Seeing the Unseen Forces Behind Relationships

from Universal Kabbalah Master Joseph Michael Levry


Dear friends and beloved forum members,


Would it not be a miracle if you could have access to information about your relationships that would revolutionize how you thought, spoke and acted, resulting in harmony, peace and joy throughout your life? What if you could learn to deeply and truly understand someone and that understanding made all the difference in terms of the success of your business partnership, your friendships, or your love relationships?

     The beauty of the divine spiritual wisdom grants us the ability to comprehend ourselves in relation to others in ways you may never have dreamed possible. All that is required is that you correctly perceive the person with whom you are dealing. When you combine this knowledge with another aspect of the divine spiritual wisdom, the planetary bodies that influence each individual based on their date of birth, then you become equipped to handle just about anything that comes your way. The relationship vibration, coupled with information of a person's primary, secondary, tertiary, quaternary, and quinary planets will give you the gold of life and guide you down the path of harmony and peace. The knowledge of a relationship's vibration is important in that it allows you to see where potential problems may arise so that you are able to minimize or avoid them altogether. While knowledge of the vibrations our primary relationships hold, particularly love relationships, is beneficial to all, it is especially beneficial to those whose hands meet the following description. On the edge of the hand, beneath the little finger on the outer edge of the mount of Mercury, there are minute, horizontal lines. These lines are indicators of the realm our love relationships will claim in this life. If you have more than one line, you will save yourself from a lot of headaches by checking out the relationship vibration with someone you are currently, or projecting to be, in a love union with. Moreover, if one of those lines has an island either in the center or at any other point, great trouble in love is indicated as long as it remains. If your line(s) are full of islands, you need to be especially careful in your choice of mate. When a line divides at the end into a drooping fork that slopes toward the center of the hand, it foretells of upcoming troubles. Islands, in combination with forks, indicate unhappiness in love. Finally, when the line(s) go down far enough to cut the line of the Sun, and/or if they are badly marked with breaks and islands, heart problems and broken love affairs are revealed. Thus, the more people strive to discover the vibrations that rule the primary relationships in their lives, the healthier these relationships will become. Imagine the personal and global changes that could occur if we all endeavored to create the healthiest relationships possible.

     Above all, it is important that you know the archetype you are dealing with in your relationships with others, particularly significant are relationships with love partners, family, and friends. Know the truth and the truth shall set you free. Contact with the truth of a given relationship, its vibration, through an understanding of its archetype gives the relationship a tangible form you can work with. When you know and understand the vibration attendant with the relationship under examination, you are able to manage it to your best advantage and determine whether to continue accepting it into your life or reject it. Knowledge and understanding of a relationship's vibration reinforces you by helping you to work toward integrating challenging archetypes in order to create a more harmonious relationship, rather than reacting and incurring additional bad karma. Moreover, you are able to help support those with whom you are involved and project them toward light.

     The unconscious may be classified into 22 layers, or subdivisions, which correspond to the 22 archetypes of the major arcana. Each relationship we engage in carries a vibration that manifests through its ruling archetype. The archetype renders the vibration objective so that we are able to recognize its presence and influence. Activating certain relationship archetypes can conjure up the spirit of the dark underworld inhabiting the deeper strata of unconsciousness, infusing it into the life of the relationship. Through the archetype, then, we pick up on certain currents that attract either positive or dark entities, because the archetypes either trigger our seven negative karmic influences or our positive karmic influences. Whether you are aware of it or not, each relationship you engage in links you to a vibration that brings good or bad luck. In other words, in each relationship you release different energies through its archetype. You can either be the beneficiary of these energies, or the victim.

     You may wonder how, exactly, the archetypes work. Each archetype forms a nucleus of force around which the great army of elementals, those forces that grant mystic power to symbols, talismans, omens, charms and the like - gather and exert their power to fulfill the dominant meaning expressed by the archetype. These elementals are mindless, yet conscious, nature-forces that help to build up, materialize, and manifest in form the ideal prototypes in the archetype. In other words, the elementals that surround a given relationship vibration help make manifest the meaning of the archetype. The elementals vary in their degree of evolution. Some are mere centers of elemental consciousness with latent intelligence, while others exist in the varying grades of fairies, brownies, elves, nature spirits, etc. Regardless of their evolution, however, the elementals blindly follow the attraction of the activated vibration, following the conscious command, or seven negative karmic influences, by doing good or evil with equal promptness. This is why the archetype ruling a relationship is an invisible secret power. Given our level of ignorance and spiritual practice, these forces prove to be potent allies or enemies by bringing to pass that which you have created, or can create, in a given relationship. If your aura is opened by fear, anger, jealousy, insecurity, criticism, and gossip, the elementals become the agencies of evil thoughts that are embodied in the lower forms of life and antagonistic to man, and you will suffer in equal proportion.

     Once you understand that each of us carries a particular vibration according to when and where we were born, and that everyone's vibration combines to create relationship vibrations, you will have a foolproof method of divining why things happen in the way they do. You can learn what to expect from your partner, which actions to take or to refrain from while getting to know someone new, or how to improve your current relationship. These vibrations can tell you whose temperament will suit you best in a life partner and will also give you insight into your behavior in a particular relationship. Imagine how possessing this kind of knowledge could radically change your life. You can find your
relationship archetype with friends, family and love partner through the Relationship Vibration at Akashic Record. This vital information allows you to see the unseen forces working behind your life, so that you may gracefully face the challenges of time and space. The knowledge of your planetary bodies, your name, and the relationship vibration that you have with someone gives you early warnings of possible pitfalls, so that you may save yourself from unnecessary misfortune or adversity. These sacred teachings are of inestimable value, because they help you know yourself, realize your faults so as to be able to correct them, and recognize your successful attributes. We strongly suggest that you read the revised and expanded edition of the Alchemy of Love Relationships. The spiritual principles revealed in this book will be of the greatest practical utility to every man or woman desiring to build, nurture and maintain a healthy love relationship. These truths are the unseen forces that direct every relationship. Use them to take control of your love and experience it on a higher level. Such understanding also expands your perception, so that you may become more compassionate towards others. Working with the divine spiritual wisdom, aligning yourself with the laws of nature and vibrating the WORD allows you to neutralize yourself and apply the zero angle to life. It is the application of the zero angle that brings success. Simply put, it is imperative that you learn the divine spiritual wisdom, work with the laws of nature and practice with the WORD so that you are able to apply the zero angle and make life work for you rather than against you. The Akashic Record prevents you from being enslaved to the inexorable nature of Time. It is enormously comforting to know that there is a place of retreat in these divine teachings in times of fear, sadness, or challenge so that you may open your heart and liberate yourself from the lies of this world. The Akashic Record is designed to help you develop the inner spiritual faculty of intuitional logic. It progressively builds a link between your consciousness and the deeper, unseen part of your psyche, known as your higher self. It is in this hidden part of your nature that you find the divine roots of spiritual discrimination and high wisdom.
In Love, Peace and Light

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