Question and Answer
with Gurunam

Q: Is practicing Yoga alone enough to compel my spiritual journey?

A: After almost three decades of extensive work with universal Kabbalah and Kundalini yoga guiding individuals to heal and rise from crossroads, I can honestly say that it is neither enough to practice yoga alone nor is it sufficient to work only with Kabbalah.

Although Yoga will help balance your mind, body, and spirit, you still need to know how the universe works, otherwise you will lack the true essence of timing and be faced with limitations.

Those laws give you light. It is that light which shows you the way. Without light you will meet with every obstacle, and your time and energy will be eaten by frustration, anxiety, fear, and anger. In reality, Kabbalists need yoga and yogis can use universal Kabbalah in the same way the east and west complement each other.

Q: Is learning about Universal Laws, the Kabbalah, and Kundalini Yoga difficult?

A: I have worked for years to endeavoring to present the divine spiritual wisdom in a simple way that anyone can understand. Even those who have not the slightest knowledge of these sacred teachings in any form may be able to use the system that I am sharing.

A practical application of it to the most ordinary things of everyday life might so convince you of its truth that you may rely on universal laws and make them the foundation of all your actions.

Q: How do Universal Laws effect us?

A: We already are unconsciously relying on the unfailing order of nature that causes spring to come right after the winter. We take for granted that winter is winter but we forget that the same laws that govern the seasons, govern our health, love life, and destiny as well. God not only created the various worlds, planets and humans, but also the laws that govern them.

As every one can see, the seasons, the days, and the years refer to the orderly way in which nature unfolds before our eyes. We should conduct our lives in a regular and orderly manner following the laws of nature.

Q: How is Mankind to hope to enter into a higher spiritual realm?

A: The tragedy is that Human is more occupied today in building instruments for the destruction of life than he is in the problems of life itself or in examining those healing laws which create, control, and support life.

If mankind is at all to hope to enter into the higher spiritual realms of evolution whereby the highest spiritual values of the soul can be brought into manifestation here on earth, then we must honor the laws of God. The universe is raising our consciousness so that we may recognize and obey the laws of nature that we have been violating for so long.

Q: How can we undo the damages we have done through misusing our free will?

A: By constructively changing our behavior and attitude, and learning to honor God by our perfect obedience to his laws, we will undo and control the damages caused by the misuse of our free will, and our consciousness will grow and expand.

Maintaining harmony with these laws will enhance our spiritual practice, bring light into our life and save us from past, present, and future darkness.

Ceasing to be in harmony with these laws would in itself be to slip out of heaven, and back into limitation. By disobeying these laws, we become our own worst enemies and bring suffering and punishment on ourselves while creating difficulties for others.

Q: What exactly are the Seven Creative Planets and how do they influence my life?

A: Each year, from our birthday, we travel through seven periods ruled by the following planets: Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. The magnetic influence of the Archangels operate through the aforementioned seven creative planets and radiate all over the earth.

Those planets which compose the karmic wheel are the Universal Laws in charge of the regularity and order of everything in heaven and on earth. They make sure that we fit in with the natural laws, system and order of things to which we owe our being.

The laws of the seven creative planets govern our health, life, and love life. They are set, and our happiness is linked to our obedience to them, whether we are conscious or not.

Q: Do the movements of the Seven Creative Planets impact my everyday life and decisions?

A: You need only experiment with the seven creative planets for a few months, when you will notice how you have felt "down" at certain challenging periods of the year, which come regularly when you have been in your Saturn and Mars periods. On the other hand, during your Sun, Jupiter and Venus periods you will be struck by the fact that things will be favorable for your plans or business affairs and you display great magnetism and optimism.

By paying close attention you will notice that the same law applies to your own vitality and health.

If you keep an open mind and begin to apply this knowledge to all your actions, you will no longer make appointments by chance. You will notice how much easier your affairs succeed and will no longer be worried when challenges seem to come from all sides. Soon you will notice how much more successful you have become and how you can accomplish more, effortlessly.

If you begin to apply the same principles to your family and love life, you will no longer be as fearful and anxious when there is nothing to guide you. You will know when to expect those moments of sadness, depression, and vulnerability when your love relationship is going through challenges.

Q: Are there any resources that can help me learn more about Universal Laws and how to bring the world into greater harmony?

There are three books that every one should have. They are Lifting the Veil, Alchemy of Love Relationships, and The Splendor of the Sun.

These books, which look deceptively simple, are not only profound and powerful, but also they reveal the microcosmic and macrocosmic formulae, the underlying mystical truth of how mankind can be brought into greater harmony with nature and experience transcendence in physical reality. They explain how to bring divine light forward in mundanity, enabling people to reach higher states of consciousness so that God may be seen in everybody, every sacred teaching, and in oneself.

By reading them over and over the Sun of light, truth, and divine wisdom will rise in your heart where it will grow and spread its radiance throughout your whole life.

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