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Your Personal Forecasting Service

Using your date of birth your primary ruling planet will be calculated and you will learn where your strengths and weaknesses lie. Based on the teachings of the Divine Spiritual Wisdom the birth date is the master key which can show what challenges and opportunities one can be faced with during the course of the life. There are seven periods that everyone travels through during the course of each year. These periods are based on the 7 creative planetary bodies. Your birth date will be used to calculate what period you are currently in. In addition to a description of the influence this planetary period is having on you, practical suggestions will be given so that you may know how to perform your best in this time. For more information on the seven creative planets visit the Q&A with Gurunam section of our website.


The Circle of Light

This is a group of yogis and Kabbalists who assemble to call upon the principle of Light through prayers, so that the harmonious and constructive vibration of Love may be directed to help restore health and harmony. Those prayers are directed towards self-healing. They help create an expansion in your awareness of the principle of cause and effect, so that you may undo or control the disturbances caused by living in disharmony with the laws of nature.

The Circle of Light is designed specifically for people in dire need or anyone with serious health problems, financial difficulties, or any kind of serious life challenges. We see any problem as a mental, emotional or physical disturbance; this is true whether you are in dire need or experiencing a health crisis. This service is provided free to all members of the Rootlight Forum. It is an act of love.


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