The Secret Art of Manifesting Our Wishes
from the founder of Naam Yoga, Dr. Joseph Michael Levry

Dear beloved members of our worldwide community,
Words are manifested thoughts, heard and felt, vibrating through the air. The spoken word carries our thoughts directly into the physical plane. It is important, then, that we watch our words, particularly when we are speaking of that which we want to make a reality in our lives. Words that are carelessly spoken can delay the manifestation of our wishes. A strong Naam practice will empower your words, giving them extra strength to speed up the manifestation and creation of your heartfelt desires.

One simple, yet powerful, secret from Divine Spiritual Wisdom that helps the Universe work for you is to avoid using the word “if” when you are referring to the manifestation of your wishes. In truth, by using the word “if”, we initiate the force of duality in the physical world. We have to remember that every force in the physical world is dual in nature. There is not a single force in our material world that does not have two sides. In other words, a force can bring something to you, but that same force can also take it away from you. Therefore, it is vital to recognize the existence of the other side. When you connect with a spiritual force for the manifestation of your desires, you connect with both sides of that force, at the same time. And both sides have equal power. That is why you should avoid using the word “if” when you speak of your wishes. “If” activates the side of this force that has the potential to take what we want from us. In other words, the same force that can give us what we want can also take it away.

As a Naam Yogi, if you want manifest something, you only want to work with that aspect of the force that will bring you what you need, and not the other side, which will take it away from you. The way to do that is to bind the contradicting side so that it does not interfere with the manifestation and enjoyment of your desire. Otherwise, you will end up invoking both sides of that force at the same time. Yes, you may manifest your wish, but in time, the other side of that same force will start to build momentum and eventually cancel out the side that you have originally invoked, leaving you right back where you started. Let's say, for example, that you would like to find a new job so that you can purchase a new car. In this instance it is wise not to say, "if I get a new job, I will then buy a new car." Not only are you decreasing your chances of finding the job, but even when you do eventually succeed through your own hard work, you will in most cases end up losing it after some time because you did not bind the other side of the force you invoked to manifest your wish. This is because the other side of the force you invoked to manifest your desire will eventually gain enough momentum, and consequently, remove what you have gained.


Remember that everything in the Universe follows the Law of Balance. If you move the pendulum one way, eventually it will swing the other way. You cannot experience one side of the force without the other unless you bind it. One of the most simple and effective methods we have for binding the other side of the force is to replace “if”, with “by the Grace of God.” Instead of saying, “if I have this, then I will do this”, say “by the Grace of God, I will have this and do this”. "By the Grace of God I will get a new job and buy a new car." By following this simple formula you will use your daily words to focus and empower your wishes so that they may manifest here on Earth. With a strong Naam practice, there are tremendous spiritual forces flowing through you, and their energy empowers the words that come out of your mouth. By directing your words wisely you can turn your life into a series of blessings and open up a new world of opportunities.

with Love, Peace and Light,
Rootlight Team


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