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Harmonyum, Healing with the body of Light

In the supreme ways of bringing self-healing and a permanent cure, the greatest secret lies in the astral body. Harmonyum is a healing system that raises the vibratory frequency of the entire astral body in order to eliminate karmic energy blocks from the past and cleanse the varied layers of the aura. The spiritual force can then feed and nurture every single cell and clear away the debris that creates disease and adversity, thereby creating healing on all levels. It can heal chronic illness and neutralize traumatic experiences which may have occurred during childhood, the birth process, or even before.

If you desire to heal or prevent illness, you must understand where the disturbance comes from. Self-healing is only possible when you understand and remove the root cause of your health troubles. No one can cure you but yourself, and self-healing is possible when you clean your negative mental attitudes and patterns of speech. All sickness follows the law of emanation, which is based upon the principle of causality.

Although traditional medicine has made wonderful advances towards eliminating various kinds of health disorders, and even prolonging life, there is one thing it cannot do. It cannot clean your mind. Medical science cannot remove the unhealthy mental attitudes and negative speech patterns which are at the root of health disorders and adversity.

Negative patterns of speech, along with emotional and mental attitudes, are directly reflected in the reaction of our body and determine the experiences in our lives. Toxic thought patterns held in the deep recesses of our consciousness can cause general disease and a complete breakdown of our entire system. The fact is, we seldom realize that our thought patterns create. We naturally create mentally before we manifest materially.

Let's define both Kabbalah in relation to healing and the process of manifestation of a thought pattern in the physical plane. Kabbalah is like an astral tree whose seed is in the mental body with its fruit in the physical body. Therefore, to completely heal, you must understand that the mental seed of a negative thought pattern grows into a tree in the astral body, and eventually reaps fruit, which in this case is the illness that may manifest in the physical body. Those fruits, or disease, are the manifestation of the nurtured negative thought pattern.

Since habitual mental tapes are very difficult, but not impossible to change, it is easier to work with the astral body because it is midway between the mental and the physical levels. By purifying the astral body, you can create positive changes in the mind and heal the physical body. Technically, if you experience aches, pain or disease, it means that your astral body is transmitting through the sympathetic nervous system unhealthy vibrations to your physical body.

Indeed, when we allow reoccurring thoughts of anxiety, doubt, hatred, anger and fear to invade our mind, our mental body directly impacts our astral body. The astral body in turn transmits via our sympathetic nervous system unhealthy or disturbing nerve impulses to our physical body, thereby creating disease with clear pathological changes.

Here is another metaphor. Destructive energy patterns or negative karmic influences written in one's aura will produce a blueprint for reoccurring illness in the physical body or adversity in one's life. These patterns act like a negative from which photographs are reproduced. If you destroy the photograph, you do not eliminate the negative.

Many curative methods from modern medicine mostly eliminate the photo but not the negative, which is the underlying cause of the illness. Therefore, the energy pattern that can reproduce the illness is still present. This explains why some illnesses reappear during times of stress, and others are called incurable. What is crucial to permanent healing is the elimination of negative energy patterns. This is exactly what Harmonyum facilitates.

Harmonyum is a transcendental healing system born out of the Kabbalah which cleanses the astral body so as to balance the mind, body and spirit and transmit through the sympathetic nervous system positive nerve impulses to our physical body. As a result, all our cells vibrate with pranic light and new life. This in turn, strengthens the entire body and promotes longevity.

This will not only lead to overall health and happiness, but also it will expand your awareness beyond the self, so you may also help others. It frees your whole being from energy blocks to make room for more creative purposes. Above all, Harmonyum incites you to become aware, in order for you to positively change your pattern of speech and mental attitude toward others, life and yourself. We meditate to become aware and improve our lives by stopping impulsive or destructive behavior.

Harmonyum is one of the rare healing systems known to nurture and give unconditional Love that can be automatically experienced by the recipient. Since the whole universe is kept together by the energy of Love, when that energy properly flows in our body, we are happy and healthy. Disease and unhappiness manifest when the flow of Love in the body has been cut off. It is becoming common knowledge that hurt feelings, emotional entanglement, resentment, fear and frustration can cause the ever-flowing energy of Love to become blocked, thereby manifesting disharmony and disease.

This healing system restores the natural flow of Love in the body. It will give you a practical experience of a reality that cannot be expressed in words. It will wipe out every weakness in your destiny, your surroundings and your connections. Harmonyum is a calming healing system which increases the pranic supply to all body cells, while nurturing the organs. This is achieved through relaxing the body, thereby releasing mental and emotional tension. In other words, Harmonyum melts physical tension, so that the spiritual body can release healing prana in the body.

With a treatment, you will feel the love flowing through you as all resentments, fears and doubts drain away. At this point, you gently move into the healing space.

Let's define the healing space in regard to correspondences. You will find both in humanity and the universe three principal worlds: the divine, spiritual and physical. Being asleep corresponds to the divine world, whereas being half awake relates to the astral world; then being awake corresponds to the physical world. Healing takes place when one is asleep or half asleep.

Harmonyum gently and effectively sends you to the divine or astral world to restore your body's natural healing mechanism. A Harmonyum treatment gently eliminates destructive energies such as anger, fear, stress and anxiety and replaces them with feelings of peace and serenity. It induces a psychological shift, which allows you to become aware of the causes you induce by your thoughts and actions.

In other words, Harmonyum creates self-healing by also expanding your awareness to recognize the laws of nature, primarily how cause-and-effect impacts your life. By changing behaviors and attitudes, you may undo and control the damages caused by living in disharmony. In addition, your daily practice in awareness starts to free your power of choice in how to think and act. This in turn replaces the habits that keep you in the cycle of negative patterns. Then you begin to understand and know your body and how it reacts to your attitudes.

Harmonyum turns your whole body into a lighthouse, while promoting health, longevity and developing your own profound intuition. It is the healing system for this age and beyond.

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