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The Eye of God: Seeing Beyond the Mask
of Spiritual Corruption & Falsehood

from Universal Kabbalah Master Joseph Michael Levry


Dear friends and beloved members,

Working with the Sun is a beautiful spiritual practice whose simplicity makes it both magical and powerful. It is a Kabbalistic practice that links us to the divine heart and consciousness. It helps us to understand God’s truth and align ourselves with our own knowing. It allows us to align our heart and will with Gods’ will so that we may resonate with God. In so doing, we enter into a state of harmonious evolution and flow, and come to realize that we are the magic of the universe. Indeed, when we open ourselves to the healing, and spiritual power of the Sun, its wisdom passes through us and allows us to stand in our own power with the knowledge that our wisdom is good and true. By aligning ourselves with the truth of the Sun’s wisdom, we find the key that unlocks many doors. In essence, meditating on the Sun is the purest form of Divine attunement, that allows you to reach up towards the heavens and touch the hand of God. Model yourself after the Sun. Allow yourself to become a conduit of its light so that you are able to shine brightly, and plant the seeds of love, peace and light wherever you go.

      Do not bow to any other human being. Keep in mind that every saint has a past, every sinner a future. With Divine Spiritual Wisdom, anyone can achieve spiritual awakening. This is why Universal Kabbalah and Naam Yoga call on you to bow ONLY to the God in your own heart. In your heart, you will find the reflection of the Sun in you. Working with the Sun allows us to understand our existence in relation to the universe, so that we may understand the truth. As we come to understand the truth, the world becomes a more beautiful place because we become who we already are and experience infinity. Humans are naturally drawn to the Sun because it is the driving force of our universe, it is the center that keeps everything together. The moment you understand that you are a ray of the sun, your radiance projects in the universal radiance and everything becomes creative around you. This confirmed relationship of responsiveness in consciousness between the inner Sun and the outer Sun is the gift of Divine Spiritual Wisdom. Now is the time for the sons and daughters of light to open themselves up to the empowerment that comes with meditating on the Sun. Rise into the Sun with your spirit, so that its healing and limitless love may surround you, and its light may infinitely bless and guide you always. Meditate on the rising Sun so that you can rise from the slumber of a dark night of mind into a glorious new day of wisdom, joy and truth. The Sun is the eye of God, and the greatest spiritual teacher you will ever find.

     Every day that the Sun rises to bring light to the world, tell yourself that the teacher has arrived, and take your learning material, and go meet the teacher so that you may receive Wisdom. The sun will give you light. Spiritual work requires the presence of Light. The Sun is the Father of Light; Light is the most significant treasure on earth. Attach more importance to it than any other. Light comes from wisdom. The Sun is the living symbol of Love, Wisdom and Truth. The mantra, Lumen de Lumine embodies the Light of the Sun. This is one of the reasons why we work with this powerful and beautiful combination and permutation of the words it is made of, and why it is the most effective means of causing the Sun to rise in our heart. Kabbalah is the only vehicle that allows us to create the Vessel to receive the light of the Creator. And, Lumen de Lumine is a simple, yet powerful Kabbalistic tool that allows you to receive that light so that you may share it with the world. It is Kabbalah in action, and a glorious, potent way to work with the light. Lumen de Lumine provides our best connection with light. It is the dazzling brilliance in which angels and archangels vibrate as one infinite ocean where all forms blend into the true image of God. By bringing the Sun in your mind, while mentally vibrating Lumen de Lumine, you light your internal flame so that you are able to walk your path with clarity; feeling refreshed and cleansed. Focus on Lumen de Lumine, and you will begin to sense it as a heart opening energy of peace, happiness and joy. You will experience the power it has to pacify and heal. For example, if you want to help those who are going through challenges, vibrate Lumen de Lumine, and see them being penetrated through and through by the healing light of the Sun. Working with this mantra is the art of seeking and concentrating on light; of absorbing it in a pure and powerful form. When you focus your mind on the Sun, you are choosing to focus on the source of all blessings. Working with the Light of the Sun is the beginning of true spiritual work, for it is the only practice that banishes dark entities and evil spirits.

     No human being, whether saint or guru, can be as consistent as the Sun. Again, all other sources are fickle. The Sun, however, is almighty and never-changing. It is the spirit, the essence, and the basis of your life. As the visible representation of God in action, the Sun is more permanent than you will ever be. Long after we have all left the earth, the Sun will remain. The blazing, eternal Sun is the link between man and God. When your mind focuses on the Sun, the light of God is with you and all can be attained. Seek help from the One source that is always helpful. Work with the Sun so that you may be blessed with miracles. Work with the Sun so that the Grace of God can envelop you. Great and limitless is the Love of God contained in the Sun. By meditating on the Sun, you create the proper conditions for the descent of the Spirit of God within you. This is due to the fact that meditating on the Sun opens the heart to Divine warmth, thereby initiating joy and healing. It opens the mind to Divine Light, thereby allowing you to think right. And, it opens your soul to Divine Power so that you have the strength to overcome any challenge. All that God requires is that your heart be a clean and pure tablet upon which Divinity can write His Law. You will read in the scriptures "Except a man be born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God." By activating the inner Sun in your heart, you are born again from the Spirit. Working with the Sun is the only method of achieving this rebirth. Again, we can look to the scriptures for evidence of this truth. They read, “No man knows the Father, except the Son, and the one to whom the Son reveals Him. That Son is the Light of God, which exists forever.” The Sun is the light of God. The Christic Force represents the Sun. And the scriptures continue, "The Light of the body is the eye: If thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of Light." The Sun represents the single eye of God. In order for our two eyes to become single, we must activate the inner Sun in our heart, which is nothing else but a reflection of the outer Sun, or single eye of God.

     The highest goal in spirituality is to know God. This is achieved through the activation of the spiritual Sun, located in our heart as a reflection of the visible Sun. Meditating on the Sun daily allows us to rise above ourselves and make our hearts pure. “Blessed are the pure of heart, for they shall see God.” The Sun will give you the Bread and Water of Life, and help you to be reborn by opening your Inner Eye to the Light of God and your Inner Ear to the Voice of God. It is essential to create the purity in your life caused by meditating on the Sun, for we are all born of the corruptible seed. In order to be born into the Beyond, we need the incorruptible seed. The only way to be born from the Sun is to meditate daily upon it, and work on cleaning yourself of the body of pain, which is made up of your karmic burden. The Sun energy is extremely uplifting and rejuvenating. Those who meditate on the Sun are called the real theurgists, and they are connected to the invisible Community of Light. By vibrating Lumen de Lumine and meditating on the Sun, you adopt those attributes in your own life, then you will be loved by the Christ Force, and by God Himself. As Christ said, "Those who love me, will be loved by my Father, and whom my Father loves, I manifest myself to him".

     The Sun is the Christic Light. And the Christic Light is the Word made flesh; the Word made flesh and dwelt among us. “I am the Light of the world; whosoever shall come to my feet shall never walk in darkness.” The Sun is the light of the world, and Lumen de Lumine is a Christic mantra. Both embody the essence of this truth. Those who meditate on the Sun and work with Lumen de Lumine shall never walk in darkness. They walk in light. God is light. The Christic Force, or Sun, is also light, because it is an expression of the Power of God. As it rises and sets, the Christ Sun has been giving its light to the world and God has been working through it. Every man and woman is a ray of the light of the Sun. We are hue(light) man(mental) beings(forever). Therefore, meditate on the Sun, and open your heart and soul so that the Kindness of God can pass through you to others. Work with the Sun so that you become a servant of the universe and a bridge upon which the angels may tread. Know that every angel who passes on your back will leave you a blessing. Meditate on the Sun so that this state of cleanliness and the essence of purity can be yours. When you have experienced the self-healing that comes with opening your heart with the Divine Energy of the Sun, you are able to help others open their hearts as well.

     Do not attach yourself to the earth, and con men who masquerade as holy men. Such men claim to have the answer when, in reality, they only seek to control while acquiring disciples and fame. They will wreak havoc in your life and you will end up miserable. Unfortunately, most forms of spirituality available today provide man with illusion and deception of an untrue reality. They twist the perception of those who are vulnerable and mentally weak, and create the necessary illusions that will support their unhealthy illusionary wish that creates comfort within their hearts and minds. The wise among us turn away from false prophets and practices, and turn our attention and intuition toward the heavens. The Sun is the safest method for healing you can find. Therefore, attach yourself to it. Men are merely small gods with small jurisdictions. They are poor sources of wisdom compared with the Sun. Most people are far from perfect. When you concentrate on a spiritual person, you emulate their strengths and their weaknesses. In other words, you take both the good and the bad; the virtue and the vice. Moreover, you may also begin to lose your own vitality, because it is now nurturing the image with which you are working. The Sun, however, is the most perfect of all visible symbols in life. By focusing on the Sun, you are giving energy to the self; any energy you give to the Sun, you get back. Indeed, whosoever treads on the Path of the Masters, which is the Divine Spiritual Wisdom, with consistency, single-minded devotion and patience, and proper meditation upon the Sun, initiates the inner unfolding. This is the art of moving from animal-man to man of light.

     It is important to note here that, animal man, who has always put his trust in the substance of inferior, material things, can be traced back to Ancient Egypt. Mixing the sacred with the profane, animal man originated the practice of idol worship still common in both the East and the West. These are the practices of the men of darkness who have been corrupted. Some even believe that the power of nature is equal to that of the Divine. The Divine Spiritual Wisdom is a refuge of Love, Wisdom and Truth, that teaches the laws governing all things divine, spiritual and temporal. It is the only spiritual practice that preserves the immortality of the soul and the existence of the universal principle that pervades all. Indeed, one of the main aims of the Divine Spiritual Wisdom has always been to instruct men in the mysteries of the original religion so that they do not forsake their spiritual faculties in favor of lesser knowledge and power. The Ancient Egyptians were acquainted with the Divine Spiritual Wisdom in its original purity; the form that instructs initiates in the means of participating with the powers responsible for sustaining the universe so that they are supported and protected. Unfortunately, some sages of Ancient Egypt turned their attention to the aspects of the powers that flattered man’s natural leanings toward the sensual and material. They made great progress on this path, but forsook the higher aspects of the teachings. Their hieroglyphics and allegories ceased to incorporate the universal spiritual activity manifest in the universe by the Creator. In other words, their mysteries now expressed the worship of the active powers of temporal nature, rather than the reverence for the principle at the root of all general and particular powers. Egyptians began to worship the signs and symbols of power, rather than the Divine source. The practice of material idolatry was born among common people. The priests who had confused the power of nature with the source of all power were blinded, and began constructing temples and altars to evil and corrupt gods as well as benevolent things. Through sacrilegious ceremonies, these priests invoked the powers represented by the hieroglyphs, and the profane people took the practice at face value, without examining beyond the outer appearance of things. As impious idol worship spread across the globe, nations were exposed to terrible scourges.

     The errors of the Ancient Egyptians must serve as cautionary tales to us, and keep us on guard against attributing a level of wisdom and knowledge to ancient priests that ceased to exist long, long ago. The vain effort of the magi of Ancient Egypt to counter the triumphant Divine Spiritual Wisdom of Moses provides us with concrete proof that, even from these times, their initiation had deviated from the true aim of knowledge. However great their success in the material works, they were unable to resist the powerful effectiveness of the Divine Spiritual Wisdom. Moses, after having been enlightened by the superior light of the Divine Spiritual Wisdom, rose above his masters and made them aware of his superiority. Moreover, he restored the Divine Spiritual Wisdom in its original purity among his fellow men. This is the secret of how he was able to lead them from Egypt into freedom. Moses was the greatest prophet, leader and teacher that Judaism has ever known. He is described as the only person who ever knew God face-to-face (Deut. 34:10) and mouth-to-mouth (Num. 12:8). This means that God spoke to Moses directly, in plain language, and not through visions and dreams, as God communicated with other prophets. In order to prevent people from idolatrous worship of Moses, his grave was left unmarked (Deut. 34:6).

     In regards to Naam, a basic tenet of Sikhism states that we should not adore idols or pictures, but rather, the One Formless God – "Nirankar, Satguru, Waheguru." Understand, that while a lack of faith and societal distortions lead some to venerate the guru’s picture, when we show reverence to the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, we are not worshipping a physical object. We are worshipping the spiritual content embodied within it. Since God is formless He can only be sought through formless Spirit, and not through any material object or a physical person. Unfortunately, the times we are living in see many hypocrites dressed in the garb of spiritual redeemers. For selfish reasons, these hypocrites exploit innocent people by stressing that a living guru is necessary for salvation and that they are the reincarnation of a messiah and, therefore, worthy of worship. However, Guru Gobind Singh has proclaimed in very clear terms that the Guru-ship hereafter is vested in the shabad or Divine Word, which is the Divine Light of the Ten Gurus. The main aim of Guru Nanak’s mission was to spread the gospel of One Formless God, who could be attained by constant remembrance of Him by simple repetition and contemplation of Naam or shabad. According to him Guru, Naam, shabad and bani are one and the same.

     The Mool-Mantra spells the qualities and attributes of God in the most concise terms. One of these terms, "Akal Moorat," means that God is beyond time and space (Akal) and His form is eternal (Moorat). This means that He exists and is a reality but without any features, form or color. In Kirtan Sohila, Guru Nanak says that God has thousands of eyes, yet he has none. His forms are thousands, yet He has no form. Simply put, this means that while all the eyes and forms of all the creatures of the universe are His because He pervades all, He has no specific form. In Japji Sahib, Guru Nanak says that God cannot be installed nor can He be created – “Thapia na jae, keeta na hoe, Ape Ap niranjan soe”, because “The pure One is self-existent."

     Keep in mind that no man is better than another. In the world of spirituality you will encounter tragic-comical messiahs, saints, prophets, charlatans, and self proclaimed psychics who run about holding the infernal torches of fantastic ideas and bitter fanaticism. They have lost sight of the fact that the crown, the honor, of spirituality is bestowed by the invisible world. It can never be conquered, bought, or manipulated. There are many people engaged in spirituality who are full of spiritual ego. Having read and/or listened to the scriptures many times over, these individuals have turned themselves into spiritual egomaniacs. Those who walk the spiritual path with ego and unhealthy pride as their companions eventually walk with misery as well, for their dedication and devotion is built on their own shoulders. They demonstrate their power as a way of demonstrating that they are superior to others. In reality, however, they are merely half-cooked semi-Gods; spiritual junkies who know a lot of junk but have missed the point entirely. Simply put, they may have acquired intellectual and spiritual stuff, but they are deficient human beings because they are not grateful, heart-centered, and kind. Their main purpose lies in showing you that they are superior and in establishing their domain over other people and creatures of God. Such spiritual leaders are quite dangerous, for they eventually become animals that deliver fatal bites while calling themselves spiritual teachers. They may be free, or living in the care of well-guarded asylums, but they are all in constant communion with astral larvae.

     How does one arrive at the place of such destructive spiritual ego? When one engages with spiritual ego, the burning eagerness for power, blind desire, and/or hateful dogmatism ally in a false contract while the individual is seeking his/her spiritual ideal, or union with the Cosmic self. As such an individual journeys toward the inner temple, they arrive via the wrong train of thought; that of ignorance and passionate egoism, at the boundary station of insanity. They do not realize that they were on the wrong train. Some of them even remember and identify themselves with the subject of their devotion. No matter the circumstances, meditating on the Sun will grant you an internal sense of equilibrium and healing that cannot be disturbed. The Sun strengthens our spirit and blesses our lives. Naam Yoga represents the spiritual method of manifesting human desires, and achieving lasting healing within the body, mind and emotions. It enables the student to reach out for the heavens in order to heal him/herself. He/she is then inspired to contribute to the creation of a better world. To successfully navigate the ever-changing conditions of life, we need to possess knowledge of the Divine Spiritual Wisdom, for this knowledge brings love, peace and light into the soul. If you are looking for the truth about the inner workings of life, you will find it in the Sun. If you are looking for the keys to Kabbalah, and the science of alchemy and mysticism, you will find them by working with the Sun. If you are looking for that which maintains the universe and fulfills its purpose, you will find it in the middle sphere on the Tree of Life, called Tipheret. If you allow yourself to fully awaken to life through meditating on the rising Sun; if you allow yourself to respond to and perceive life, you will see that all tragedies and sorrows belong only to the surface of life.

     In the scriptures you read: “I am the Bread of Life. If any man eats of this Bread, he shall live forever.” God is Light; God is Life; God is Love. The Bread of Life is nothing but the Sun. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God.” The Word is the Cause of all Creation, settled in Heaven. It is the Bread of Life, referred to by Embodiment of Christ, which came from Heaven. The outer manifestation of the Word, which was made flesh, is the Sun. As the psalmist said, “The Word is a Lamp unto my feet, and a Light unto my path.” And, as Christ said, “I am the Light of the World.” There is one truth, and that truth is blanketed in the light of the Word made visible by the Sun, the Father of all Light. Since we are each a brilliant ray of the Sun, we are Children of the Light. Just as the outer Sun controls the universe, the inner Sun controls our being. We live and move by it. Meditating on the Sun on a daily basis is a method of working on the inner Sun.

      By working on the Sun you will cause the projection of your energy field to arrange the rays of your existence so that your psycho-electro-magnetic circle can organize all the surrounding magnetic fields in tune. In other words, the environment will operate in tune with your purpose. Working with the Sun will cause the Divine Source that prevails through you to project the light of God. As a result, all darkness goes away. Wherever you go, there shall be light, beauty, bounty and fulfillment. This practice is the science of changing and strengthening the radiance to give expanded life and capacity. Working with the Sun is the spiritual art of setting the flow of the psyche in tune with the surrounding magnetic field. It is the king of the mysteries of God, Man and Nature, the guardian of the secret of spirituality, the keeper of the key to the secrets of good health and long life, the conveyor of love, wisdom and truth, and the carrier of the creative force of God. The healing work of the Sun is completely done in silence, with its unseen renewal and maintenance of the energies that contribute to the existence and order of the universe assisting the Divine in fulfillment of its plan for evolution and expansion.

     We must first know ourselves. This is only achieved by working with our seven negative karmic influences and gaining knowledge of our ruling planetary bodies. It is a matter of rising above body consciousness via self analysis to gain practical knowledge of who we really are. By meditating on the Sun, you are taken high above the consciousness of your body so that you may neutralize your body of pain and give the inner Sun a chance to rise in your heart. Your body of pain is the karmic cross you carry in this lifetime, made up of your seven negative karmic influences and the combine energies of your ruling planetary bodies. This process allow you to face yourself by facing your darkness with the light of the Sun, so that you may cause the inner Sun to rise in your heart and glimpse the light of the soul. This is the goal. But, in order to know our higher selves, we must first know our selves.

     Our body of pain determines our pattern of behavior, which is the rate of frequency and the radiance of the psyche and the magnetic field in relationship to the universal psyche and magnetic force. By meditating on the Sun, we are able to clean the body of pain with light, so that we may relate with that universal radiation so the beam and frequency of our projection may be clean and bright. As a result we are in harmony with the entire universe, and are supported by the heavens. Meditating on the Sun causes the soul to open the heart, so that man becomes divine.

     Meditate on the outer Sun and cause the inner Sun to rise in your heart so that you may see through your mind into your own soul. Those who meditate on the Sun are uplifted to experience an enfoldment and perfection of the soul, an opening of the intuitive faculties and heart, and an ability to recognize the beauty within and without. Working with the Sun will embellish the light of your aura, making it rich, intense and pure to the extent that you have the projection, presence and power to attract the beneficial currents of nature and higher beings of the universe. It will transform you into a beautiful lighthouse, which is harmonized with the divine world. Mentally travel to the Sun, and you will be connected to the heart of the universe in such a way that all the currents running through your body are brought into harmony.

In Love, in Peace and in Light,

The Rootlight Team

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