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Putting Kabbalah to Work

have been blessed with the opportunity to put the teachings Practical Kabbalah, as taught by Joseph Michael Levry (Gurunam), to work in my Chinese medical practice. Like many, I have deeply pondered the ultimate cause of poor health and most effective guidance through the healing process. I have studied Practical Kabbalah for over three years and have researched the effects of what we refer to in Universal Kabbalah as the primary and secondary planets for most of that time. Through careful investigation of my personal life as well as the lives of my patients, I have seen that the planets have an amazing effect on the lives we lead.

The tragedy of continuing destructive behaviors and thought patterns is that the more engrained and habitual they become, the less power an individual has to recognize the very source of their misery. It is not until disaster strikes that people finally face the truth about their lives. One of my most intelligent patients correctly said to me that no matter how many herbs you take or medicines you use, nothing can help you if you cannot heal your mind.

The knowledge of Practical Kabbalah provides a grace that few other healing systems offer. Chanting the right mantra and working with an individual's planetary energy balances a person's psyche regardless of what they understand or want to face about themselves. It overcomes the barrier of a person's lack of consciousness or their inability to do what is necessary to fix themselves. Regardless of a person's belief in the power of the mantra or their understanding of how it has the power to bring an individual's entire life into balance.

Perhaps the most important information one can obtain about themselves is knowledge of their primary and secondary planets. The planets are simply representations of the major archetype that make up the universe. Each person has entered the earth through the door of a specific energy. Each archetype has specific characteristics that may be used both negatively and positively. For example, the planet Mars rules the energy of fire. Fire is expansion, speed, strength, endurance and determination. An individual may use this energy negatively by being reckless, violent and angry or they may channel the energy positively by using strength to protect themselves and others, determination to overcome major obstacles and endurance to achieve their goals.

We choose the energy that our lives have, whether or not we consciously understand Kabbalah. With will power, a human can overcome any challenge. Acknowledging the effect of the planets in our everyday lives and working to make the best of our chosen tools is taking the ultimate responsibility. Using this science, I have checked the planetary energy of all of my patients and have found it to be extremely precise in diagnosing as well as treating illness. I have given a few examples of case studies so that I may further illustrate the potential of this work. The names have been changed to protect the identity of the individuals.

Woman age 40. Her Primary planet is Jupiter. The Secondary planet, name and address are ruled by Mercury. She has suffered from at least 12 years of constant sore throat, fatigue and headache. The influence of Jupiter can be seen in the success of her career as a psychotherapist and in her work in politics. Mercury rules the throat and head. The magnified pain in both areas is felt because of the dominance of Mercury in her life.

Woman aged 25. Her Primary and Secondary planets are Sun and Saturn and her address and name are ruled by Uranus. She suffers from depression, anxiety, paranoia, alcoholism and insomnia. She is very kind and beautiful and always seemed well liked by those who meet her, despite her internal pain. She feels very stuck in her home and career. The Sun makes a person beautiful and popular, while Saturn can bring depression and loneliness. Saturn and Uranus make life challenging and very slow to change.

Woman aged 60. Her Primary and Secondary planets are Mars, her name is ruled by Saturn and address ruled by Mars. This very animated woman was a professional soccer athlete who sustained a knee injury that has continuously caused her pain. Although she has been stressed and unhappy in her home life for many years and her job continues to be physically demanding, she has had the ability to endure and at least maintain a sense of humor that is apparent to all who know her. This woman has many classic attributes of Mars such as the fact that she was an athlete and that through her physical activity she sustained an injury that had lasting consequences. Throughout her life she has had the ability to endure physically demanding work. Mars and Saturn tend to cause distress in relationships and in the home. Many people with Mars, like this woman, have a magnetic charm and a sense of humor.

Boy age 15. His Primary and Secondary planets are Mercury, his name is ruled by the Sun and his address is ruled by the Moon. He was born with hydrocephali, a condition that causes fluid to excessively build up in the cranial cavity. He lives with a small shunt, inserted into his skull that allows the fluid to drain. He suffers from many headaches, mood swings and depression. Anyone who meets him would notice that this congenial boy is extremely bright, handsome and very likable. Because Mercury rules the brain, it was not surprising that the boy has double Mercury in his planetary energy. The waxing and waning characteristic of the Moon also has an effect on the mind as well as the emotions, causing mood swings and depression. The Sun will often make a person well liked and beautiful as is the case with this boy.

Female age 21. Her Primary planet is Jupiter and Secondary is Moon. Her name and address carry the energy of Jupiter. She suffers from an eating disorder and depression. Eating is ruled by Jupiter and the negative side of Moon energy is depression and moodiness.

These are just a few examples of the predictability of illnesses through the understanding of how the planets work. Joseph Michael Levry (Gurunam) has masterfully synthesized the principles of Kabbalah into a series of teachings that are easy to learn and relevant to any field of study. Because the Kabbalah is so vast, it allows people to address their illnesses and challenges on the physical, emotional and mental planes.

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