The Practice of Shakti Naam
An Ancient Gift to Modern Humanity

Dear beloved members of our worldwide community,
The practice of Shakti Naam Yoga frees the body's wisdom to optimally express the blueprint in the DNA, bringing out the best version of that person. It is a powerful practice that focuses on liberating and activating the precious life force contained within so as to optimize the body.

The human body runs on electrical potential. It is the force behind nerve impulses. This electric potential is the physical manifestation of Shakti and is the fifth element that enlivens all others within us. Shakti Naam feeds and releases this internal ocean of energy causing it to run through the central meridian like the river of life. A self-actualized human being is one whose development is being fed by this mystical river, through their innate connection to the highest Universal nourishment. Shakti Naam works with something known as the “original cell”, a mystically known part of the human body that is the source of what society now regards as miraculous healing. Many ancient cultures referred to this optimized human condition as the state of radiating the solar force.

The human being is known to be a self-healing organism, equipped with the ability to self-correct, optimize and regenerate once it is given the opportunity and energy to do so. The spiritual basis for human health involves vitalizing and harmonizing the endocrine, neural and immune system, which are the generating, organizing and destroying forces, respectively. When that balanced physical trinity is aligned with the heart and brain, the human being is equipped with what is needed to express his/her original capacity.

To achieve this, vast amounts of high quality energy are released in the body through the breath that provides the neuro-endocrine and immune system with the capacity for beneficial change. With heavy focus on both the physical and non-physical energy flow, Shakti Naam engages the vast acupuncture meridian system. There are certain meridians that are crucial to the health and life span of an individual that are very difficult to heal through acupuncture. In essence, doing a Shakti Naam class is like performing a self-acupuncture treatment of the highest order because the student is infusing high vibratory energy into this important meridian system otherwise thought inaccessible through the application of needles. This, in turn, grants access to an endless energy supply that revitalizes the blood, reduces stress, increases strength, balances the nervous and hormonal systems, supports heart health, and increases life span. It optimizes the brain and aligns the soul with the intellect thus expanding intelligence, increasing intuition and supporting the student in manifesting their maximum potential. Chanting the Sacred Naam during the class then seals and vivifies all the work done on the physical and subtle bodies through intoning and listening to the sacred sound vibration as it opens the heart and merges each student with their purest most Divine self which is God. In essence, Shakti Naam allows one to embody and radiate love. From a physical perspective, Shakti Naam successfully taps into the immortal essence that is beyond self, beyond karma, beyond reaction, beyond pain and beyond pleasure.

The Practice
Simple, timeless and powerfully healing

The practice of Shakti Naam is virtually unknown to those who practice yoga in the West. It looks and feels different from other forms of yoga and the energy released is felt by most new students within five minutes of its practice. It provides an almost immediate experience of the meditative state as it quickly causes the brain and nervous system to shift. This is far more than just a state of relaxation but rather a physically achieved and supported altered consciousness that has been described by yogis for thousands of years as a state of higher vibration which is responsible for allowing the individual to access their spiritual gifts and revitalize the body. The human brain, regardless of beliefs, is capable of achieving this altered state because it is induced by intrinsic mechanisms that create the platform for this to happen. The class uses a specific series of unique exercises that train the brain and body to more easily experience this optimal state during daily life thus beneficially impacting one’s performance, communication, intelligence and health.

In order to support optimal health for a modern lifestyle, Shakti Naam has developed an ancient yogic science of organ movement, which was and is applied therapeutically to clean, tone and strengthen organs through manipulating internal pressure of the abdomen and lungs. It restores flexibility to the chest, ribcage and shoulders and reinstates flexibility of the spine. Studies have shown that excessive sitting decreases life span and modern life requires a great deal of sitting. Because modern life involves very little physical movement, the internal organs often suffer from a lack of circulation. According to the yogic perspective of health, this lack of circulation is one of the major causes of disease. Shakti Naam classes counterbalance that. Face strengthening and cranial alignment techniques promote recalibration of the delicate pressure in the sinuses and ears and other techniques provide breath powered neck alignment. The face is a reflexology map for the brain and emotions and just as the face is capable of outward expression we can use the face to powerfully heal our internal being.

The Benefits
Become a fountain of living prana

Shakti Naam Yoga enhances the body’s capacity to nourish itself, much like a tree, with high quality solar prana, bringing oxygen to the brain, strengthening the heart, clearing energetic paths of the body and detoxifying and nourishing organs. It supports the body in building and activating the reservoir of healing energy located in the lower abdomen. It literally creates movement in the chest thus stimulating the heart and its large vessels and expanding lung capacity with strategies unlike most forms of exercise.

The navel and pelvic floor work strengthens the body’s core in a way that the reservoir of healing energy located in the lower abdomen can be distributed throughout the body fueling higher levels of health. It benefits the mind by stimulating the deepest recesses of the brain revitalizing every cell and infusing them with fresh energy. Every joint and bone is mobilized and the entire spinal column is aligned. The Shakti Naam exercises are designed to clear debris and stagnant air from the lungs and abdomen to feed the entire body with fresh life. It employs a unique strategy, different from other forms of exercises, that moves and stimulates joints that are typically less mobile in the sternum, shoulder girdle, pelvic girdle and cranium thus increasing flexibility and strength and radically increasing circulation. Those anatomical regions are important regions to stimulate for preventing and treating heart and lung disease, reproductive and digestive disorders and pathologies of the brain. This unique fusion of movement, breath, acupressure, stretching and vocal vibration, physically strengthen spiritual connectedness by activating and strengthening the middle of the brain and cranial nerves which are powerful bridges between the physical and spiritual dimensions – the bridge between heavenly and earthly realms. The great spiritual teachers of old described this effect to their students as bringing stillness to the mind, standing comfortably in the present moment, because energetic blocks are dissolved and the life force within is allowed to flow.

As we age, the life force within begins to deteriorate, leaving us vulnerable to a host of psychological and physical ailments. In time, the body loses its ability to repair itself. Shakti Naam causes the life force to flow throughout the body; it promotes rejuvenation and clarity as well as concentration and memory. It removes all the blockages in the circulation of our life force, causing our internal organs to be nourished and our body’s equilibrium to be restored.

Shakti Naam allows us to merge with, and become the life force in action. We work with the unseen and invisible soul force often called personal magnetism, which many successful and charismatic leaders have in abundance. That soul force is the key to health and success. Shakti Naam causes you to become a fountain of prana, the great stream of vitality that fills the Ether. It causes the invisible soul force that is responsible for health, success and spiritual growth to increase within your whole body, bringing about a free flowing of your magnetic personality.

Shakti Naam is an ancient gift to modern humanity and a powerful solution to the specific problems being faced today. The legendary panacea does exist! This fountain of youth is within each person and it is the miraculous source of healing and youthfulness sought after throughout the ages. What today is called Shakti Naam Yoga was originally part of a secret form of yoga called the “Yoga of Immortality” and the time has come for it to be known, because it perfectly addresses the particular needs of people in modern times. Today humans are facing conditions that are completely new. Massive quantities of information, increased electro-magnetic exposure from cellular phones, cars, computers and other technology, chemical exposure from pesticides, petrochemicals and pharmaceuticals, unparalleled consumption of sodium and sugar are all factors that the human system must contend with as never before in history. The pressure from very complex schedules combined with the above factors creates a new form of stress on the brain and nervous system.

Medical experts agree that the primary source of illness today is stress. In essence, in order to thrive in this modern era, humans must literally rise to the new challenges that face humanity. Humans must evolve and adapt. It is commonly understood that those who have large quantities of energy, discipline, strong memories and an ability to learn quickly while effectively working with people, are the successful people in this age. This yogic technology is designed to expand human mental and energetic capacity.

An Ancient Gift to Modern Humanity
The ancient and secret part of a higher yogic science

In his numerous travels throughout the world, especially in India, Dr. Levry has met various masters from whom he received many advanced yogic techniques. In regards to Shakti Naam, the lineage can be traced to the Himalayan masters, who practiced these and more advanced techniques to free the body of the ravaging effects of disease and aging. Shakti Naam comes from a holy man in the Himalayas known as Maharishi Karthikeyaji Maharaj, who lived to be over 300 years of age. One of his students was yogi Swami Dhirendra. This Master teacher supported two great and well known Indian leaders, Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first Prime Minister and his daughter, Indira Gandhi who became Prime Minister in 1966. The great demands of being a political leader required huge reserves of strength, clarity and intelligence and this form of yoga, known as the “Yoga of Immortality”, was called upon to support these public figures with their sacred responsibility to their country and people. One of Dr. Levry’s spiritual journeys in India led him to Shri Bal Mukund Singh Ji, a master teacher that served as the right hand man of this famous yogi. Shri Bal Mukund Singh Ji blessed Dr. Levry, privately teaching him this secret and ancient traditional yoga practice hardly known to the western world.

Shakti Naam is the ancient and secret part of the higher yogic science of immortality not known to most of the schools of yoga today in the world. It is not only an advanced modified practice of yogic Sukshuma Vyama based upon traditional yogic principle, it is also it is an anti-aging practice; an ageless yoga that fills the body with life, slows down the aging process and removes the signs of old age.


Shakti Naam Delivers
A therapeutic application of a holistic force

Naam Yogis are Kabbalists who live by the Naam. In the beginning was the WORD. Everything comes from the WORD, and Naam is the WORD. As Naam Yogis, we believe in the power and efficacy of the WORD which went forth at the creation of the world, and which is now "lost" to the majority of humans. That WORD is supreme. Since the fall of Man, it has become our only hope. By practicing with the WORD humanity can get to infinity without interpretation or understanding. The WORD has the power to create that consciousness in us. Divine Spiritual Wisdom and Naam help Man to regain this LOST WORD of Divine and terrestrial authority. As we vibrate Naam and grow inwardly, we gradually find this WORD as it pertains to our mission in life. And Naam, the WORD of God is what opens the heart of the human being to Godhood. Naam is the way of the heart. Unknown to most, the harmonic created by Naam Yoga through the blending of mystical Kabbalah with advanced yogic techniques from various traditions is highly beneficial to humankind and to the Earth itself, because it bestows upon one the capacity to move beyond the illusion of separateness and see all as one; to acknowledge the diversification of Divinity, yet to see the underlying Golden thread that holds all things together and forms the tapestry of life that is God, the one true source of our Universe. It bestows upon one the capacity of seeing these sacred teachings as a Divine whole, and above all, as a therapeutic application of a holistic force for the betterment of humankind. We are approaching the realm of love, the realm of wisdom and the realm of truth, which is the source of freedom. As we practice Shakti Naam, our consciousness expands and we are filled with so much light that we become unshakable.

As the Holy Naam, the Bread of Life, nourishes our soul, unknown spiritual powers unfold in us in order to overcome all darkness and negativity. Our whole being is renewed, and empowered by the Light of God, causing our heart to become a dwelling place for Divine Love, the panacea for all evils of life. As our heart becomes full of love and light, it turns into a heavenly rose that is healing and uplifting to its surroundings through the Divine fragrance it emits. It is time for the Sun of Love, Wisdom, and Truth, to rise and pass over the bright noon, where all shadow will vanish before her direct and sweet rays. Practice Shakti Naam, and let the Divine Spiritual Wisdom be your light, and let the Naam be your shield. Let these sacred sciences turn you into a bright healing star to everyone on your path. Let it shower the light of heaven upon you so that you may grow strong, strong enough to break the chains that prevent you from embracing the light of renewal. Nothing can destroy you so long as you practice Shakti Naam, work with Divine Spiritual Wisdom, vibrate the holy Naam, serve others and live humbly.

with Love, Peace and Light,
Rootlight Team


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