant with the disease is by raising one's consciousness. In others words, in order for the body to effectively deal with disease, its vibration must be raised. This is why Harmonyum is essential to both healing and the maintenance of health. Harmonyum raises our vibration. As it raises your vibratory frequency, Harmonyum causes your true wishes to manifest. Once the recipientís consciousness has been raised through Harmonyum, and the lesson learned, the disease or disorder will leave. Unfortunately, most people who call themselves healers do not understand the importance of these two factors. Therefore, instead of effecting real change in the recipientís state of health, they simply create a pocket of time in which the disease is temporarily alleviated. What they are doing is in fact pushing the disease into the future. Inevitably, it will return Ė in the same form or in a different form, in this lifetime or the next.

     It is imperative for a Harmonyum practitioner to stay neutral. Your mind should be fresh, beautiful and neutral. If a person is being anything other than neutral, then by definition, it is not a Harmonyum treatment. If you do not purify yourself and heal yourself of all the duality, by being neutral and moving off the way for the heavenly force to prevail through the light of the Sun, negativity can prevail through the flow of the psyche. Therefore, before you touch anybody, you have to make sure that you are as pure as possible. You should be so prayerful and pure. And your touch should be so powerful and impactful that the entire body of another person may change.

     Do not get involved with the patientís challenges, whether physical, mental or emotional, otherwise your will impede the patientís spiritual progress as well as your own. Leave it up to the heavenly force to work through the life force of the patient to produce the ideal results. In addition, do not overload someone with too many treatments. The energy of Harmonyum cannot dwell with darkness in the same environment. When the light enters a patient, all darkness is revealed. The patient is called upon to face this darkness, whether it comes in the form of an unhealthy relationship, discontent with a career choice, or negative thought patterns and habits. That is why it is important to give the patient time to heal. The person receiving Harmonyum may be detoxing or experiencing a healing crisis. The process of Harmonyum is an ongoing state of transmutation. When a person seeks out Harmonyum, it means that they have made contact with their innate intelligence and are ready to explore the potential of transmuting darkness into light.

     Harmonyum creates a platform for self-healing because it expands the recipient's awareness so that he/she is better able to recognize how the law of cause and effect impacts our lives. Through this awareness, the gentle elimination of destructive energies such as anger, fear, stress and anxiety is facilitated, and they are gradually replaced with feelings of peace and serenity. Above all, Harmonyum purifies the karma of the parents through the children, for Divine justice visits the trespasses of each generation upon the next. Indeed, there is a physical law that dictates that an impure source communicates its impurities to its products. The same is true in the spiritual world, so it follows that if a man commits evil the karma is automatically transferred onto his posterity. If divine justice can afflict the children through their fathers, it can also purify the fathers via their children.

     The unparalleled combination of Harmonyum and Naam raises our consciousness and eases the pain of karma. Eventually, we are released from karma and delivered to a place free of suffering, hardship or disease. In this life, in addition to learning the lessons presented by disease and disorder, we heal karma through acts of goodness and service. That is why it is necessary to serve. The more challenged you are, the more you need to learn the Divine Spiritual Wisdom, vibrate Naam and serve. Such acts increase the level of white light surrounding us and diminish the level of black light. Ideally, we want to achieve a higher balance of white light than black in our lives. By receiving Harmonyum and vibrating Naam we collect more and more white light, so that we can exchange it for spiritual growth and/or earthly abundance. Take care not to engage in negative or slanderous behavior by hurting another in word or deed. When you do so, you take on some of the black light of the one you intended to harm. Plainly stated, Harmonyum is an elegant, spiritual healing system that addresses disease where it originates in order to gently, and permanently eradicate it from your life. Receiving Harmonyum and vibrating Naam heals both mind and body. Learning the Divine Spiritual Wisdom, practicing Naam Yoga and receiving Harmonyum will change, transform and infuse the body with a surplus of healing energy, slowing down the aging process and prolonging your life. However, there is one rule to keep in mind. Any extension or prolonging of life is given for the purpose of service and living a pure life. Therefore, when you receive Harmonyum and practice Naam you must also strive to live cleanly and purely. Those who are unaware of this principle will return to their old destructive and unhealthy patterns and be subject to passing away at any moment. When you receive Harmonyum, you receive healing from the higher world of light. In turn, you are able to achieve complete self-healing. Harmonyum awakens the power of God within you, so that you can connect with the Heart of Nature, with the Mind of the Sun and with the Soul of the Universe. This divine healing science will remove the cold from your life, melting the snow from your head and the ice from your heart. It is the healing system for this age and beyond.

In Love, in Peace and in Light,

The Rootlight Team

Harmonyum Healing Training and Certification

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     Join us for a powerful three-day Harmonyum training weekend. Open the universal panacea by learning the highest methods of healing and diagnosis, understanding the intricate union of the physical and spiritual bodies, and gaining true insight into the root cause of all chronic conditions. This healing application of Divine Spiritual Wisdom is an art and science that is for the infinite capacity of the heart. Harmonyum activates the seed atom of the soul with the Divine and Heavenly Fire so that its static condition can be transformed into one of kinetic activity, leading man to the transformation, rebirth and complete regeneration. Harmonyum works through the One in us. Through purity of heart, practitioners of Harmonyum are able to assist in profound and permanent healing by reestablishing the harmonious flow of Divine Love in the body. During the weekend you'll have the opportunity to experience hands on instruction, practice sessions and group meditation.


Harmonyum I/II Training Weekend
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