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NEW! Radiant Health with Naam Yoga DVD                                            Price: $30.00
A Dynamic Meditation Practice




























      This DVD contains two complete Naam Yoga meditation sequences, and
one-and-a-half hours of instruction that you can refer back to as needed. By combining mudras, stretches, breath and mantra in a particular pattern one is able to systematically work on many parts of the body simultaneously in one easy and enjoyable exercise routine. Best of all, the exercises are fun and engaging. The practitioner is able to pick them up quickly as each set is akin to learning a dance routine. Naam Yoga meditation series’ are an exciting and delightfully fresh way to keep the mind sharp, the body healthy and the spirit high.

Naam Yoga Meditation Sequences:

The Healing Dance of Heaven
For Radiant Health and Resolving Complex Diseases
A unique and very uplifting sequence of rhythmic movements that stimulate and massage the various reflex points of the body to clear the mind, harmonize the nervous and glandular systems, strengthen the voice and progressively improve overall health and wellbeing. This set melts away stress and is an excellent remedy for fatigue, insomnia and/or a restless mind. Includes over 32 mudras for specific imbalances, such as excess weight, reproductive dysfunction, arthritis, sciatica, poor memory and more.

The Lion’s Heart Series
For a Strong Heart and Powerful Energy Field
A sweet and soothing set for healing the cardiovascular system, cleaning the lungs, strengthening the stomach and draining the lymphatic system while promoting detoxification of the entire body. This sequence of exercises imparts a glowing complexion and a more youthful appearance. Contains over 19 mudras for specific conditions, including depression, poor circulation, sluggish digestion and anxiety.

All students of every age, health status and fitness level will greatly benefit from this experience. All the exercises and meditations are done in a comfortable seated posture. 

 Our Books

     The healing principles found in these books come from the divine spiritual wisdom that is founded on the knowledge that is the sum and head of all faculties, sciences, and arts. This divine spiritual wisdom, our sacred science, bestows the key that unlocks the secrets and wonders concerning the hidden workings of Nature. It is the wisdom of the living God in whom we dwell, and who penetrates everything in the universe. Love, strength, power, and light are given to those who live by the divine spiritual wisdom.


The Code of the Masters                                                                                                Price: $28.00
Universal Kabbalah with Kundalini Yoga


      This book will reveal to you many high spiritual mysteries and teach you how to vibrate the Naam, or sacred sound current. You will also learn how Master yogis and Kabbalists use their hands, along with the mantric science, to connect with the heavens for healing and happiness. Practicing the science of Naam will strengthen the vibratory frequency within you, opening your heart and activating the soul. The awakening of this spiritual faculty is the mystery of regeneration, of the vital union between God and man. This process of developing the inner faculty that allows one to perceive God is your life's work. When the process is complete, the metaphysical and incorruptible principle rules over the terrestrial; one begins to live, not in accordance with the principle of self-interest, but in accordance with that of the Spirit, Truth and Love, for which one becomes a living temple.


     We need the Word for total regeneration, because it is not only the living symbol of the Sun, but it also holds the inner and holy Truth. Regeneration involves the sublimation of vice into virtue. It is the act of being reborn in the Spirit, whereby the body and soul are penetrated by the heat of divine love and the light of divine intelligence that emanate from the divine fire held within self-consciousness and self-knowledge.


     The Code of the Masters is a beautiful, masterful work that, for the first time, reveals the spiritual truth regarding the Fall and Nature of Man, Kabbalistic Palmistry, Naam Yoga and the present state of our world. Learning these sacred and timeless teachings will put hope in our souls, faith in our spirits, and love in our hearts, and from that place we are able to see the beauty and light of life. Then, the entirety of heaven speaks to us, for we are in direct communication with the invisible world.

Lifting the Veil                                                                                                                      Price: $23.00
Practical Kabbalah with Kundalini Yoga


     Lifting the Veil allows you to penetrate the high mysteries of the Kabbalah by presenting this timeless wisdom in a practical, workable and understandable way. You will find in this book a time-proven formula to experience a life of grace and joy. Timing is everything. Knowledge of the best time to act or remain still is as vital as breathing. Taking the time to see which way the powerful forces of nature are moving, coupled with personal responsibility, will give you a repertoire of expanded options in your actions. A person who does not know what and when to do anything is at the mercy of whatever life throws his or her way.

     All your power is before you take an action that will create a sequence of events. Therefore, you need intuition and knowledge of the rhythms of nature to make informed decisions. Included are over 30 different meditations from Kundalini yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, to enhance your health, balance the mind, body and spirit, and develop your intuition. The wisdom of Kabbalah shows you the best time to act. Success is in the timing!

     This expanded and revised version of Lifting the Veil is a response to the many dedicated readers who have asked for more; who have shown interest in delving deeper; who long to go further into the principles and practices of the sacred sciences of Kabbalah and Kundalini yoga. Those genuine desires, coupled with the challenges currently facing human beings at this time, prompted me to expand the information contained in the first edition.


"Levanta El Velo" también disponible en Español. Para comprar haga clic, seleccione la edición en español y añada a su cesta.

The Divine Doctor                                                                                                              Price: $25.00
Healing Beyond Medicine


A major treatise on the art of Self-Healing and the secret to a permanent cure.

     In the supreme ways of bringing self-healing and a permanent cure, the greatest secret lies in the spiritual body. Most people do not understand that human beings are both physical and spiritual. In fact, the great spiritual masters and ancient students of nature discovered that the material body is a physical reflection of the spiritual body. They realized that the key to health and the healing of disease cannot be found in matter. It is in the spiritual body that you will find the cause of the symptoms that manifest in the physical body. History tells us that the great masters in the past who uncovered these truths and recorded them in writings were ordered to remain silent, so that the information would not reach the masses.

     This book gives you the key to hundreds of mysteries in medicine and healing which are completely unknown within ordinary medical practices, thereby giving you access to timeless healing technologies that are the birthright of humankind. The Divine Doctor reveals the precise methods for working with the spiritual body to achieve self-healing and maintain vibrant health. It will also guide you through these techniques, so that you may recover more quickly from illness and become healthy.

     The Divine Doctor is for all yogis, Kabbalists, doctors, serious health practitioners and anyone who desires to achieve self-healing and help others heal through the application of profound meditations and practical techniques. By reading and practicing these sacred teachings, you will nurture your energy, expand your consciousness, purify your mind, and renew yourself. Apply these healing methods in your own life and share them with your loved ones, friends and patients. You will be multiplying their effect throughout the planet, sharing the sacred gift of enlightened consciousness and optimal health.

Alchemy of Love Relationships                                                                             Price: $25.00



A guide for using spiritual principles to heal the heart and create a lasting and loving relationship.  

     It is vital for love partners to take the time to see which way the powerful forces of nature are moving. These forces play an essential role in determining when to enter a relationship or marriage, and what to do once in it. The spiritual principles revealed in this book will be of the greatest practical utility to every man or woman desiring to build, nurture and maintain a healthy love relationship. These truths are the unseen forces that direct every relationship. Use them to take control of your love and experience it on a higher level. Without the knowledge of these laws you will continue to revisit old patterns and make the same mistakes, brutally shortening the lives of many promising relationships and breaking the hearts of love partners.

     The Alchemy of Love Relationships reveals sacred truths that increase your radiance, and lift the light of your spirit and soul. The divine wisdom of these extraordinary teachings will bring peace to your heart, light to your mind, and strength to your spirit, causing you to absolve yourself of self-created sin and feelings of guilt. When you work with these teachings, you are better able to attract a healthy love mate, or bring heavenly bliss and joy to your present union. You are able to make your life and the life of your partner sweeter. The Alchemy of Love Relationships was written in order to help you care for your love life, so that it may flourish like a beautiful garden, while you simultaneously awaken the internal healing, protective, spiritual faculties of which you have never been aware.


"La Alquimia de las Relaciones Amorosas" también disponible en Español.
Para comprar haga clic, seleccione la edición en español y añada a su cesta.

The Healing Fire of Heaven                                                                                      Price: $23.00


Mastering the Invisible Sunlight Fluid for Healing and Spiritual Growth.

     Working with the Sun will give you an understanding of the mysteries of life, and reveal to you the splendor of the inner Kabbalah, which bestows upon one the secrets of heaven and earth. It is one of the highest, most potent and effective spiritual systems you can come across on this earth. By working with the Sun, you raise your consciousness and establish a spiritual communion with the origin of life, the essence of all things and the primal source of light. It is an initiation to your own essence. Connecting with the Sun will cause your soul to become active and your spiritual powers to become operative, showing clear visible signs in your mind, spirit and physical body. This book will show you practical ways of connecting with the Sun in order to capture its many benefits and blessings.

Our Sacred Music

     All music on the Rootlight label has been created during the most positive and healing phase of the moon to magnify the beneficial impact upon the listener. Included with each CD are suggestions for working with these sacred sounds.

Note: All music samples (excerpt from one track) require the Macromedia Flash plug-in. Depending on connection speed, please allow up to 30 sec. for melody to load.

Kabbalah for Healing                                                                                            Price: $19.00

     The combination of these ancient and sacred Hebrew words of power are designed to open the heart and bring healing. By working with these sound vibrations you will merge with the Creator, realize the greater, loving omnipresence and power that is God. You will be reminded of where you came from, why you are here, where you will return to, and of your true destiny. With this awareness, you can become a pure channel of love, peace, and light to all, and your life will be full of grace and blessings.


1 Shema 11:03
2 El Na Refa Na La 11:04
3 Boi Ruach Elohim 11:04
4 Yeh Hesh Shoe Wah 12:42
5 Kabbalah Breath of Glow 11:00



Invocation of Divine Light
                                                                              Price: $19.00

     The sound vibrations on this CD are powerful prayers to invoke the light and to open the connection between the self and the Divine for guidance and Light. They help us break through blocks and release negative patterns. You will become a magnet for the beneficent forces of the universe.

1 Ong Namo 11:01
Ajai Alai 11:52
Mahan He 11:02
Har 11:02
Sarbang 11:51



The Healing Beat of Naam                                                                               Price: $19.00

     The sound vibrations on this CD not only have strong healing qualities, but they are also considered vibrant musical energies that are profoundly transforming and healing. These sounds are powerful spiritual seeds. When planted in a person’s heart, they will sprout the most beautiful healing tree that will, in turn, bear delicious, sweet fruit.


1 Har Haray Haree (soulful) 10:27
2 Wahey Guru Ascending 27:05
3 Ra Ma Da Sa (adagio) 11:02
4 Har Gobinday (adagio strings) 12:25
5 Ra Ma Da Sa Ascending 10:45



Naam Lounge                                                                                                    Price: $19.00

     The music and rhythmic beats on this CD possess strong healing qualities and are very uplifting. Working with this CD will create a connection between you and your soul. This form of communion is like a sweet spiritual wine. If you work constantly with these healing rhythms, you will find that they bring order and balance to your life; everything within you will become ideally structured and harmonious. Listen to these healing instrumental beats and allow yourself to be carried away by their waves of love, peace and light.

1 Guru Ram Das (Instrumental ) 11:18
2 Breath of Glow 11:04
3 Heart Shakti 10:28
4 Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Da Ni 10:28
5 Naam Rasa 10:56



The Flow of Naam                                                                                          Price: $19.00

     Vibrating the sacred sound current, or Naam, will turn you into a center of radiance and magnetic energy. It will bestow upon you a beautiful, luminous aura and give you the capacity to heal others with your presence, touch and words. Naam is the most powerful tool available for opening the heart and for the removal of mental, physical and spiritual suffering. It leads to the development of a benevolent, magnetic personality and radiant spirit. By practicing Naam, you begin to live from your heart instead of your head. The body becomes attuned to a state of perfect healing, thereby granting you the love, faith and hope to sustain it. By vibrating Naam, you are able to develop intuitive awareness, spiritual intelligence and health. Allow this spiritual technology to open your inner eye to the unseen and your inner ear to the unheard. Naam is the truth that leads to the great Truth, and Truth is what guides us to happiness.

1. Mul Mantra 11:00

2. Har Wahe Guru Sat Nam Har Haree 11:00

3. Guru Gaitri Mantra 11:00

4. Sat Nam Wahe Guru 11:00
5. Love, Peace and Light 11:00



The Healing Spirit of Ra Ma Da Sa                                                                Price: $19.00

     Ra Ma Da Sa is a concentrated form of spiritual healing used by Master yogis for thousands of years to build bodily resistance to disease and treat a myriad of ailments. In fact, they believed Ra Ma Da Sa acted as an energetic tonic, improving the circulation and flow of prana throughout the entire body. This completely beneficial mantra strengthens the energy field and improves every aspect of your life. When you listen to or chant along with this Kabbalah and Kundalini Yoga Ra Ma Da Sa CD, disease, pain and sorrow move out of your life, granting you liberation from disease and freedom to move toward greater happiness. In a manner that is beyond words, this mantra fortifies the immune system in ways that are unmatched by both medicinal herbs and modern drugs alike. Your breath is a potent tool here. When you chant along with the Ra Ma Da Sa CD, the power of your breath becomes so balanced, so purified and developed that it attracts all the healing elements you could get from herbs, flowers, fruits and other natural remedies. You can attain as much healing as you desire if you work with Ra Ma Da Sa. Its capacity to serve is infinite. Simply by being in the presence of its healing vibrations, you will receive its benefits automatically. Ra Ma Da Sa is so powerful that it will bring you health and peace even if they are not written in the stars for you. It will even heal those who cannot pronounce the words correctly.

1. Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung (I) 11:03

2. Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung (II) 11:02

3. Instrumental version 10:15

4. Extended version 30:00



Heaven's Touch                                                                                               Price: $19.00

     These sound vibrations bring grace, blessings and internal peace. The sound current on the first track synchronizes your energy and expands the aura. It is also for emergency saving grace and spiritual guiding light. The second sound current cleanses the emotions, creates internal peace and allows you to project outer peace. The third track moves you into a meditative space with rhythm.

1. Guru Ram Das 11:50

2. Sat Narayan 11:40

3. Mystical Ivory Coast 21:33


The Seal of Higher Destiny                                                                             Price: $19.00

     This is a Naam that projects the mind beyond the realm of everyday earthly consciousness into the infinity of the cosmos and awakens the soul to one's higher destiny. As all things are included within it, this mantra allows you to understand the greatness of He who spoke and brought the Universe into being. It brightens your energy, wipes out karma, and increases your sense of personal relatedness to the infinite identity. Click here to learn more about this CD!

1. Eck Ong Kar (version 1) 31:25

2. Eck Ong Kar (version 2) 31:07



Sounds of the Ether                                                                                         Price: $19.00

     The sound vibrations on Sounds of the Ether open the doors to opportunity, good fortune and the realization of one's dreams and ambitions. When you chant and/or listen to them, you are calling upon the divine helping hand to assist you in attracting true happiness. As a result, you will be blessed with a fulfilling and successful earthly life.

1. Ad Such 11:00

2. I Am 11:00 NEW! Learn how to meditate with the sacred sound on this track.

3. Aim 30:00

4. Hari Har 11:00

5. The Fire of Prayer 11:00


Ra Ma Da Sa: Healing Sound                                                                         Price: $19.00

     The vibration of "Ra Ma Da Sa" cuts across time and space and brings healing. It maintains, strengthens and improves your health. It can generate beneficial energy in hospital rooms and places of recovery. It will also create a peaceful and productive environment in the workplace. Families can benefit from its harmonizing effects on the home, children and even pets. Those who chant this mantra will age in grace. In the spirit of love and healing, share this knowledge with others.

1. Slow version 11:00

2. Rhythmic version 10:55

3. Extended version 31:12


Triple Mantra: Protective Sound Current                                                      Price: $19.00

     "TRIPLE MANTRA" clears all types of psychic and physical obstacles in one's daily life. It is a sure protector against car, plane and other accidents. It cuts through all opposing vibrations, thoughts, words and actions. Listening to or chanting TRIPLE MANTRA will strengthen your magnetic field and keep negativity away. There are three parts to this mantra. The first part will surround you with a powerful light of protection, the second part will remove obstacles from your spiritual path and the third part will remove all types of obstacles from your daily life.

1. Triple Mantra 11:00

2. ONG Instrumental Version 5:16

3. Triple Mantra (extended) 31:09


Lumen de Lumine: Light of Light                                                                   Price: $19.00

     "Lumen De Lumine" opens the heart and surrounds those who chant or listen to it with a blanket of light. Just listen to it and it will purify and strengthen your aura. Play it in a room and it will clear the energy in a short time. Go to sleep with it and you will awake revitalized. When faced with challenges, play it continuously. It will eat the darkness out of your life. It is a prayer of the strongest potency, which will keep misfortune away and bring peace, love and mercy into the lives of those who chant or listen to it. Learn more about this CD!

1. Version I with piano, guitar, and violin 11:00

2. Version II with guitar and synthesizer 11:00

3. Version I with piano, guitar and violin (extended) 31:00

4. Lullaby 11:00


Green House                                                                                                    Price: $19.00

     These sound vibrations develop the psycho- electromagnetic field and extend the power of projection and protection in the personality of the chanter or listener. They work with the creative forces of the universe to protect one from negativity and misfortune, while helping you achieve a productive and fulfilling life. They help develop personal confidence and convert anxiety and fear into determination, while bestowing spiritual growth and radiance.

1. Har Har Har Gobinday 11:41

2. Har Haray Haree Wahe Guru 11:00

3. Ad Such (extended) 31:00

4. Calm Heart 11:00


Blissful Spirit                                                                                                   Price: $19.00

     These sound vibrations eliminate mental impurities and cause the spirit to blossom, while bestowing divine grace and radiance. A regular practice of listening to this CD or chanting along with it will move you from duality to divinity.


1. Wahe Guru (adagio) 11:00

2. Har Har Har Gobinday (adagio) 11:00

3. Ganputi Mantra 11:00

4. Prayer of Light 5:00


Soul Trance                                                                                                      Price: $19.00

     Wahe Guru Wahe Jio - Chanting this mantra 5 to 8 times per breath not only increases your stamina, but also helps you think more clearly, perceive more honestly, and act in accordance with your higher self. Har (God) - the creative aspect of infinity. Love, Peace, Light to All - These sacred sounds raise the energy from the lower to the higher spiritual centers.

1. Wahe Guru Wahe Jio 20:10

2. Har 31:00

3. Love, Peace, Light to All 11:03


Mystic Light                                                                                                     Price: $19.00

     The sound vibrations on Mystic Light totally revitalize the energy flow within the body and build a tremendous protective electro-magnetic field, thereby allowing the divine fire to forge you into a new state of life. They make the aura strong, bright and beautiful. They not only affect the two brain hemispheres and bring you into balance, but they also draw down the protective light and grace of heaven. They give you light, healing and strength.

1. Ra Ma RAM RAM 11:00 Click here to learn more about this mantra!

2. Hallelu-ya/Christe Lumine 11:40

3. Lumen de Lumine (Chanting Version) 11:40

2. Har Haray Haree Wahe Guru (version II) 30:25

5. Sophia 11:40


Healing Fire                                                                                                    Price: $19.00

     These sound vibrations give youth, beauty and spiritual illumination. They work on the glandular system and organs. ONG will take you to a meditative and creative space, and leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized. A regular practice of listening to this CD or chanting along with it promotes good health and helps develop intuitive intelligence.

1. ONG with Piano 11:00

2. ONG with Prayer of Light 5:05

3. Twelve Seed Sounds 11:00

3. Twelve Seed Sounds Instrumental 11:00


Om House: The Primal Sound                                                                                 Price: $19.00


     The Primal Sound: OM (ONG) / AUM (AUNG)

     The divine word OM, which is nothing more than AUM, is pregnant with mysterious power. There was a time when the word was believed by most traditions to possess tremendous power. The sacred word is seen by some as the authoritative word by which all thoughts become objectified - made reality. Om stimulates the psychic centers and is known to have certain therapeutic values. This sound is thought to have special universal powers for the creation of worldly things.

1. ONG/AUNG with Rhythmic Beat (version I) 21:21

2. Ong/Aung with Piano 11:42 (version II)

3. Ong/Aung for Relaxation (Version I/Lyrical) 21:19


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