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Kabbalah & Naam Yoga Self-Study Course

a Vital Course for this Age, Levels 1-3 | $390 per level

If you want to acquire knowledge of the divine spiritual sciences, begin our Self-Study Course. Indeed, the divine spiritual wisdom contained in this course will not only heal you, but will also spiritualize, enhance and embellish your life, making it absolutely Divine. Those who follow the divine spiritual teachings can be assured of learning the purest, fastest and most direct path to the eternal truths. Learning the divine spiritual wisdom is the key to understanding the language of heaven and earth. It is the language of the angelic, or celestial beings.

Sacred & Powerful Wisdom | Origin & Lineage | Table of Contents

Kabbalah and Naam Yoga® are two ancient and powerful sciences for spiritual growth, and for understanding one's self in relation to the Universe. This course is a compelling and extremely practical masterpiece of Universal Kabbalah. The sacred teachings of Kabbalah have been presented in a practical, do-able and understandable way. You will be given some of the most effective meditations and prayers that Kabbalah and Naam Yoga® have to offer. The essence of Kabbalah, that was previously hidden and confusingly presented in various books, has been decoded and put into a form that is effective and powerful in its application.

The groundwork is laid within the study of these levels for an understanding of the Kabbalah and Kundalini Yoga that will lead to the deepest comprehension of the esoteric principles of life. The practical application of these teachings is mighty. The course goes beyond the philosophical part of the wisdom and expands on how the Kabbalistic Cross, Tree of Life, the Ten Spheres, and the Pentagram of Light can be used in order to enhance one's daily life. Journey with imbued power on the path of light and be guided further by the understanding of the principle of causality and the rulership and the influence of the planets. All the world is spiritual and you will gain a greater comprehension of the corporeal world through the spiritual. You will be given various ways of purifying your being and connecting with the beings of light. Enhance your spiritual growth through mastery of the astral body, numerology, color healing, the Hebrew alphabet, and the tarot. Through a spiritual and practical understanding of the electromagnetic field, food, health and the nervous system you can restore your pristine powers of self-healing. Develop super-consciousness through working with the sun, the archangels, symbols, meditation, mantra, breath work and prayer. Through the study of the Divine blueprint, creation, time and space, and cosmic principles the infinite light within all mankind becomes realized. Come to an understanding of how to achieve liberation in this life and the next through our sacred science, the study of the divine name of Ieshouah, the Egregore, and the contemplation of the meaning of redemption, the soul, and alchemy.

By working with this course, all the dormant qualities and virtues in you are brought to full life, resulting in improved health and well-being on all levels. Then your spiritual knowledge, presence and words will start healing and uplifting others.

The sample contents are just a few topics addressed in Level One through Level Three. The teachings of the Kabbalah as taught in each level are preparatory for the next level. Knowledge and understanding builds one upon the other. Each level is completed in sequence. For more information please call.


Course Materials

The course is continuously evolving and expanding. Each level is put together by hand at the time of purchase and consists of approximately 400 pages of material. Level 1-3 can be purchased online.



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Study Recommendations


The following suggested steps are meant only to facilitate learning and provide a basis for guidance as you embark upon this spiritual journey. While they are completely optional they have been found to greatly enhance the integration of this divine wisdom into one’s daily life.

Helpful Guidelines

No time limit is given for the completion of the course because of the personal nature of this work. There is no grading or testing involved. The Great Architect of the Universe is the only Judge of spiritual progress. Insight into the Mysteries evolves slowly through comprehension, self-examination, and meditation. Reading the books The Code of the Masters, Lifting the Veil, the Divine Doctor, Alchemy of Love Relationships and the Healing Fire of Heaven, by Joseph Michael Levry will provide you with a strong foundation for Level One. The Rootlight Sacred Music CDs allow you to experience the illuminating power of sound vibration. They are helpful tools for learning rhythm and pronunciation while enhancing your personal meditation practice. You may also write an essay, on the topic of your choice, about each course and reflect upon what you have learned. Please email all correspondences to In addition, attending the lectures and workshops given through the year will prove to be very beneficial and help you readily integrate the teachings into your daily life.

Additional Recommendations

It is helpful to have at least one meeting with Joseph Michael Levry for specific personal guidance as you continue your study. We also recommend, whenever possible, that you take the opportunity to experience the transcendental healing system of Harmonyum. Not only will this aid in your spiritual growth, but it will give you a broader perspective of the limitless applications of Universal Kabbalah.





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