Inge´s Story, Jan 11, 2009

     It was a hot day in August. My mother, who has always been very connected with the earth, had spent many hours working in the garden under the hot summer sun. That same evening, she hosted a small family get together. In the early morning hours of the following day, as she lay asleep in her bed, my mother suffered a major stroke. It was her second. The housekeeper who found her called the doctor immediately but by the time he arrived, my mother had slipped into a coma. With her pulse extremely weak, it was believed that her time to transition was near. A priest was called to administer last rites.

     As I rushed to my mother’s bed side, I asked that Lumen de Lumine be played in the house, without interruption. When I finally arrived, I had my sister stand at my mother’s feet, while I began to give her Harmonyum 2. I followed with Harmonyum 3 and a hand massage as shown to us by Gurunam, focusing a lot on the heart reflex point in the hand. Upon completion, I placed my mother’s hands in Healthy Heart mudra. As my sister held her fingers in place, I began to massage her feet. It didn’t take long before my mother’s eyes flickered open. It was amazing! Although she was not fully conscious, she was able to drink a bit of water and her breath had deepened.

     That night, I went to sleep feeling very grateful for the beautiful healing power of Harmonyum. After about an hour, I was awakened by a voice instructing me to give my mother another treatment. I gave her another Harmonyum 3 treatment and foot massage. As soon as I finished, she opened her eyes and was fully conscious. The next day, when my sons arrived, my mother was able to speak, and greet them by name. In the weeks that followed her stroke, my mother continued to recover slowly. Although she remains in a wheel chair today, she is blessed to be able to walk a few steps and speak. In fact, she continues to ask me for Harmonyum treatments. I pray that with additional treatments, she will recover fully. I am so very grateful to have learned this healing science and to be able to share it with my family. -Inge 


Harmonyum and the Knights
of the Star of Great Light

from Universal Kabbalah Master Joseph Michael Levry


Dear friends and beloved members,

Manifestation is based upon the magnetic interplay between the unseen and unknown forces that drive and animate creation, uniting with the forces that benefit and synthesize to create a life-giving whole. Healing is a spiritual experience; the active nature of Divine Grace. It is a reconnection with the miracle of our inherent holiness through an awakening from the darkness of illusionary, negative patterns into the life changing light of Love, Wisdom and Truth. Healing is an outpouring of divine dispensation from the uncompromising perfection of our Creator. It is the power of the Christic Force that restores, revitalizes, regenerates and heals.

     Harmonyum is a revolutionary healing system, unmatched in its regenerative abilities. Harmonyum heals in the name of the Christic Force as an unending extension of this Force that preserves the unity and wholeness of our divine nature, as well as the well-being of our birthright in spirit. Each treatment calls on the Christic Force to work through the agency of a three-way partnership between the practitioner, client and the Divine. In such a partnership, the practitioner is the catalyst for healing, the client is the one in need, and the Divine is the true healer. A Harmonyum treatment, then, is the application of the higher Law of the Triangle that creates Unity with God and Unity with the Universe, thereby unleashing a quantum power of healing that penetrates to the depths of any illness and extends healing light where it is needed. This divine healing system creates a platform for rebirth.

During a Harmonyum session, a high rate of vibrational energy saturates the recipient, practitioner and atmosphere, granting the human heart a sense of pervasive joy, peace and softness. As a Divine instrument for the Holy Cause and a healing power of pure grace, Harmonyum is the gateway to an awakened mind and liberated soul. Harmonyum allows you to awaken in the Universal Mind of Christic Consciousness so that you may enter the innate perfection of living light. As Harmonyum heals the mind through the astral body, the physical body is also healed. Harmonyum works on the Kol HaNeshama and invokes the very source of Eternal Life to manifest the divine blueprint for our true human existence. This is the blueprint of Absolute Love, Wisdom and Truth, and the certainty from which we originate.

     As we move toward 2012, many will get caught in the unhealthy loop of emotional responses to life stressors that heightens the sympathetic nervous system function, throwing it into a consistent state of “fight or flight”. When the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems are not functioning properly, the result is an increased heart rate, digestive problems, constricted blood vessels, and adrenal exhaustion. Harmonyum treatments rebuild the body’s systems, reversing the damage done over the years by persistent, chronic stress. They promote healthy parasympathetic nervous system function, thereby allowing for the “rest and digest” response to be activated and the nerves to be calmed. In turn, adrenal health is preserved. Harmonyum eliminates a number of chronic problems that have a negative impact on the quality of our lives. These problems include, but are not limited to, afternoon and night sweats, low energy, insecurities, fears, phobias and anxieties. Treatments also address age-related issues, such as graying of the hair, memory loss, sexual dysfunction and fertility loss.

     Humankind is changing, the conditions of life and especially its rhythm are changing. It is time to prepare us inwardly to receive and to transmit the new energies which will take us to a state of more elevated consciousness, to new responsibilities and to more efficient actions in the midst of the Creation. Harmonyum Healing creates a platform for the Reintegration of the human being into his or her primitive purity, the ever more approaching union of mankind to God. As Harmonyum practitioners and Universal Kabbalists we simply remain fervent Knights of the Star of Great Light. Harmonyum practitioners are part of the Internal Sanctuary, directly linked to the Christic Force within us, connecting us to the nucleus by which all mysteries come into focus. Universal Kabbalah derives directly from the Judeo-Christian wisdom, dedicated to recreating the merger between Science and Faith. Universal Kabbalists study the invisible world and its laws, by the exercise of devotion and intellectual illumination. This is solidified by the creation of the spirit of faith in each one of us and further reinforced because it is based on science and observation of the work of the Divine. Universal Kabbalists have a superior system of metaphysical and physiological science, causing them to save many people from doubt, despair and insecurity. Their methods are based on truth, not speculation and their ways are that of humility and grace. Universal Kabbalists devote their lives to the service of others. They study, pray and heal and uplift all who cross their path.

In Love, in Peace and in Light,

Rootlight Team

Harmonyum Healing Level III Training

with Universal Kabbalah Master Joseph Michael Levry


Advanced Harmonyum Level III Training:
Bio-Metaphysical Medicine
March 27-29, Universal Force Healing Center, NYC
Harmonyum III works with the infinite, divine potential of man's consciousness, that atomic energy that directs the central nucleus of his/her being. It creates the neurological shift necessary to effect vital changes, acting as an agent of change in consciousness that results in a radical shift in perception. Receiving a Harmonyum III treatment manifests the Light in the consciousness of the recipient, dynamically expanding his/her awareness of that Light. This new awareness is the realization of oneself in alignment with the flow of life. One begins to understand the fundamental fact that we are all God because God is within each of us. In turn, we begin to recreate our existence in accordance with our True Will rather than our ego consciousness. This is how Harmonyum wipes out weaknesses in one's destiny, surroundings and connections. Only by working with the Universe can we initiate the force of reconstruction within. As reconstruction is initiated through a change in attitudes and behaviors, the damage caused by living in disharmony is undone and managed. Moreover, the power of choice in regards to thinking, feeling and acting is revealed so that we are able to break free from the habits that trap us in negative patterns. Our physical health begins to positively respond to such changes, and we come to see how the mind and body are intimately connected. This transcendental healing system, which is born out of Universal Kabbalah and also known as Bio-Metaphysical Medicine, is the healing system for this age and beyond.

The Harmonyum III training weekend features an expanded curriculum. As the healing science of Harmonyum is continuously evolving this training  will allow students the opportunity to learn advanced Kabbalistic tools for healing, including the advanced form of the Harmonyum III technique. Students who have not yet taken Levels I & II will be given special instruction during the workshop to facilitate a comfortable introduction to the advanced philosophy and practicum taught in Level III.

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