2012 and the Naam Star Kriya
from the founder of Naam Yoga, Dr. Joseph Michael Levry

Dear beloved members of our community,
In the immense halls of Atlantis, as the Sun rose over the horizon, the people greeted its rays with outstretched arms, their bodies creating the shape of a five-pointed star, and filled themselves with the Light of the new day. This fascinating posture, which dates back all the way to the mystery schools of Lemuria and Atlantis and even to Hermes Trismegistus, often referred to as the father of Divine Spiritual Wisdom, was also once practiced by the high priests of ancient Egypt. The Naam Star Kriya has been kept hidden for millennia to avoid its misuse. As a posture of health and longevity, its rejuvenating and life-giving benefits cannot be overemphasized. In fact, the Naam Star Kriya is the ideal human posture of mathematical and natural perfection. The further away a person's body parts are from the ideal proportions, the more likely that person will be in disharmony with the Universe, and incur certain health problems. By doing the Naam Star Kriya we are aligning our bodies to the Golden Ratio in order to align our lifestyle more precisely with the Divine Proportion. The functioning of the entire body and mind cannot help but be improved. Indeed, performing the Naam Star Kriya is the awakening and conscious application of this Divine Code as the true Fountain of Youth.

December 21, 2012 is approaching with blinding speed. Many people are feeling empty, vulnerable, overwhelmed and stressed. We are all focused on the importance of 2012, for we are about to witness a Great Galactic re-alignment of major significance that will change the psyche of our planet. Such re-alignments occur every 26,000 years as the stars shift and the orbit circulatory system of the magnetic field changes, thereby affecting the earth’s axis and magnetic field. We must all take care to learn the spiritual tools that will allow us to gracefully cross the boundary into the new age when our very way of life will progressively transform. The year 2012 is governed by the power of five whose symbol is the pentagram. One of the best things you can do for yourself this year and beyond is to work with the Naam Star Kriya, which is a pentagrammic pose. 

During the Solstices and Equinoxes, Naam Yogis come together to perform the Naam Star Kriya and tap into the great surplus of energy present during these powerful times, in order to organize, harmonize, coordinate and redirect our inner forces toward self-healing and spiritual growth. As we come together in the spirit of love and healing in this Kabbalah posture, we transform into a unified beam of Light that is projected to wrap the Earth in an aura of protection and stability. Now, more than ever, we must create abundant Light throughout the Earth and brighten the future of our world. The Naam Star Kriya, in combination with a regular Naam practice, will align you with the Will of the Creator and ignite the flame of positivity, the candle of Love and Light, so as to burn and cast the darkness away, while lighting other people’s candles with our flame. It is our responsibility to light the candle in every heart we meet and illuminate the Earth with our Light.

In ages long since past, mankind dwelled on a high spiritual plane and enjoyed heavenly privileges of untold dimension. Indeed, Man at this time could cause elemental reactions from pure thought alone. His spiritual body was perfect and indestructible; his intellect unlimited; his commune with the Creator free. By working with the Naam Star Kriya, we call on the Christ Consciousness to release a spiritual force in our mind, body and spirit that connects us with our perfect and indestructible spiritual body, so that we may freely commune with the Creator as we once did. It invokes what Universal Kabbalists call the time of grace in which the name of God is written with five letters: Yod He Shin Vav He. This is the formula that allows for our reintegration into the Archetype, so that Primitive Adam can be restored. Until we are re-integrated, we will continue to suffer the consequences inherent in the physical world. Therefore, work with the Naam Star Kriya. Approach it as the sacred tool that is, and invoke the fiery, purifying and enlivening power of the Divine.
There are various ways of working with the Naam Star Kriya technique to activate our internal spiritual organ, that metaphysical and incorruptible principle that resides within us, so that it may come to rule over the terrestrial principle and as a result, one can begin to experience the grace and joy that comes from above. Some of these advanced kriyas will be taught in upcoming Naam Yoga intensives.


Understand that the Naam Star Kriya is both Divine and magical. As you perform this kriya, its lines automatically divide themselves into segments according to the Divine Proportion. All the ratios of the segments created in this posture equal PHI, which is considered the most beautiful and Divine number in the Universe; a number of power and expansion. The Golden Proportion is the most pleasing of harmonic divisions found on Earth; the harmonic ratio the Creator encodes in so many of His creations. Indeed, our body has been designed according to Divine Proportion. Measure the distance from the tip of your head to the floor, then divide that by the distance from your belly button to the floor, and the number you will come up with is PHI. Measure the distance from your shoulder to your fingertips, and divide that by the distance from your elbow to your fingertips, and you will get PHI. The distance from your hips to the floor divided by the distance from your knee to floor gives you PHI. The ratio of the forearm to the hand is PHI. Our hand creates a golden section in relation to our arm, as the ratio of your forearm to our hand is also 1.618.

The number PHI can be derived from the Fibonacci Sequence, a progression famous not only because the sum of the adjacent terms equals to the next term, but because the quotient is an adjacent term as well. The Fibonacci Sequence possessed the astonishing property of approaching the number 1.618 or PHI. The ratio of each successive number in the series converges on PHI as you move towards infinity. In other words, if you take any two successive Fibonacci numbers, their ratio would come closer and closer to the Golden Ratio or approximately 1.618. Metaphysically speaking, adding Unity to nothingness produces the Fibonacci Series. Add 0 to 1 to get 1, and then follow this pattern to infinity. This is the Fibonacci series.
Ancient mystics, along with scientists, proclaimed 1.618 as the Divine Proportion, a Divine Key used by the Great Architect of the Universe for the building of His Creation.

This posture creates the symbol of the heavenly or realized man - the Adam Kadmon, the Divine Prototype, the Angelic Human known as the Atziluthic or Archetypal Man in Kabbalistic terms, and allows us to merge with the hierarchy of supreme forces present in the Universe. It is the equilibrating, compensating, healing, redeeming, purifying factor of the Universe. Indeed, the Naam Star Kriya causes an ascent of spirituality through Naam, thereby becoming a demonstration of the Active and Invisible Principle from which the Universe derives its existence and its Laws. All symbols of gnosis, all figures of spirituality, all Kabbalistic keys of prophecy are resumed in the Naam Star Kriya. By working with the Naam Star Kriya, we are working for our individual salvation and return to grace, as well as for the reintegration of all other created beings.


The Naam Star Kriya also represents the five upper Sephiroth of the Tree of Life: Justice, Mercy, Wisdom, Understanding and the Crown. The first posture in the kriya, with arms outstretched and legs apart, is derived from a symbol of immense power, that performs the great work of spiritual fusion. It is through fusion, reconciliation and union that we counteract the effects of the Fall of Man so that we may experience reintegration. This first posture, then, represents the illumination of present Man by the descent and impact of the Holy Spirit. It is written that all sorrow and hardship are banished under the protective Light of the Great Star. Work with the Naam Star Kriya, and call upon the Spirit to descend and infuse all the elements of our being, so that we may connect the intrinsic Divinity within the self with the Divine Self. Vibrate Naam and practice the Naam Star Kriya as you face the coming months, so that positivity, joy, love and light can reign supreme in your mind and heart. Take this priceless opportunity that the Universe is presenting us right now to re-write your destiny.

May the Star of Great Light be our shield of protection and may the loving and protective Light of Naam be with us as we move
through time and space. May the guiding hand of God through Naam continue to bless us and lead us, as we move through 2012 and beyond.

(To experience the Naam Star Kriya in its full splendor, we invite you to be a part of the Equinox and Solstice gatherings whenever you have a chance. It is a very special time when we can come together to do something so positive and healing for the world.
By being a part of this amazing experience you will attract all manner of blessings into your life. We recommend all Harmonyum Healing practitioners perform the Naam Star Kriya on a regular basis. It is one of the most powerful techniques to take care of the Aura found on planet Earth. Receiving a Harmonyum treatment from a practitioner that works with the Naam Star Kriya on a regular basis is one of the most healing experiences one can have. As a recipient, it will saturate your body with a a tremendous amount of healing Light.)

with Love, Peace and Light,
Rootlight Team

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