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What is Naam

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."

Naam is the Word or Logos the creative Word by which all things have been made manifest. Naam or Logos is the 22 forces by which the world was created. They are symbolized by the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. Naam is not only the language of the heart and soul, but also it is universally understood by all creatures. While speech is the language of the physical world, Naam is the language spoken in Heaven. Humans use Naam to communicate with the heavens. The word Naam itself is Sanskrit whose literal translation is word or name. Working with the Word or Naam is the most secret and powerful practice known to yogis and Kabbalists. All beginnings, all seeds, all things come from Naam. It is in fact by Naam, in Naam and through Naam that all things, seen and unseen, have been created.

The power of Naam has been acknowledged as the direct and true way from Ancient Egypt and the pharaoh, Akhaneton or Ikhnaton, who ruled from 1379 to 1362 BC, to St. John the Baptist and Christ, to the ten Sikh Gurus, beginning with Guru Nanak. In keeping with this tradition, Naam or Divine Sound Current will be the highest principle of this Age. All other spiritual practices will soon bow to the way of Naam, as Naam Yoga is the custodian of the powers of the rays of the sun, and is aligned with the healing, beneficial laws of the Cosmic. It is the bringer of love, faith and hope, of light and enlightenment, of energy and strength. Naam is the shield of protection and the guardian of the weak and innocent. Naam is the essence of this world, and the Custodian and Guardian of Naam Shakti. Naam is the giver of life to the living, the giver of joy to the sorrowful and the bringer of compassion to the lost and lonely. Vibrating the WORD is a simple, yet powerful science, and there is no power more exalted than that of the power of chanting prayer. As human vice peaks during this Age, and we are subject to all manner of earthly and physical disturbances, practice Naam Yoga so that your eyes may be opened, and your protective shields may be strengthened. It will cause you to stand eternally in the light, guided and guarded by the luminous beings.

Through Universal Kabbalah, Naam will reveal the mysteries of your life, as well as the duties and destinies you carried with you into this incarnation. In turn, you will be able to reach out and receive love, light and healing, as you embrace the true destiny of your spiritual path and begin the work that you have been prepared to do. As soon as you start practicing Naam Yoga, you will feel the presence of the luminous beings with you at all times. They are there to provide you with guidance, love and strength. The Sikh scriptures testify in plain words that during the four Grand Divisions of time people benefited from the practice of Naam by sitting at the feet of those who have become the WORD made flesh. Naam is the Saving Light of this Age and beyond.



Naam Yoga


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