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Harmonyum Healing
Bio-Metaphysical Medicine


     The golden key to efficient, therapeutic treatment of a harmonious nature is to change the rate of vibratory energy functioning throughout the entire physical body so that it becomes what it was first decreed by God when He said that man would become a living soul because he had the Breath of Life within his physical body. Harmonyum is a Divine healing system that assists in raising the body's vital energy and rate of vibration in a way that cannot occur with medicines, herbal extracts, drugs, and the like.

     The human body is a sensitive, evolved temple that is able to repair itself completely. We often hear that the body exists in a fragile state, is prone to illness, and can simply wear out through illness or neglect. While it is true that we should care for ourselves proactively so that we do not fall ill, Harmonyum enhances our body's ability to regulate immune functions so that our self-healing mechanisms can kick into gear, diminishing the cycle of disease. One must preserve and honor life so as to counteract illness, for as soon as disharmony in our environment exists, illness will follow.

     It is vital to treat the root of any illness in order to bring permanent cure. Often, health practitioners intervene when it is already too late to heal the body, or merely clear up the superficial symptoms of the disease. Harmonyum sets a course straight toward the root of the illness, and positively affects the way you think, feel, act and speak. It sharpens your perception of life. Harmonyum moves the energy of life within you, nourishing the beneficent entities living in your brain and spine and the 100 trillion cells of your being, inspiring those cells to awaken and begin working for your health and happiness. Harmonyum transforms your life, rendering it so pure and harmonious with the universe that you will live with expanded awareness, creating greater harmony inside and around you as you experience the wonder of its intelligent influence throughout every part of your being. Just as water nourishes your skin and organs, Harmonyum nourishes the life within you, causing it to flourish and awakening faculties within you that you never knew existed. It is the reservoir from which health, peace and happiness emanate, vivifying your life and correcting all negativity and dysfunctions in your being.

     Most people are fascinated with externally-based solutions to health such as diet, medication, surgery, and/or other alternative approaches. They are unaware of the vital importance of man's spiritual body and its autonomous nervous system, that vital bridge between our spiritual and physical bodies, in the restoration and maintenance of vibrant health. Most medical practitioners engage in treating the symptoms of a disease or disorder after it has developed: this is considered the lowest form of medicine in the spiritual realm. The highest form of medical treatment is preventative medicine, which treats the symptoms of disease in the spiritual body before they manifest in the physical body, thereby preserving perfect health in our lives. Modern medicine places little emphasis on this approach to healing. This is due to the fact that its practitioners fail to realize that the cause of all disease lies in the vibratory nature of the spiritual body. The spiritual body must be taken care of before permanent healing can take place. Since they only address the symptoms as they emerge in the physical body, medical treatments merely provide temporary relief. Harmonyum, on the other hand, restores the spiritual body to its normal and rightful function. Once this is established, the autonomous nervous system begins to vibrate with vital energy and Divine Intelligence. The impact of these healthy vibrations is passed to every cell of the physical body. When the vital powers, or divine cosmic powers, within the human body are functioning to the proper extent, there is no necessity for herbal extracts or medicines that are strictly limited to the physical and material composition of the body.

     It is important for every physician of the soul to know that behind every material organism, there is a spiritual or astral force which hold the levers of its mechanism. And every visible form and function is a crystallization of invisible energetic factors. Spiritual functions may be expressed best by a special symbolic algebra. Also, one must know that human ego has a transcendental substance which survives death of the physical body. In addition, reincarnation is a fact provable by special methods of individual psychology. Human anatomy is not ended with the frame of the physical organism, but above it at least three higher vehicles are operative. These higher vehicles, of which we suppose three sorts, are: the etheric body, an exact double of the physical organism; the astral body as a seat of sensory experiences and feeling; and the mental body, ruler of the intellectual functions, abstractions, symbols, and Cosmic connections. All three super organs have their special structures and possess means to accumulate experiences in their characteristic way. The etheric body is a reservoir of energetic and vital complexes. The role of the astral body is defined by the embrace and conduct of sensual impressions and feelings. The mental body piles up abstractions, formulae, symbols and laws. The three higher organs contain experiences of previous incarnations, but every engram is respective of its seat, in a different state of aggregation. Even the physical body is a bearer of hyper-individual memory, but this comprises only attributes of the collective unconscious in man. This is the container of racial complexes, of evolution and the phylogenetic past. Man's Cosmic being has moral significance. The aim of life lies in the development of certain ethical spiritual qualities. The human body holds in every one of its cells events of millions of years, containing, besides individual engrams, the universal knowledge since the time of the spiritual force's entering into matter. Terrible fossilia lie hidden in it; antedated cataclysms, individual and collective memories of the past bequeath themselves with the matter received from our parents. The "Harmonyum Healing System" takes the above points into consideration.

     The "Harmonyum Healing System" activates the original seed and awakens the threefold soul, born of the threefold spirit, from the threefold body into self consciousness and self knowledge. During a Harmonyum treatment, the spiritual force is transmitted to activate the divine fire within the recipient. It is a gentle, healing, and non invasive process, that releases a huge amount of divine love, peace and light healing energy in the recipient. This release of divine healing love creates a wonderful feeling of cosmic peace along with a healing relaxation in those who are receiving this treatment. Harmonyum brings the mind into an agreeable state. This saves years of meditation. The body is your finite identity. The mind is the bridge to your infinite identity which is beyond the soul. But the mind alone has a difficult time since it lacks the clarity of identity given by the body. Harmonyum works on the body's identity, then a clear message of guidance is given to the mind. It is not the mind that runs the body, it is actually you. The mind is another part of you. Using these two to communicate with and integrate your many parts is what this healing system helps you achieve. Harmonyum slowly opens the heart which is the center of healing and light, and also works on the soul. Understand that the soul itself is an essence, extracted as pabulum, or intellectual sustenance, from the threefold body by the threefold spirit. This extraction cannot take place until the mental faculties have matured. Therefore, the soul, delivered into being by the threefold spirit, does not come into the world with the birth of the physical body. Its seed, however, must be implanted in the threefold body by the ego when incarnating. Once implanted, the seed of the soul, or soul seed atom, remains. This seed is not of a physical nature, but rather it is the seed of a true marriage between the threefold body and the threefold spirit. During the process of regeneration, this seed of the soul is activated in the form of right thinking, right action and right feeling. Harmonyum initiates the process of regeneration. It will change the direction of your life, and harmonize it with the flow of time and space to make it fruitful. As a result, everything in your life begins to improve, including immanent health conditions and your most deeply held attitudes and prejudices. Once you have expanded awareness as to how you present yourself in the world through your words and actions, you will understand how to create a truer life for yourself and to petition the universe for all that you desire and is in your best interest to achieve.

     Harmonyum works on the fire that lies deep within the core of your being. This fire, known as the spark of the Divine, is the part of you that originated from the source of all life and non-life known by many titles - the Great Spirit, the Goddess, the God, the Divine, the One, the I AM that I AM. It is the core of your soul, and the very quintessence of your being. Not only has it originated from the Divine, it will return to the Divine some time in the far future when you have reached the zenith of your evolutionary cycle. This fire of which we speak is also referred to as the nerve of the soul. When the nerve of the soul is awakened, everything begins to fall in place automatically.

     In order to move from the troubled condition of Fallen Man to another, healthier condition, the immortal principal within must expand and absorb the corruptible principle to the extent that the envelope of the senses is opened, and we appear in our pristine purity. This process of developing the inner faculty, or organ, which allows us to receive God is our life's work. When the process is complete, the metaphysical and incorruptible principle rules over the terrestrial. Man begins to live, not in accordance with the principle of self-love, but in accordance with the Spirit and with Truth. In so doing, he becomes a temple. Harmonyum does not only help in the process of developing this inner faculty, but also, it brightens your energy, wipes out karma and increases your sense of personal relatedness to the infinite identity.

     The principle of being and of life is within us, and it cannot perish. Harmonyum restores in our faculties the same law, order and regularity by which all beings are directed in Nature. Therefore, it is the work of redirecting the life force. Re-vindication of the will is the chief work of all fallen creatures. The time for thinking someone else can heal you is over. Now, more than ever, each of us must take responsibility for our own physical wellness and spiritual evolution. In other words, we must take responsibility for our own healing and transformation. In this regard, the book "The Divine Doctor" is a major treatise on the art of self-healing and the secret of a permanent cure. By receiving Harmonyum and working with "The Divine Doctor" you will create a platform for self healing. Harmonyum eliminates the evil in man that originates in the will by creating the platform from which the regeneration of our virtues becomes possible. As a result we can ascend to a demonstration of the Active and Invisible Principle, from which the universe derives its existence and its Laws. The regular practice of Harmonyum produces a vitality in the etheric body so that it becomes extremely strong and begins to totally regulate the physical glands. This balances the glandular system so that the emotions become constant and the mind becomes divine in its actual potential. The glands will secrete to the total rhythm of the individual psyche rather than from segments of the self. This new unity is the ecstasy. Harmonyum will lead you to a state of ecstasy and create a protective shield around you.

     Harmonyum was developed with the aim of making self-healing possible. It burns the seeds of bad luck and disease. One way in which Harmonyum works in the body is to regulate the autonomous nervous system; the equilibrium of which determines the health of both body and mind. The autonomous nervous system is composed of the sympathetic nervous system (SNS), which stimulates excitement, and the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS), which promotes relaxation. Strong health is contingent upon these two systems working in harmony because together they coordinate the workings of our organs. The stress of our modern lifestyle tends to over stimulate the SNS; most music, news, movies, stimulant beverages and work conditions promote a state of hyper alertness. As a result, the PNS becomes less active than it should be. The individual then has a difficult time relaxing. Moreover, the bodily functions that the PNS is supposed to support, such as digestion and assimilation of nutrients, general repair and rejuvenation, breathing, blood circulation and sleep, are weakened. When the SNS is dominant over a long period of time, the body is left open to disease. It follows, then, that the answer to diseases rooted in this cause is to strengthen the PNS and promote equilibrium in the automatic nervous system.
     Harmonyum is the healing system for this age and beyond. It promotes excellent health in our bodies and in our spirit by nurturing and strengthening our Primal Essence. It synchronizes our bodily and mental functions in order to enhance our adaptive capacities, which, in turn, leads to glowing health, vigor, happiness and increased longevity through the slowing of the aging process. Harmonyum brings love and compassion in our lives as it assists us to create harmonious relations with Nature and our fellow human beings. Harmonyum can be used to create and maintain a level of vibrancy whereby the body and mind can withstand even the extreme stresses of life to such a degree that disease is much less likely to occur. It gives us the ability to adjust gracefully to the changes in our environment, freeing us from fear so we may act intelligently and from our hearts, no matter our life circumstances. We enjoy the fruits of life more fully as we learn to replenish ourselves, enhance our energy, and preserve a harmonious balance within the physical body. When our internal reserves are drained, Harmonyum is the ideal method of rejuvenation.

     After a few sessions of Harmonyum, your whole being, from the tips of your toes to the top of your head, vibrates in communion and unison with cosmic life. Harmonyum aligns everything within you so that you are finely tuned to your instinct toward well being; you will become wiser, more perspicacious, and turn toward your higher nature as sunflowers turn toward the Sun. Several sessions of Harmonyum can raise the whole spiritual and cosmic entity of the body to such a superior frequency that no form of disease can continue to exist, nor can further disease attack. Harmonyum gives you strength, power and light; as you experience its gentle warmth, your body will undergo processes of embellishment, intensification, purification and sanctification of life that enhances all of your faculties. Receiving Harmonyum expands your light to reach other unseen regions and luminous beings, which causes them to come to your aid and inspire you to cherish your health.


Harmonyum Testimonials
(some names have been changed to protect privacy)


Powerful Complimentary Treatment

     In June of this year, our three year old daughter, Willa, was diagnosed with a rhabdomyosarcoma, a soft tissue tumor, located in the area behind her ear near the mastoid sinus. This tumor was only 2.5 cm in size at the greatest dimension, however, in the period of a week, she went from no noticeable symptoms, to severe lethargy, constant headaches, and she lost the ability to move her right eye to the side. We also learned that her ear drum and middle ear was destroyed by the tumor. She began conventional therapy immediately which included radiation and chemotherapy. We were warned of the expected side effects-nausea, vomiting, weight loss, and destruction of 8th cranial nerve (the nerve that controls hearing).

     Early in her therapy, through our friendship with our yoga instructor Jessie, we were introduced to a complementary therapy, Harmonyum. Jessie has been working with our daughter Willa over the past few months providing her with the Harmonyum I and II course of therapy. One of the challenges facing alternative and complementary healing practices, is the difficulty proving what effects can be attributed to conventional practices and what is due to alternative treatments. We cannot answer this question but know form Willa’s experiences that many wonderful things have occurred that were beyond all of our expectations and we believe that the Harmonyum treatments, have made a profound and significant contribution to her healing.

     First and most importantly, her tumor has decreased in size by 60%. Her energy has returned and all evidence of pain has disappeared. She has gone back to being an active kid-full of spirit. She looks forward to her Harmonyum treatment each week-she seems to fully relax during this time-and when asked tells me her treatment was “great”-not exactly expected from a squirmy three year old. More objectively, her appetite remains fantastic through her chemotherapy. She has maintained her growth curve for both height and weight. Even more surprisingly, her hearing has been preserved (even after concentrated doses of radiation to that area) and the nerve function of her eye is returning. And most importantly, she remains happy, positive, and full of life.

-Sarah F., MD and Michael F., MD


A Healing Miracle

     I needed to share with you my recent experience since my Harmonyum training in October 2005. First of all the experience at the center was phenomenal and worth the trip down from Massachusetts. You are all so fabulous and the honor of being with Gurunam for Harmonyum training is beyond words. But most of all I wanted to share with you my experience with Harmonyum as a spiritual healer. As a backdrop, simply know that I have studied many different modalities of energy work and prior to this class worked with an amalgamation of them to serve my clients. I knew from Gurunam’s books and teachings that Harmonyum had to be special, but had no idea what I was in store for. The weekend was grueling...5.5 hours Friday, almost 12 on Saturday and a good 9 hours on Sunday, all sitting cross legged on hardwood 45, my body was in need of some I took my first Harmonyum treatment at the center for myself. Within three minutes of getting on the table I was out and woke up at the end. My body, which was excruciatingly painful and stiff when I started the session felt weightless I was operating with 0 gravity...absolutely no pressure on the joints whatsoever. It was in no uncertain terms incredible...but that was just the physical effects. The treatment continued to work on me bringing clarity and energy. I left NYC ready to put it to the test on my clients...and one in particular.

     My good friend was in the hospital having just received a double cord bone marrow transplant. While I had been working on her consistently in the months that preceded my training, she had taken a turn for the worst when I got back. An infection had developed and she was very, very ill. Unable to do the Level I treatment, I resorted to Level II. The results were not evident immediately as she slept through the entire session, but I continued with the treatments, doing one every other day. The remarkable thing is that even with the infection and fever her blood count numbers and new immune system continued to grow, in fact quadrupling. Her infection subsided in a couple days and she came home after 5 weeks in the hospital. Her most recent tests showed that there is nothing left of her old system. Her doctors have stated that they are amazed at how quickly the graft has taken. She is improving in leaps and bounds every day.

     In addition, I have done about 15 sessions with various clients, each one getting more and more powerful as I combine it with the daily meditation practice we were guided to start during the weekend of training. I consistently get the Wow’s from them, or as I like to correct them by saying...”You mean Wahe Guru!!!”.


Prayer Answered

     Two years ago I had developed a quite serious and persistent case of psoriasis which burned and hurt terribly. I went from doctor to doctor but each one progressively suggested a stronger antibiotic. After taking both internal and external prescriptions my skin only became worse and the pain intensified. My feeling of wellbeing drained away with each passing day and there seemed to be no hope for a cure in sight. I remember sitting down one day and quietly praying. Without knowing or understanding what I was really asking for I said to God that I was ready for the next phase of my life, that I no longer wanted to be stuck in this condition. Within weeks a mysterious chain of events had begun to move my life in a direction I could neither imagine nor make sense of. All I knew was that I was becoming happier and hope steadily seeped back into my being. Each new person that came into my life taught me a new more open-minded way to think and pointed the way to the next until I had found Gurunam and learned about Harmonyum. While I had learned much about alternative treatments and new age ideas I was still sick and in pain. You could say I was well-read but practically speaking I had yet to experience any real progress. Without hesitation I requested a Harmonyum session with one of the trained practitioners. I still remember the beauty of that magical healing. I had read a lot about energy but within minutes of lying down on the table I began to truly feel waves of warm vibrations move and circulate throughout my whole body. Within that same session all pain left, the red patches became white and my skin was infused with a glow that I had never ever seen in myself before. I could hardly believe something so amazing existed. With consecutive treatments I actually realized that it was me causing this horrid disease. It was I and no one else that everyday contributed to the pain. Harmonyum made me aware of my subconscious habits. What’s more is that it also gave me the willpower to stop repeating them. Once I cut off the cycle my body healed permanently. Today, I am a certified Harmonyum practitioner and not a day goes by that I don’t think back and offer thanks through my tears to God for teaching me His Love.



Healing Old Injuries and Chronic Pain

     I am an active 64 year old man that works out heavily 12 hours a week. About 2 months ago, I ran into Jessie (who has been my primary yoga instructor for about three years) outside of my health club with a bag of ice for my knee. She looked concerned and asked what was going on? I told her I had an old knee injury that that was bothering me and the subsequent swelling and inflammation needed some attention. Jessie began telling me about Harmonyum healing and I jumped at it since the pain I was experiencing was keeping me awake at night and I was not getting my rest. I began noticing some relief after three sessions and since completing all seven, the inflammation and swelling is completely gone and I am back to my normal workout routines. As a bonus, the tendonitis in by left elbow has also disappeared. Thank you Jessie, I really appreciate your teachings in yoga and your healing practice.

– L. J.

Harmonyum Works

     Harmonyum truly works! I have been practicing it for the last 6 months on family and friends and I am witnessing the disappearance of pains and long-time suffering in my patients. It is amazing. I would like to share a couple of recent experiences with you. A friend of mine, who was very afraid to go to sleep at night because of frequent nightmares received Harmonyum from me. Since then there has been a big change in their sleeping patterns. They are now sleeping peacefully. Another friend of mine recently experienced a lot of stress in her marriage. After receiving Harmonyum she has become very relaxed and is now more calm.


Light of Healing

     Giving Harmonyum takes me into a deep meditative state, one that is as vast as many hours of meditation. By working with the Sun as I give Harmonyum I move into a neutral state allowing the receiver to get the highest benefit. Recently, as I was receiving Harmonyum II my whole being became filled up with so much light I thought I was going to explode. It was not only very amazing but also the after feeling was one of pure clarity. I wish we could all be constantly in this state of brilliance! Regardless of whether I give or receive Harmonyum, the channel between the Creator and me is opened and I experience a powerful flow of light. The light Harmonyum gives is so healing and bright that its radiance is continuously attracting more and more people who want to receive it.



Harmonious Resolution

     For 7 seven years I have been struggling with two conflicting career paths, unable to decide which one I wish to follow. With each day the tension mounted. The interesting thing is that in all the commotion and emotional chaos I couldn’t even remember when I made the decision to become an Opera singer. Seven days after the October Harmonyum weekend, as I drifted off to sleep a voice said “You chose to do this when someone told you couldn’t do it.” I finally realized that instead of wanting to be an Opera singer, what truly made me feel fulfilled was using my voice as a healing instrument, to touch people’s hearts and uplift them. Since that turning point every time I sing I feel free. Singing has now become an affirmation of my soul and spirit and the Love of God. I am no longer in a state of duality. Now my future is one of touching and healing as many people as I can with my singing gift. Even though I have a spiritual practice and the planetary knowledge to guide me in my daily life, Harmonyum made it easier to see the invisible seed.


The Role of the Harmonyum Practitioner


     Mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical disturbances, or health and life challenges can be perceived as a storm in the human body. Understand that when there is a storm, it is vital to go to the eye of the storm. In the body, the eye of the storm is the sun of our skeletal system. Therefore, we work from this place, allowing Harmonyum to create healing movement on the astral level of the patient's life. Movement is life, and no one can accomplish anything without it. When Harmonyum goes straight to the source of the patient's deepest mental and physical challenges, it uncovers and heals even the most deeply ingrained patterns, and releases the patient from the past, present, and future results of their seven negative karmic influences. Power lies in the beginning of life, thought, realization, creativity and love. By sowing the seeds of a healthy beginning, you are accessing your right as a child of the Divine to be a co-creator. Internally, we all possess the creative gift and healing power. Harmonyum allows us to acknowledge this fact so that we may begin working in alignment with the Divine. It calls upon the Christic intelligence by setting in right motion a healing movement. Understand, then, that Harmonyum helps you create beneficial beginnings so that your desires may positively manifest. As soon as you receive Harmonyum, its influence impacts your life and creates balance in your reality. In so doing, Harmonyum helps you to recreate your life in accordance with the original image and flow of God's will. You repair the damage done to your mind, body, and spirit from the past during the time you lived in ignorance. You sustain the good that has been created, or that can be created, through your imaginative and inventive wonder. You rebuild your entire body, once again making it the glorious Eden from whence it came. In short, Harmonyum transforms you into the beautiful person you were intended to be.

     The reason why, we as advanced Harmonyum practitioners invoke the Christic intelligence is that we do not want to establish ourselves as a healing authority and create additional confusion within the patient. We ask the Christic intelligence, which works with all of the most beneficial elements of the universe, to cause the patient's life force to heal itself in every aspect of the person's being. While other methods of treatment work in time and space trying to manipulate matter or energy in a fixed direction, Harmonyum creates a holding place for the Christic intelligence to work without limitations, beyond time, space and matter. Harmonyum taps into the healing energy of the Christic intelligence to work with the life force of the patient, redirecting and healing every imperfection in its path. This Christic intelligence works in partnership with the Omnipotence that created the recipient, namely God, in order to grant the greatest assistance.

     The heavens live in perfect relation to the earth. All that is inspirational, holy, and good comes from the heavens. Harmonyum brings the heavens into your life, thereby mitigating the fact that we live on a dualistic planet. When the life force becomes blocked, disease occurs. Harmonyum carries you to the healing space, releasing the internal blocks and directing the natural flow of life and light in us. Harmonyum rejuvenates the body and grants a magnetic, attractive radiance, making you blissful and peaceful. It helps to bring your consciousness into the moment so that you are able to overcome your perceived problems and limitations, and live gracefully. In other words, Harmonyum shifts your attitude so that you are able to live beautifully in the moment. You need not concern yourself with the healing movement initiated by Harmonyum, for the released energy aids you in ensuring that the right synchronistic moments will arise in order to help manifest your desires more smoothly. Moreover, Harmonyum will cause the life in you to take care of the situations that are beyond your reach. When, with the assistance of Harmonyum, you begin to see yourself truly and clearly, you begin to understand that, as a child of God, you are part of everything that exists, part of the universal mechanism that relies on each piece in order to continue ticking forward. However large or small, the role you play is critical in enabling all other things to take place. While your eternal soul and spirit exist within the center of material, physical constraints, you are much more than flesh and bone. As a child of the Divine you are linked to everything and everyone who also knows the life force. Just as surely as you are joined to the body in which you sit, you are also connected to every other human being that walks the earth, for they too have originated from the source of all things, the Great Spirit.


Harmonyum Healing Level I & II Training

with Universal Kabbalah Master Joseph Michael Levry


Harmonyum Level I & II Training:
Bio-Metaphysical Medicine
August 20 - 23, 2009, Malibu, CA
December 3-6, 2009, New York, NY

Open the universal panacea by learning the highest methods of healing and diagnosis, understanding the intricate union of the physical and spiritual bodies, and gaining true insight into the root cause of all chronic conditions. This healing application of Divine Spiritual Wisdom is an art and science that is for the infinite capacity of the heart. Harmonyum activates the seed atom of the soul with the Divine and Heavenly Fire so that its static condition can be transformed into one of kinetic activity, leading man to the transformation, rebirth and complete regeneration. Harmonyum works through the One in us. Through purity of heart, practitioners of Harmonyum are able to assist in profound and permanent healing by reestablishing the harmonious flow of Divine Love in the body. During the 4 days you'll have the opportunity to experience hands on instruction, practice sessions and group meditation.

California Location: This event will be held at the beautiful Serra Retreat Center 3401 Serra Road, PO Box 127, Malibu, CA 90265. You may take a virtual tour of the grounds, facility and optional lodging rooms at It is surrounded by 360 degrees of canyon and ocean view and is peacefully nestled among green gardens, fountains, a labyrinth, view points and fresh air. Modest lodging is available on site. Please confirm lodging by July 20th. Course start: 1:30pm Thursday Aug 20th | Course Finish: 1pm Sunday Aug 23rd


New York Location: Universal Force Healing Center, NYC. For complete details, please call 646-291-6174.


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Harmonyum Instruction

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Lecture and Group Meditation



For additional questions, please call:
646-291-6174 • 7:30am-3:30pm P.S.T (10:30-6:30pm E.S.T)
888-852-2100 • 10:30am-6:30 P.S.T. (1:30-9:30 E.S.T.)
or by email at


Harmonyum Healing Level III Training

with Universal Kabbalah Master Joseph Michael Levry


Advanced Harmonyum Level III Training:
Bio-Metaphysical Medicine
Dates to be announced...
Harmonyum III works with the infinite, divine potential of man's consciousness, that atomic energy that directs the central nucleus of his/her being. It creates the neurological shift necessary to effect vital changes, acting as an agent of change in consciousness that results in a radical shift in perception. Receiving a Harmonyum III treatment manifests the Light in the consciousness of the recipient, dynamically expanding his/her awareness of that Light. This new awareness is the realization of oneself in alignment with the flow of life. One begins to understand the fundamental fact that we are all God because God is within each of us. In turn, we begin to recreate our existence in accordance with our True Will rather than our ego consciousness. This is how Harmonyum wipes out weaknesses in one's destiny, surroundings and connections. Only by working with the Universe can we initiate the force of reconstruction within. As reconstruction is initiated through a change in attitudes and behaviors, the damage caused by living in disharmony is undone and managed. Moreover, the power of choice in regards to thinking, feeling and acting is revealed so that we are able to break free from the habits that trap us in negative patterns. Our physical health begins to positively respond to such changes, and we come to see how the mind and body are intimately connected. This transcendental healing system, which is born out of Universal Kabbalah and also known as Bio-Metaphysical Medicine, is the healing system for this age and beyond.

The Harmonyum III training weekend features an expanded curriculum. As the healing science of Harmonyum is continuously evolving this training  will allow students the opportunity to learn advanced Kabbalistic tools for healing, including the advanced form of the Harmonyum III technique. Students who have not yet taken Levels I & II will be given special instruction during the workshop to facilitate a comfortable introduction to the advanced philosophy and practicum taught in Level III.


For more information and to register please call (646) 291-6174
or email


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