The Code of the Masters

from Universal Kabbalah Master Joseph Michael Levry


Dear friends and beloved members,

Reading the Code of the Masters will heal you. When you absorb the teachings in this sacred book and vibrate Naam, your heart will be opened. You will become completely illuminated and intoxicated with Amrit Naam, so that wherever you go, people will be blessed by your elevating presence. Work with this sacred text and master Naam so that those who lay eyes on you, even once, will feel safe, peaceful and totally uplifted in your presence and will carry that feeling forward in their lives. The Code of the Masters will ignite the flame of positivism within your being. The light from this flame will burn brightly, casting out the darkness and sorrow that lies within the heart.

     This book will illuminate the body and soul of those who crave for real and authentic spiritual wisdom with eternal light. Through the dual process of reading this beautiful text and vibrating Naam, your entire body will be filled to the brim with its elixir and nectar - that holy flavor and fragrance which is the greatest gift to the world. Every time you read the Code of the Masters, the mystery of the unknown gradually disappears as you begin to understand the laws of the higher world and receive the blessings and love of the angels. Divine life will flow within you, unhindered. Work with the Code of the Masters on a consistent basis so that you may receive the healing energies contained in its sacred teachings. Take the time each day to read a paragraph or chapter, and you will cleanse your mind, body and spirit so that they are filled with peace and light. The secret of resurrection lies hidden in the Code of the Masters, for the principles it reveals show you how to purify your being. The heavenly teachings contained within it will show you how to face this turbulent age with harmony and grace. This sacred wisdom is the only form of wealth, the only possession that you can really claim as your own. That which you possess, you possess not, yet that which you are, you are for eternity. Everything you may think you have in this world can be taken away from you. Divine Spiritual Wisdom is the only thing that will belong to you always. It will become integrated into the matrix of your soul and vastly brighten your energy and presence. The practice of our sacred wisdom is the science of releasing our immortal being so that we may recover our original Adamic power. The wisdom contained in the Code of the Masters is a gold mine which will fill you with healing light and spiritual nourishment. Learning the Divine Spiritual Wisdom is the key to understanding the language of heaven and earth for it will help you manifest your highest destiny.

     The Code of the Masters is no ordinary book. It is a profound experience. A powerful work of spiritual teachings, the Code of the Masters allows readers to reclaim their divine birthright, which is to practice genuine spirituality according to th
e higher truths of the upper worlds. Reading it takes you a step further on the path of spiritual progress, for the wisdom of the three worlds has been condensed within its covers. Even if you only understand a single paragraph or chapter, you will have begun to gradually and deliberately penetrate the mysterious Arcana of divine creation, and your spiritual landscape will have been broadened. A seed will have taken root in your soul that will one day grow into a fruitful tree bearing heavenly teachings. Moreover, each additional reading will bring a new, deeper level of applicable understanding. Indeed, the Code of the Masters remains fresh and relevant no matter how many times it is read. An initial reading will show you how to work with the principles of the universe, open your heart, and help you become an uplifting person. A second reading will show you that the text is beyond ordinary human knowledge. A third reading will show you that the Code of the Masters is a book of Heaven. This book is a living document that reveals more and more as you move along your spiritual path. Its secrets will continue to guide you as you move up in your practice so that you may know the unknown and work with the angelic world.

     The publication of the Code of the Masters delivers the boundless, inner meanings of Naam and the principles of Universal Kabbalah to the general public. Readers will learn how to delve into the very heart of Naam and merge with it. Understand that Naam is the most potent form of spiritual power available to us; the superior form of spiritual food for the most perfect and God-like beings. With practice and consistency, the power of Naam will go to work for you. You will be able to project constructive vibrations and healing Light to the farthest reaches of space, thereby becoming a benefactor of mankind who helps, comforts, heals and enlightens others. The combination of Naam Yoga and knowledge of the governing laws of the universe opens the heart, allowing for supreme change to occur both individually and collectively. Through the practice of Naam we learn to direct the life force to the heart, where we can receive the baptism of Spiritual Fire. Simplicity is the cornerstone of an open heart. An open heart keeps darkness at bay. Those who do not open their hearts and develop the lost inner faculty that allows them to perceive the hidden, eternal truths will feel depressed, empty, lonely and/or restless.

     The secrets that have been revealed in the Code of the Masters - the ways in which Naam and Universal Kabbalah can be applied in a psycho-therapeutic manner - are there for a reason. This work has been made public so as to invoke the Godhood and goodness in people. Let the Code of the Masters, a truthful expression, serve as your guide as you seek to understand that which is beyond ordinary human knowledge - the higher principles and characteristics of the universe and the essence of Naam. We must each begin our spiritual journey by learning how the universe works, how to open the heart, and how to serve others. Gradually, we improve our mind-nature and moral quality, and reach a higher standard. Understand, the opening of the heart unites you with the spiritual world. As a result you are enlightened through wisdom, guided by truth, and nourished by the flames of love. Unknown powers unfold internally so that you are able to overcome any challenge. With your whole being renewed, you are empowered to become an actual, dwelling God. It is to this end, and for this reason that the Code of the Masters has been written. By activating the inner spiritual organ that is located in the heart, you will have an healing and indescribable experience of the Supreme Light.

     The Code of the Masters will help you see through the false reality of ordinary human society. In particular, it will open your eyes to the decline of moral values within our world. You will begin to see how we are collectively drifting downward. You will begin to see how those who consider themselves good are merely defining themselves against an inferior standard. You will begin to see that the value system of our world is quite frightening. A new standard must be put in place through the practice of Naam and the implementation of the principles of Universal Kabbalah. The heavenly wisdom contained in the Code of the Masters will protect and purify you. It will sanctify your life and eliminate all hindrances. Let it liberate you through its wisdom. The Divine Spiritual Wisdom and the power of Naam will open your heart and connect you to the higher world. They will give you the power to control your destiny.

     Light is the highest gift. When you offer the Code of the Masters to someone, you offer them Light. The sacred teachings contained within the Code of the Masters are high energy spiritual truths. They penetrate the nervous system of the reader to create an internal healing transformation. Some will find it difficult to read more than a few paragraphs at a time. This is due to the high spiritual nature of the content. However, over time, when you vibrate Naam and consistently read the Code of the Masters on a daily basis, your aura and nervous system will strengthen to the point that you are able to absorb more and more. Indeed, vibrating Naam is the way to strengthen your nervous system so that you are better able to integrate the healing, high energy spiritual truths contained in the Code of the Masters. Use the Code of the Masters as a tool of self-healing, and then share it with others. God will bless you tenfold.

     In addition, by working with the Code of the Masters you will enhance your understanding of the spiritual principles revealed in the Alchemy of Love Relationships. Together, these two books will be of the greatest practical utility to every man or woman desiring to build, nurture and maintain a healthy love relationship. The Alchemy of Love Relationships allows you to recognize yourself before yourself, to understand yourself before yourself and to exalt yourself before yourself so that you may completely wipe out any weakness in your love relationship. It will develop in you the foresight to know whether you are getting into the right relationship or not. Such understanding expands your perception, so that you may become more compassionate toward others. The spiritual truths revealed in the Alchemy of Love Relationships are the unseen forces that direct every relationship. Use them to take control of your love and experience it on a higher level.

     Deep within you dwells the Eternal Flow of Life, and the strength, pure truth, and Light of God. Reading and working with the sacred wisdom contained in the Code of the Masters will create a stronger vibratory frequency within you, causing the inner Tree of Life to be activated. The opening of this spiritual faculty is the mystery of regeneration, of the vital union between God and man. Th
e process of developing this inner faculty that allows us to receive God is our life's work. When the process is complete, the metaphysical and incorruptible principle rules over the terrestrial. Man begins to live, not in accordance with the principle of self-love, but in accordance with that of the Spirit and Truth for which he becomes a temple. This book gives you the wisdom of this Age and beyond.  It is crucial that you learn this sacred science so that you are able to merge with the holy Naam. Once you have merged with the holy Naam, Heaven can bless you with health, strength, power, intelligence and beauty. You will enter a world without limitation; a world in which the higher and lower triangles merge into one perfect Star so that the powers and riches of the true, higher self can be infused into the lower self. By working with the Code of the Masters, you will introduce the balance and harmony of Cosmic Life into your life. Balance and order will be bestowed upon your being and existence. All will become structured, organized and harmonious, and the radiant mark of purity will be written on your forehead.

In Love, in Peace and in Light,

The Rootlight Team


 Harmonyum Healing Level III Training

with Universal Kabbalah Master Joseph Michael Levry


Harmonyum Level III Training:
Bio-Metaphysical Medicine
April 11 - 13, NYC
Harmonyum III works with the infinite, divine potential of man's consciousness, that atomic energy that directs the central nucleus of his/her being. It creates the neurological shift necessary to effect vital changes, acting as an agent of change in consciousness that results in a radical shift in perception. Receiving a Harmonyum III treatment manifests the Light in the consciousness of the recipient, dynamically expanding his/her awareness of that Light. This new awareness is the realization of oneself in alignment with the flow of life. One begins to understand the fundamental fact that we are all God because God is within each of us. In turn, we begin to recreate our existence in accordance with our True Will rather than our ego consciousness. This is how Harmonyum wipes out weaknesses in one's destiny, surroundings and connections. Only by working with the Universe can we initiate the force of reconstruction within. As reconstruction is initiated through a change in attitudes and behaviors, the damage caused by living in disharmony is undone and managed. Moreover, the power of choice in regards to thinking, feeling and acting is revealed so that we are able to break free from the habits that trap us in negative patterns. Our physical health begins to positively respond to such changes, and we come to see how the mind and body are intimately connected.
This transcendental healing system, which is born out of Universal Kabbalah and also known as Bio-Metaphysical Medicine is the healing system for this age and beyond.

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Universal Kabbalah and Naam Yoga in Barcelona

with Universal Kabbalah Master Joseph Michael Levry


Advanced Kabbalah Series:
Prosperity & the Science of Light 3-day Weekend
May 16 - 18, Barcelona, Spain
The way money flows in and out of our lives is determined by our understanding of reality. How much we value ourselves and how much we feel valued directly translates into our livelihood. This intensive will offer the rare gift of the most applicable and effective principles of Universal Kabbalah in the service of teaching participants how to work with Light. The science of Light is both a mystical and practical understanding of prosperity, at every dimension of life. You will learn how to build and nurture your energy in order to feel completely comfortable in this Age, so that you may feel free and bring out your true self in order to fulfill your highest, most auspicious destiny. During this three day workshop participants will be immersed in the Divine Spiritual Wisdom, taking part in an advanced Universal Kabbalah curriculum and Naam Yoga classes each day. Join us for this special workshop in beautiful Barcelona, Spain and take the opportunity to go deep within yourself and reconnect with the source of your power and happiness. This unique course is designed for all those who want to heal themselves, serve others and uplift the planet.

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