Harmonyum and the Body of Pain

from Universal Kabbalah Master Joseph Michael Levry


Dear friends and beloved members,

We must realize that the biggest obstacle to both personal and collective transformation is the body of pain. No matter how rich, how powerful, how famous or how beautiful you think you are, you have a body of pain. Whether you are in the peak of your health or are suffering from a disease, the body of pain still affects your life. No matter how religious you believe yourself to be, or even if you are agnostic or atheist, you still have a body of pain. Whether you are married or not, you have a body of pain. The body of pain is at the root of most divorces, as well as the frustration, anger, insecurity, misunderstanding and pain that people experience in love relationships. All challenges, misfortune, and adversities in life are linked to the activation of the body of pain. Even yogis and Kabbalists are subject to the negative effect of the body of pain. In the years leading to 2012 the body of pain will become extremely active in the majority of people. Working with the Divine Spiritual Wisdom and receiving Harmonyum can be very helpful in neutralizing it.

      The body of pain is the animal in us that causes us to act and react, creating tragedy in our lives. Normally, all of the power of God is in the spirit. However, the spirit of man needs perfect conditions in order to manifest. While the physical body is the most perfect instrument made by God, it cannot provide the perfect conditions because it is encumbered by the body of pain. In other words, the body of light cannot use the physical body as a vehicle to manifest the strength and light of the spirit so long as the body of pain is active. But what exactly is the body of pain? The body of pain is an unconscious entity within; a living energy field that engorges itself on your life energy. It is formed by the energies of our planetary bodies, how these planetary bodies are placed on our charts, our seven negative karmic influences, and the karma we’ve incurred from past lives. It thrives on pain, pain felt by the individual and pain inflicted by the individual on others. As it is fed with experience, the body of pain releases an addictive chemical in the physical body. Over time, we come to crave the sensations created when our body of pain is activated. This is how the body of pain becomes a vehicle for karma. Understand that no one is immune to the influence of their body of pain. It is the body of pain that determines the outcome of our lives, because it is the source of all disease, disorder and imbalance. Moreover, the body of pain influences the choices that shape the quality of our experiences and the extent to which we are able to find fulfillment. By extension, the body of pain influences our families, communities, nation and planet.

     Every human being is a ray of the Sun and a representative of God. As such, our potential self is unlimited. Our failure to understand our body of pain is our basic human problem, for when we do not understand our body of pain we cannot understand ourselves or anyone else. We cannot understand that we are unlimited and that others are as well. Therefore, our relationships are left open to the influences of fear, anger, doubt and conflict, and clear understanding remains elusive. Life becomes a puzzle that we do not know how to put together. To master ourselves and our lives, we must gain an understanding of the composite elements of our body of pain and learn how to manage it. Indeed, our greatest responsibility lies in ridding ourselves of our particular body of pain so that we are no longer contributing to the collective body of pain. When you learn the Divine Spiritual Wisdom, practice Naam Yoga meditation, and work with the forces of nature, you are able to understand the meaning of life and neutralize your body of pain. In turn, you are able to cultivate tolerance, kindness and forgiveness for others, as well as respect for self.

     It is vital for us to know that both bondage and salvation lie within each of us. Freedom cannot be obtained from external sources. As each person is unique, each person’s liberation can come only from his/her own understanding, awareness and spiritual practice. Accepting personal responsibility is the first step toward liberation. When we realize that the troubles of the world reflect the body of pain each of us carries, we are able to take the steps necessary to effect positive change, both personally and collectively. By neutralizing our body of pain, we learn to surrender to the moment, thereby aligning ourselves with the will of the Divine. The will of the Divine exists inside and outside ourselves in the here and now and frees us from being bound by the illusions of the past and those promised for the future. When we become at one with the truth of the moment, we see that within each moment lies an opportunity for regeneration and rebirth, a chance for us to begin again as we truly want to be. We see that we do not have to be bound by our past errors and regrets. Instead, we can choose to act utilizing the knowledge that we have gleaned from past mistakes. In so doing, we are reformed by our falls.

     We were each born with the capacity to fit into this world. We are swimming in a world of health and spiritual abundance that we can have full access to once we neutralize our body of pain and clear our inner channels of the blockages created by our seven negative karmic influences. Indeed, the body of pain is responsible for our inability to thrive, as well as our inability to understand why. The strength of the magnetic field is based upon what we do with our body of pain. In other words, what you do with your body of pain determines whether negativity can or cannot enter and affect you. Once your body of pain has been neutralized, all positive vibrations, or opportunities are drawn to you, and all negative people and energy are cancelled out by your body of light. All weak areas of your life are automatically protected. Neutralizing the body of pain and activating the body of light causes the heavens to prevail through us by projecting the light of God to remove all darkness out of our life. As a result, wherever we go, we bring light, beauty, bounty and fulfillment. We come to easily realize that we are the creative source and nucleus of the whole vibratory effect in which we live, and everything becomes creative. A body of pain that has not been neutralized, however, can cause a cavity in our consciousness that leads to duality, or a fracture between our intellect and our behavior. As a result, we act without thinking.

     If you can relate to the universe through a purified body of pain, then you have achieved harmony between you and the universe, and the universe supports you. When we neutralize our body of pain and activate our body of light, we relate to our emotions differently, and the world becomes very clear. You can consciously choose to relate to anyone or disconnect from their negative influences. A neutralized body of pain, along with a vast body of light, allows the heavens to cause the projection of your magnetic field to arrange the rays of your existence so that your psycho-electromagnetic circle can organize all the surrounding magnetic fields into one harmonious tune. As a result, every environment in which you find yourself will operate in tune with your innermost desires. You will then begin to develop an intuitive relationship between the individual consciousness and universal consciousness to the extent that you learn to respect yourself, love your neighbor, and serve God. Your intuitive power begins to alert you to the consequences of certain sequences of actions so that you can guard against misfortune and misery. Remember, it is a lack of internal, energetic flow that leads to stagnation and death.

     God determines the destiny of people who are working at neutralizing their body of pain. After all, one’s destiny is no longer subject to fate when they have neutralized their body of pain. Therefore, no one has the power to deliver another from their own fate. You, and you alone, can do it. You can free yourself from the negative influence of fate by changing the direction of your thoughts, feelings and actions. As soon as you change your thoughts, feelings and actions, then God will change His decisions for them. You must go through the fire of working on your body of pain so as to rise from the dead in the manner of Christ. Until you neutralize your body of pain, you will be persecuted, mocked and profaned by its activity in your life. Resurrection is impossible without the suffering that comes when you work on your body of pain. There are both avoidable and unavoidable sufferings. Some events can be avoided, but some cannot. Remember the words of the Apostle Paul, who said, "Today's sufferings cannot be compared to the future glory of those who love God."

     By learning the Divine Spiritual Wisdom and practicing Naam Yoga, we purify and clean our body of pain on a daily basis so that divine life can flow uninhibited within us. In turn, our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies are provided with everything necessary for excellent health. Again, the seven negative karmic influences that make up our body of pain are the origin of our disturbances and diseases. If left unchecked, both the body of pain and the problems it causes will amplify. We can easily access the healthy thoughts and pure, positive feelings that connect human beings to God and enliven our activities by purifying our body of pain. By neutralizing the body of pain with the Divine Spiritual Wisdom, we are able to face challenges gracefully and receive love, wisdom and truth. By neutralizing the body of pain, we are able to cultivate respect for ourselves, respect for others and respect for God. Nothing happens to us by mere chance. Our body of pain subtly and constantly influences the way we think and feel. In turn, our thoughts and feelings attract circumstances in our life that correspond to those thoughts and feelings. This is how different possibilities for health and illness, strength and weakness, intelligence and shortsightedness and beauty and ugliness in people arise. If you are faced with problems in this life, it is because of your seven negative karmic influences. By working on the seven negative karmic influences and neutralizing your body of pain with our sacred science, you will receive from the Divine Spiritual Wisdom all of the qualities that you need to rebuild yourself. This is the true secret of spiritual rebirth. We need to neutralize our seven negative karmic influences and build our body of light to establish balance, love, peace, light, and harmony within ourselves. Complete health or harmony is a result of the proper, interrelated functioning of our cardiovascular, lymphatic, glandular, respiratory, nervous, digestive, and energetic systems. Each of these systems is connected to our etheric, astral, mental, causal, buddhic and atmic bodies. By neutralizing the body of pain, these overlapping systems are able to interact harmoniously. (For more information on the seven negative karmic influences, please refer to The Divine Doctor.)

     We are not only flesh and bone, nor simply an amalgamation of psychological conditioning. We each have a depth potential that has to be unfolded, and this can only be done through Naam Yoga meditation. In Naam Yoga meditation there is perfect rest, and our intuition functions with total awareness. The aim of spiritual life is not only to understand the subconscious and unconscious levels of our mind, but also to gain super-conscious experience through meditation. It is impossible to go beyond our conscious mind as long as we remain imprisoned by the presence of large, unexplored areas of the unconscious in the mind and the past experiences of our conscious mind that originate from the seven negative karmic influences. When we remain imprisoned, our so-called “awareness” is merely an identification with the false images that are projected by the unconscious instincts and impulses coming from the seven negative karmic influences. A body of pain that remains unpurified festers like a putrid swamp. No one wants to walk through a swamp. By purifying your body of pain, you become sunny and bright. As you work on purifying your body of pain, it is important to remember that focusing on the shortcomings of others contaminates the purity of your life and exposes you to death, because negativity acts as a contagion. In other words, it is impossible to purify your body of pain and live a life of love, wisdom and truth while engaging in criticism, hatred and gossip. Suffering, hardship and misfortune will come, but we must strive to stay in the light of positivity. Train your mind, body and spirit to be guiding ships, able to keep you afloat amidst the sea of human turmoil. They may get rocked from side to side, but as you neutralize your body of pain and strengthen and expand your body of light, harmony and peace will reign internally, regardless of the external storm.

     If you do not think right, feel right, speak right, act right and behave right, you can create cracks in your ship. As a result, the waters of destruction and death can enter as the storm swells. The negative, destructive thoughts and speech from which you should guard yourself enter through the same cracks. The servants of Saturn, Lord of Karma, follow your departure until they clean up the dirt left by your negative thoughts, feelings and actions. Understand that each time they are forced to clean up after you, you must pay for their services. Until such a time when you no longer carry your dirt with you by purifying your body of pain, you are neither saintly nor pure. If, however, you observe cleanliness in the physical world, you will also be pure in the mental and spiritual worlds. Nothing truly worth having comes without sacrifice. The fact is that there is no easy spiritual path. Alchemically, man is both the crucible and the philosophical matter that needs to be transformed. When someone offers you spiritual advancement and expresses or implies that it will be easy, he/she is not being honest.

     The body of pain is not just a personal problem. It is a collective one, transferred to the individual through social and cultural conditioning. It is kept alive when individuals remain unconscious and contribute pain to it from personal experiences. Before you can purify the body of pain, however, you must understand it. The body of pain is a living entity or energy field that is attached to the authentic expression of your life. As already mentioned above, each one of us has a body of pain that exerts influence on our lives. Indeed, no one is immune to the influence of their body of pain. Moreover, the body of pain influences the choices that shape the quality of our experiences and the extent to which we are able to find fulfillment. It has a crippling effect on the personality, leading to compulsions, phobias, loss of feeling and sense and incapacitation. Most people remain at the mercy of their body of pain, however. When the subconscious knot of emotions and astral spirits that create the body of pain remain unknown, unexamined and uncontrolled, the individual is unable to adequately deal with it. The body of pain must become a tangible entity, perceived by the ego, in order for it to be controlled. When the body of pain is active, it is a sign that you are not conscious enough to keep from reacting to life from the place of pain. In this instance, Harmonyum acts as a very powerful neutralizing agent.

     There are two types of memory: psychological memory, which is a combination of old impressions, likes and dislikes and prejudices that come from the seven karmic influences; and technical memory, which is the knowledge of how things work, or scientific knowledge. It is our psychological memory that can become an obstacle as the seeker attempts to realize reality. Since the human mind is like a monkey, jumping from one subject to another, it becomes a hindrance to the recognition of reality unless it is brought to rest. The mind is elusive. It can make Heaven of hell and hell of Heaven. Ignorance is the fundamental cause for bondage and misery. So long as the mind experiences agitation as the repetitive process of attachment, fear, jealousy, and guilt and hatred preside, inner peace and harmony cannot be established. Understand that emotions such as fear expose the boundary where the human being has diverged from God. However, if one arrives at the proper, pure thought, fear is transformed into a rational force. Those who think wisely do not fear. When there is attachment, fear, jealousy, guilt and hatred, then love and freedom cease to exist. To be spiritually awake means to be aware of every movement of thought. If we are watchful, if we are consciously observant, then our mind no longer gets caught in the loop of fear and frustration. In turn, it is possible to reach the state of sweet silence that is the basis for discovering Divinity. Harmonyum and Naam Yoga meditation are essential in this regard.

     Harmonyum grants awareness, which is the greatest agent for change. Harmonyum causes you to be aware of the body of pain so that you can easily recognize it when the pain lashes out. You will see it coming and know that it is not you, but rather, the body of pain becoming active. You will realize that the only constant is change and that, therefore, whatever it is that you are going through shall pass. As a result, you will recover more quickly from the active body of pain. Harmonyum actually grants the level of healing awareness that allows you to break the strength of the body of pain. Harmonyum accomplishes this by causing the spirits of the underworld, or complexes of ideas inhabiting the deeper strata of consciousness that make up the body of pain, to be evoked from the darkness so that they can be neutralized. Our body of pain is then controlled because it is brought under the dominion of our will and consciousness. The destructive astral spirits that make up the body of pain cease to be independent astral spirits roaming the astral world, or partial systems dwelling in the unconscious, disrupting our conscious life. The body of pain is constructively aligned, or brought back into our personality. In turn, the seven negative karmic influences become a useful, integral part of our psyche, rather than outlaws who threaten our psychic unity and integrity. Harmonyum, then, is a return to integrated wholeness. Wholeness is a return to identification with the origin of creation, a return to the contemplation of the field of consciousness itself, a return to what we refer to as God. Our job is to use the Harmonyum Healing System to neutralize the body of pain so that the physical body can become a vehicle for the body of light. You can gain the highest spiritual strength when you emerge from your self-destructive behavior. The depth of your strength will determine the depth of your genuineness. Understand, you cannot expand your body of light unless you neutralize your body of pain. By neutralizing the body of pain, you expand the body of light and allow the spirit to come in to animate the physical body and illuminate matter.

     Many yogis have mastered the physical body, yet have no idea what to do with the body of pain. They can stand on their heads for days, yet they move through life irresponsibly. They justify their irresponsibility by claiming that they are having a spiritual experience. This is incorrect. We are spiritual beings having a human experience, not human beings having a spiritual experience; being spiritual means taking responsibility in the material realm. In other words, do the right thing. If God wanted you in Heaven, you would have stayed there. He sent you to Earth to learn about Earth.

     Purify your body of pain making purity the foundation of your physical life. Your very health depends on your inner purity and external cleanliness. Purity of the body of pain leads to purity of ideas. It follows then, that if we want to be free, impurity has to be thrown out. You cannot claim to believe in God when you do not observe the most basic cleanliness in the physical world by cleansing your body of pain. Physical cleanness, mental purity and spiritual purity are all necessary to achieve absolute Purity in your entire life. If you want to be healthy and happy, purify your body of pain and let every feeling, thought and action be permeated with the idea of purity. This is the only way you will receive the blessings of God. Do not occupy any area of your being with negativity. Purify your body of pain, and prove that you are a person of dignity and respect, inner strength and might. Purify your body of pain so that you may prove who you truly are.

     Those who do not neutralize their body of pain obscure the horizon of their sky in the same way as the clouds obscure the Sun. An active body of pain causes the sky of life to be cloudy. If you want to rid your sky of clouds, you have to serve God by learning the Divine Spiritual Wisdom, respect yourself by neutralizing your body of pain and love your neighbor by being tolerant, forgiving, kind and desirous to be of service. Follow this formula: Serve your spirit that guides you. Respect your soul that contains everything valuable in itself. Love your body because it is the shrine of the Almighty God. If you treat yourself accordingly, you will have a clear idea of God and then everything will become possible. Purity of the body of pain is followed by sanctity. Sanctity leads to service. Indeed, when you neutralize your body of pain and learn the Divine Spiritual Wisdom, you cannot do anything else but serve. After service comes Love. If you do not know how to serve, you cannot possibly know how to love. If you do not know how to love, you cannot possibly know how to learn. Without the ability to learn, freedom will elude you.

     Those who are truly happy have neutralized their body of pain and caused the Sun to shine in their lives. Remember that good clothes acquire value only when worn by a wise person. Opportunities come to those who have purified their body of pain. If you cannot free yourself of the impurity of your body of pain, opportunities will remain sealed, and you will not be able to access them. Those who have neutralized their body of pain and live lives according to the Divine Spiritual Wisdom feel themselves infused with uplifting energy, new life and spiritual growth. Those who live according to their body of pain, or seven negative karmic influences, exhaust their resources. They are afraid of the future and do not understand the meaning of life. They build their house on quicksand, living without principles and provoking all manner of trouble. The wise among us, however, neutralize the body of pain and build houses on the rock of the Divine Spiritual Wisdom. Strong winds and raging floods may come, but they cannot destroy the house of such a man or woman.

     When we purify our body of pain, we go through the fire much like the mother who suffers under the labors of childbirth until her baby arrives. There is a law of unity in Nature, which is honored in all areas of life. For example, if we consider knowledge, we will see that there is a unity between all its parts. In this case, true knowledge is that which can serve as a source of inspiration, support and light. Knowledge that is neither an inspiration nor light or aid is nothing more than a burden. Knowledge is the greatest good that God can give, and it is via knowledge that one should evaluate equally both the small and great thoughts, feelings and actions. Having great knowledge, the sage evaluates equally both the small and the great things. God evaluates both the Sun and the human being. The Sun hides powerful forces, but God renders the same value to it as to the human being.

     Purify your body of pain, understand the spiritual laws and apply them properly. Gain a genuine understanding of the Universe and gain mastery over yourself. Universal Kabbalah provides us with a direct method of finding the truth. These teachings allow us to drop the veil of egoism and awaken our intuitive wisdom. Only when we realize through Universal Kabbalah and Naam Yoga that we are essentially divine can we attain spiritual liberation and deliverance. During our spiritual practice, both the subjective and the objective are blended together to bring the mind to a state of absolute silence and meditative awareness. Through this lens, we are able to view things in a comprehensive manner. In short, working with Naam Yoga meditation is the divine art of observing one’s mind without any interference of thought. In that space of total observation, there is only the emptying of all the images that thought has put together and the realization that there is no division between the observer and the observed. The ego is rendered inoperative, and duality becomes nonexistent. Naam Yoga meditation is the golden means whereby the conditioned mind becomes unconditioned. Its aim is to help us transcend the ego sense so we are able to turn our consciousness toward that which is eternal. It allows us to penetrate and observe our thoughts without emotional involvement. (For more information about Naam Yoga, please refer to The Code of the Masters.)

     Harmonyum healing combined with Naam Yoga meditation is the highest method for neutralizing the body of pain, while causing the divine source that prevails through you to project the light of God. As a result, all darkness goes away. Wherever you go, there shall be light, love and fulfillment. Harmonyum is the science of neutralizing the body of pain, so as to strengthen the radiance and give expanded life and capacity.

In Love, in Peace and in Light,

The Rootlight Team

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