Preventing Heart Attacks and
Reversing Disease with Harmonyum

from Universal Kabbalah Master Joseph Michael Levry

Dear friends and beloved members,

You can use Naam Yoga Mudra Therapy with Harmonyum Healing to prevent heart attacks and cure heart problems and other diseases that stem from imbalanced living. The heart supports, builds and repairs the body. Therefore, we must not only care for the heart on a daily basis but also know how to help others in acute situations. In this complex time, heart attacks can happen to people at any time. Unfortunately, many are sometimes afflicted with the tell tale symptoms - severe chest pain that radiates into the arm and jaw - when they are alone. Without help, the heart stops beating properly and the individual begins to feel faint. With approximately 10 seconds until consciousness is lost, what can be done?

     Victims of an impending heart attack can help themselves by coughing repeatedly, about every 2 seconds, and vigorously. A deep breath should be taken prior to each cough, and the cough must be deep and prolonged. As you do the above, mentally repeat the Naam, Eck Ong Kar Sat Nam Siri Wahey Guru, found on the 2nd track of the "Seal of Higher Destiny" CD, and the heavens will come through for you. Deep breaths pump oxygen into the lungs and coughing movements squeeze the heart so that the blood continues to circulate. The squeezing pressure on the heart also helps it regain normal rhythm. Heart attack victims who employ this technique can buy themselves enough time to get to a hospital. While you are coughing the way described above, if you can do the heart mudra as shown in the book, "The Code of the Masters," you may start reversing the heart problem. This is a life-saving method that everyone should know about.

     Furthermore, the five heart mudras known to Naam yogis will soothe, nurture and strengthen the heart in order to avoid or heal any problems associated with its disturbance. You can use one of the five most powerful heart mudras of the human race to clean arteriosclerotic blockages, stimulate the immune system, and clean toxins from the cardiovascular and cellular systems and organs of the body. Time has shown that they are a safe and proven alternative to rid the body of illnesses traced to toxic build-up in the body. Illness results when the equilibrium of the five elemental forces in the body is disturbed. Such internal disturbance, and the resulting illness, is created through improper lifestyle and dietary habits. We all know that living an imbalanced life is stressful to the body. Imbalance comes in the form of the food we eat and our habits, as well as through unwholesome spiritual, mental and emotional thoughts and practices. Indeed, this can be as toxic to your physical body as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day or consuming excessive amounts of alcohol. During the course of Naam yoga teacher training, students learn over 500 mudras that are applicable to all kinds of health problems. Keep in mind, that you can use the five royal mudras found in "The Code of the Masters" (p. 49) to maintain your health.

     In addition to Naam Yoga Mudra Therapy, the Harmonyum Healing System, which also works with the body's natural processes, can be employed to accelerate the healing process. Harmonyum can help restore proper balance by taking care of the agents of self-created disease. According to the sacred science, the individual is both the cause and the cure of his/her state of health or disease. In other words, we are fully responsible for causing and curing disease. Therefore, the Harmonyum recipient is a full participant in the process. We need to synchronize our energy with the rhythm of nature, for rhythm is the sign of life that produces an incomparable ecstasy. The wonders of Nature operate with exactitude by following a divine order and rhythm. Nature's harmonious order is apparent in the movement of the planets, the workings of the sun and moon, and the blooming of the spring flower. Rhythm is innate in man. Our successes and failures, health and disease, rights and wrongs, can all be linked to a change in rhythm. Indeed, every rhythm has a certain effect on the physical and mental bodies, as well as one's affairs. A rhythmic break in one of the bodily systems causes what we call disease. This is the first principle we must understand: illness is nothing more than a rhythmic disharmony that leads to mental, emotional and/or physical disturbance. Disharmony and illness attract additional disharmony and illness. When we synchronize with nature, however, the harmony of divine rhythm enters our lives. Harmonyum brings synchronicity between us and nature.

     One can create harmony in the body, mind, spirit and affairs in various ways. First, we must pay attention to our external life. Choices we make with regard to the food we eat, the people we associate with, the work we do, and the environment in which we live, all play a role in creating or reducing harmony. Keep in mind that the choices you make must work for you. In other words, the same choices may make one person well and another ill. By understanding this principle, you can both create beneficial circumstances and inoculate yourself against that which you cannot escape.

     Secondly, as human beings we must work to neutralize our seven karmic influences. Until the age of seven, we live in innocence. After the age of seven, we have the ability to be stained because the pineal gland stops secreting fully. Once we hit the age of fifteen, we are capable of breaking the laws of nature. The level of self-correction and self-purification necessary to create lasting harmony and self-healing can occur when we learn the sacred science of Universal Kabbalah, neutralize our destructive patterns, and ask for the grace that prevents us from making additional mistakes. Purification is accomplished by union with the true law of our being. In other words, purification is accomplished by getting closer to our being. One must feel in order to truly make reparations. Those who feel nothing only stain themselves. The sweetest of joys is to feel that God can wed with the Divine Spiritual Wisdom in us, or rather that without Him wisdom can never enter us, nor can He enter without wisdom. Man has no other mystery than his/her own being, and a mystery is only that which is veiled. The impressions our planetary bodies make on us are designed to exercise our soul during its term of penitence, to prompt us towards the eternal truths shown beneath a veil, and to lead us to recover what we have lost. The seven karmic influences we undergo are our crosses when we remain beneath them, but they become ladders of ascent full of light when we rise above them. We must begin by healing ourselves with the Divine Spiritual Wisdom whose purpose is nothing less than our elevation, then it will be possible to know and heal others.

     Harmonyum is the highway that leads to harmony. Receiving Harmonyum is essential for maintaining proper health, as it purifies the system. It can be used to cure heart problems, arthritis, gastro-intestinal disorders, asthma, diabetes and other nervous disorders. Moreover, receiving Harmonyum causes positive changes in the electromagnetic activity of the brain, which eases mental disorders of all kinds, including depression and addiction, enhances concentration and memory, imparts wisdom and intelligence, and cures insomnia. Harmonyum energizes the system, and treatments are particularly helpful for those who feel nervous, stressed, tired and weak. Harmonyum can aid with a difficult labor and delivery process, regulate body weight, enhance physical beauty, and make the system more resistant to viruses. Harmonyum lends the recipient feelings of courage, strength, peace and tranquility. After a treatment, the eyes shine with the brightness of a life current that is circulating through the body optimally.

     Harmonyum is a practice that sets the entire mechanism of the body and mind in rhythm while soothing the heart. Harmonyum regulates the breath. Respiration is a key system in the creation of harmony, because it links the mind, body and soul, and succeeds in keeping rhythm each and every moment. All strength and energy is maintained by breath, the sign of life. As Harmonyum works to regulate the breath, it causes us to feel the sweetness of our faithful guide. If we profit by these first graces, we shall taste those of the pure spirit, then those of the Holy Spirit and those of the Supreme Sanctity, and, lastly, in the interior man we shall behold the All. Harmonyum protects us from our destructive patterns by awakening within us a salutary feeling, that we ourselves are the only beings of whom we need be afraid on earth, even as God is the one nature who has reason to fear only that which is not Himself.

     Each of us has a tone, which is the sunlight fluid, regulated by breath. A lack of sunlight fluid circulating in the body indicates a weakness or blockage that attracts and can cause illness. We must keep moving, as all manner of mental, emotional and physical decay and disease can be traced to congestion. Thoughts of love, peace and light keep the sunlight fluid moving through the body, thereby bringing health. When the harmony of thought is broken, the mind becomes congested. Doubt, distrust, memory loss, depression, distress and despair are the result and the individual can only see darkness. Proper circulation of sunlight fluid balances the thoughts so that darkness is neutralized. Understand that the regulation of one's thoughts and emotions is crucial to health and well-being. The person whose moods are influenced from moment to moment, who allows himself or herself to be manipulated by everyone with whom he/she comes into contact, cannot keep the tone that encourages equilibrium and health. Such sensitivity causes a change in bodily tone. The body revolts against the different note and illness results. Conversely, when one vibrates their own personal note, according to their particular evolution, then they are themselves and are tuned to the pitch that is most comfortable for them. Harmonyum tunes you to your own healing tone.

     During the Harmonyum Training, practitioners will be taught various Kabbalistic ways of using a simple gold coin, in addition to other spiritual remedies, meditations, mudras and advanced self-healing techniques to rejuvenate the body and keep disease away. The body is the most sacred instrument God has made for His divine purpose. If it is kept in tune and the strings are not allowed to become loose, then this instrument becomes the means of that harmony for which God created man. Once rhythm has been lost, it must be regained with great wisdom. Sudden efforts to regain wisdom may backfire and result in additional loss, and even a complete break. If one's rhythm is broken, one's self is broken. Think of it like this: someone tuning a violin takes great pains, through gradual tuning, not to break the strings. Patience and strength must be employed. External cures are not true cures. The spirit must be cured and the rhythm of the mind must be brought into order, otherwise the mark of illness will remain. The individual will cling to the depression, fears and disappointments that make illness return. In order to play our best part in this life, we must work with Harmonyum and practice the yoga of Naam so as to keep our tone and rhythm in good condition. In so doing, we will achieve fulfillment of our life's purpose.

In Love, in Peace and in Light,

The Rootlight Team



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