Universal Kabbalah and The Unknown Medicine

(Bio-Metaphysical Medicine)

from Universal Kabbalah Master Joseph Michael Levry


Dear friends and beloved forum members,


In response to growing interest in the Harmonyum Healing System we have created the recent series of newsletters to expand your understanding of the practical healing application of Universal Kabbalah. We hope that these communications enlighten you and inspire your continued growth.


    The invisible nature of man is as vast as his ability to comprehend it and is as measureless as his thoughts. The man of today is a ternary composition, made up of the spirit which emanates from the breast of Divinity, of which it is the image, and which is indestructible like him; of the soul or perishable passive animal life, emanated by secondary agents; of a material body formed of the three corporeal principles. The animal is only a binary composition, formed of the passive soul and a material body, neither of which bear the indelible nature of life and indestructibility, and only have momentary action. The indestructible form of creative man was created by the will of the creator without any physical working of matter, such as was necessary for the material corporeal forms to which the children of man have been subjected, since his fall. Man is not the insignificant creature that he appears to be; his physical body is not the true measure of his real self. The fingers of his mind reach out and grasp the stars; his spirit mingles with the throbbing life of Cosmos itself. He who increases his spiritual understanding gradually incorporates within himself the unseen elements of the universe, for the unknown is merely that which is yet to be included within the consciousness of a human.

     Harmonyum regenerates the entire human psyche through the vivifying impact of Christic love so as to cause one to unfold those latent powers and faculties whereby man may master the secrets of the seven spheres. These spheres symbolize the seven Elohim expressed through the seven sacred powers of the cosmos, the seven nature notes and the seven colors into which the one white light (or the Yod) is broken up. Full regeneration cannot be attained without the life-giving and life-restoring touch of true love, for Divine Love is the creative force that drives the vital breath in both the individual and the Divine. Regeneration through Christic love involves the sublimation of vice into virtue. For the majority of human beings, vice is more attractive than the austere beauty of virtue. Remember, however, that while vice may appear more satisfactory in the short run, virtue ensures victory in the long run. A chain of flowers is more difficult to break than one of iron. Virtue is not simply a lofty, unapproachable concept; it requires our focused attention and our judicious action in the heat of the moment. When we effectively direct our actions in a moment where opposing passions co-exist, we create a powerful balance. That is the great secret of virtuous living: we balance the scales of our emotions and desires with the elements that govern the situation and achieve a neutral outcome that addresses the higher good.

     Movement is life; balance carries movement forward. When we are virtuous, we are living in the flow of balance, a flow of movement. Conversely, immobility is death. When we are stuck in our perspective and unable to recognize anything outside of ourselves, we experience a kind of ongoing death. When we ignore our deepest instincts, the conflict we feel from the lack of natural balance within us often produces health issues that lead to our destruction. When we use our free will intelligently and virtuously, we liberate ourselves from the fatality of circumstances that could have been easily avoided. When we reconcile reason and feeling, energy and gentleness of spirit, we live in moral balance that is the scientific basis of living. The instinctive existence of animals reminds us to live effortlessly in the moment. In certain species, animal instinct is sharper and better attuned than human instinct. Nature has provided for the preservation of animals and man by endowing each with instincts; however, man has the responsibility of utilizing his God-given intelligence to discern as well as intuit the roadmap of life. Man is an intelligent spiritual being who must learn to honor his role in Nature's design by respecting the moral balance within himself and serving as an example of the Christic force in action. True regeneration is the act of being reborn in the Spirit whereby the body and soul are penetrated by the heat of Divine Love and the light of Divine intelligence that emanates from the Divine fire held within self-consciousness and self-knowledge.

     Harmonyum works on the body of resurrection by raising the vibratory frequency of the entire material body and infusing it with sufficient energy so that it may become the breath of life. What makes the resurrection body different is that while it can and does exist within the material world, it is free from material limitation. This perfect body was, or is, essentially a quintessence differentiated into subtle and simple elements. Conversely, the physical body is contaminated by the grosser elements. Harmonyum is the bridge between the body of the flesh and the body of the resurrection, igniting the fire within for divine healing to begin to regenerate and accelerate the processes of the entire developmental spiritual system.

     Harmonyum not only works on the spiritual and physical bodies, but above all, it affects that part of the human body that corresponds to Daath, the mysterious, unknown eleventh sephirah of the Kabbalah Tree of Life. It is here that the tidal forces of positive and negative intertwine to be used for the benefit of the physical developmental system. Daath is the storehouse of all the energy of the physical universe and its developmental system counterpart. Daath is the cosmic abyss which contains all the records of the past - all the archives of the cosmos from the beginning of time. It is the primal chaos, over which hovers the spirit of God. Daath also holds the key to the Fall of Man. For it was through this sephirah that Temptation came to Adam and Eve. The serpent was, in fact, Shamael, that extremely powerful spirit who persuaded Adam and Eve to eat the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. As punishment for their decision to ignore God's law, they were expelled from Paradise.

     Before the Fall, Daath was the point at which the symbolic River Naher, the descending current of energy from the Supernals, was divided into the four rivers of Eden (ether divides into the four elements). After the Fall, Daath became the highest reach of the Dragon, the point at which the waters of Life were corrupted by the dragon's venom into waters of Death. At Daath, too, the four Cherubim and the Flaming Sword keep watch at the gate of the Higher Eden; they guard against the unbalanced powers below and serve as a revelation of the way in which those powers can be overcome. From this perspective, Daath's role as a barrier has been heightened by the Fall, while its role as a point of contact has been lessened - at least from a human perspective. Still, the Gate of the Abyss can be opened, and that opening is the supreme practical work of the Universal Kabbalist.

     Daath allows one to receive the knowledge which comes from experience and conscious realization of the experience. Through the experience in real life of the Wisdom which comes from Chokhmah, one achieves the understanding that comes from Binah and gains the healing knowledge that is the spiritual succor of existence. You cannot integrate the divine spiritual wisdom unless you create within yourself the capacity to understand it. Once comprehended, it becomes knowledge that lives and breathes within you and which can be shared with authenticity.

     Harmonyum bestows upon you the untroubled peace that moves you to face your darkness and transmute it into light. Daath is a link between the conscious self and the transcendent spirit, the medium through which all contact with the Higher Genius must take place. The opening of Daath permits the return of our awareness to its transcendent source, and the full opening of Daath involves the highest levels of spiritual attainment. A partial opening of the gate, on the other hand, can take place on a much more modest level of development.

     Receiving Harmonyum progressively opens the gates to Daath, the unknown. The gradual opening of the Daath center is of the highest importance to the Universal Kabbalist for two reasons. First, the interface between Ruach and Neshamah is also said to be the interface between the parts of the self that perish along with the death of the physical body and those parts that do not. As that interface becomes more active, more of the structure of the conscious self is preserved through the stages of death and rebirth, and lessons learned in one life can be carried over to others with less difficulty. Second, the interface between Ruach and Neshamah is a source of power, as well as of spiritual knowledge. Ruach is the root of outward consciousness and allows one to become aware through forms and their expression. It is all conscious and unconscious mental activity. Ruach is the energy that gives rise to thoughts that will be brought into action. It rules the personality. Ruach is the second part of the soul to enter the body, which it does with the first breath at birth. Neshamah is the source of knowledge and intelligence. It is the highest state of consciousness. Also, each of us has a Guardian angel, which is the pure Spirit commissioned by the Eternal to look after us for the Reconciliation of our spiritual body. Harmonyum creates a platform for you to connect with your Guardian angel. It causes the God of mercy to allow your Guardian to come to the aid of your soul whenever it is in danger of yielding to the Evil.

     It is vital to keep in mind that we initiate the force of reconstruction within by working with the universe. The universe is kept intact by the energy of Love, and Love is the one quality necessary for the advancement of human beings in virtue and truth. Indeed, Divine Love is at the root of all healing and growth. While intelligence and activity are necessary in order to grow and accomplish the work of man, Love is the force that precedes, and thus supports, intelligence and activity. When this Love energy flows through our bodies properly, we experience happiness and health. Conversely, when such energy is cut off and replaced with the energy of hurt feelings, emotional entanglements, resentment, fear, and frustration, we experience varying degrees of disharmony and disease. Harmonyum is one of the few healing systems known to impart the nurturing, unconditional Love that surrounds and supports the universe. During a session, the recipient automatically experiences the restoration of the natural flow of Love in the body that nurtures the organs, as well as an increase in pranic supply to the cells. Harmonyum is able to achieve such healing results because as its techniques melt physical tension, the recipient's spiritual body is able to release healing prana. He/she moves into a healing space as Love washes away all resentments, fears, and doubts.

     Unknown to most, there are two types of fire, that which is inferior and that which is superior. Inferior fire consumes by making a bad fecundation, while superior fire creates, produces, and gives birth. Harmonyum works with the superior fire in order to heal. Receiving a Harmonyum treatment manifests the Light in the consciousness of the recipient, dynamically expanding his/her awareness of that Light. This new awareness is the realization of oneself in alignment with the flow of life. One begins to understand the fundamental fact that we are all God because God is within each of us. In turn, we begin to recreate our existence in accordance with our True Will rather than our ego consciousness. Consistent Harmonyum treatments help recipients reach a high state of consciousness. It is even possible, via Harmonyum, to neutralize the seven negative karmic influences and control the automatic life process, for Harmonyum causes individuals to become more aware. With increased awareness, one can positively alter mental attitudes and speech patterns. In other words, Harmonyum expands one's awareness so that you are able to recognize how the law of cause and effect impacts your life. By changing attitudes and behaviors, you can control and even undo the damage caused by living in disharmony. In addition, you are able to cultivate the power to choose how you will think and act, rather than relying on automatic reactions. This, in turn, allows you to replace the habits that keep you trapped in the cycle of negative patterns. You begin to understand the intimate connection between your body and mind. Your body responds, both positively and negatively, to your given set of attitudes. Maintain positive attitudes, and your health will be bolstered.

     In other words, Harmonyum will turn your body into a lighthouse. This transcendental healing system, which is born out of Universal Kabbalah and also known as Bio-Metaphysical Medicine is the healing system for this age and beyond. Harmonyum heals all the cavities that can accumulate in the auric field. This gentle transformative process eliminates negativity and bad energy throughout your system, canceling out self-abusive patterns that also externally attract bad luck and challenges to your health. One treatment can be as effective as years worth of therapy in that it encourages the subconscious mind, where deeply rooted negative patterns are stored, to release everything that is not beneficial to the system and fully repair itself. We are moving through complex and stressful times; when we learn this transcendental healing method, we gain the capacity to truly heal ourselves, our loved ones, and everyone whom we encounter.

In Love, Peace and Light

The Rootlight Team



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