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About the company, teachings and Joseph Michael Levry (Gurunam).

The Company

Rootlight, Inc., founded by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, is the realization of a vision for worldwide educational outreach. Its purpose is to provide practical and meaningful instruction that guides you onto the path of true happiness and a fulfilling life. The connection between Divine Spiritual Wisdom and the daily choices that shape a life of grace and achievement are taught through a multitude of offerings that touch mind, body and soul. Among these teaching tools are: CDs, books, an instructional DVD, self-study courses, online classes, workshops, trainings, special events as well as the rootlight.com website featuring a library of Mr. Levry’s newsletters, lecture downloads and other instructional selections. Rootlight’s ongoing mission is to serve and support the total well-being of individuals everywhere by revealing sacred truths that have the power to transform through music, mantra, mudra, sacred writings, yoga practice, consultation and lecture.

The Teachings

Divine Spiritual Wisdom is a unique science combining Universal Kabbalah and Naam Yoga. The practice of Universal Kabbalah will open your heart and awaken your spirit while the practice of Naam Yoga will rejuvenate your body, mind and soul. These powerful traditions provide a seamless understanding of life that permits each individual to move successfully through any circumstance. An ideal life can be achieved as you transform your being and environment with strength, wisdom and virtue. Ultimately, through knowledge of self, we master self, and by the improvement of self we improve humankind. Divine Spiritual Wisdom rests on the pillars of truth and love and sparks transformation through the catalysts of hope and faith.

Dr. Joseph Michael Levry (Gurunam)

Dr. Joseph Michael Levry is a dedicated teacher, world-renowned yogi, mystic, author, producer of sacred music, and international lecturer on the topics of self-healing, practical spirituality and self-actualization. Having extensive training as an engineer and in the esoteric arts and sciences, Dr. Levry has developed a unique, practical system of self-healing called NAAM YOGA®, which unites many spiritual doctrines of the East with Western mysticism, healing arts and yogic practices.
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