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Complete Love: The Missing Piece

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Harmonyum Healing Levels I & II Training Weekend

with Dr. Joseph Michael Levry

October 3-6, 2013 | Prague, CZ

Join us in Prague, CZ for a powerful four-day Harmonyum training weekend with world renowned Yogi, mystic and Universal Kabbalah Master, Dr. Joseph Michael Levry. Open the universal panacea by learning the highest methods of healing and diagnosis, understanding the intricate union of the physical and spiritual bodies, and gaining true insight into the root cause of all chronic conditions. Through purity of heart, practitioners of Harmonyum are able to assist in profound and permanent healing by reestablishing the harmonious flow of love in the body. This healing application of Divine Spiritual Wisdom is an art and a science that is designed for the infinite capacity of the heart. Harmonyum activates the seed atom of the soul with the Divine and Heavenly Fire so that its static condition can be transformed into one of kinetic activity, leading man to transformation, rebirth and complete regeneration. During this undeniably transformative weekend you'll have the opportunity to experience hands on instruction, practice sessions and advanced group meditation to activate the healing source within.


Testimonials from Clients and Practitioners

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What is Harmonyum Healing

The golden key to efficient, therapeutic treatment of a harmonious nature is to change the rate of vibratory energy functioning throughout the entire physical body so that it becomes what it was first decreed by God when He said that man would become a living soul because he had the Breath of Life within his physical body. Harmonyum is a Divine, non-invasive healing tratment that assists in raising the body's vital energy and rate of vibration in a way that cannot occur with medicines, herbal extracts, drugs or manmade substances. Just as water nourishes your skin and organs, Harmonyum nourishes the life within you, causing it to flourish and awaken faculties within you that you never knew existed. It is the reservoir from which health, peace and happiness emanate, vivifying your life and correcting all negativity and dysfunctions in your being.

We often hear that the body exists in a fragile state, is prone to illness, and can simply wear out through illness or neglect. While it is true that we should care for ourselves proactively so that we do not fall ill, the human body is in fact a sensitive, evolved temple that is able to repair itself completely. Harmonyum Healing enhances our body's digestive, nervous and immune functions so that our self-healing mechanisms can kick into gear, diminishing the cycle of disease.

l Harmonyum clears the mind of negative thoughts and brings harmony to one's feelings and emotions.

l Facilitates accelerated recovery following an injury, illness, surgery, stress, fatigue and more.

l Creates a powerful buffer to highly demanding and/or chaotic situations and gives you the ability to remain calm and collected in times of increased stress.

l Harmonyum is one of the rare healing systems that allows the recipient to disconnect from the negative genetic traits that may be present in their family line.


Complete Love is the Missing Piece to Permanent Healing

"It is vital for a growing child to experience complete love from their parents. From the beginning of life in the womb to the first few years after birth, the child must receive total and complete love. If for some reason there is a gap, or lack of complete love, complementary love must be given in order to fill the gap. This is very important because the person feels what is missing, but finds it difficult to express or relate their need for love, even at the latest stages of life. Most people cannot share this inner feeling of inadequacy and longing, even though it is ever present in their lives. People are looking everywhere for the missing love, but cannot find it because in most cases they do not know or even understand what is missing. They search the world, going from ashram to ashram, seeking spiritual initiation or following religious cults and engaging in unhealthy love relationships and all forms of addiction. This missing piece is at the root of all unhealthy relationships and emotional disturbances. Harmonyum is one of the rare healing systems that not only heals you, but most importantly, brings this missing love. Harmonyum gives you Divine Love to make up for the missing love. It seals the gap and makes the person whole."
-Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, Harmonyum Healing Training in Switzerland, Oct. 2010


What You Can Expect During the Training Weekend

Join Universal Kabbalah and Harmonyum Master, Dr. Joseph Michael Levry for the first training in our international headquarters, Naam Yoga LA, our new healing and research center in Santa Monica, CA. Open the universal panacea by learning the highest methods of healing in this powerful, healing and transformational four-day Harmonyum training weekend. 


Sample Itinerary





Opening Meditation & Lecture



"The Art and Science of Healing and the Secret to a Permanent Cure" Lecture


Lecture and Group Meditation to Expand Your Vessel of Light
Lunch Break at 12:00pm
Dinner break at 5:00pm



Harmonyum I Technique


"Activating the Healing Source Within" Lecture, Meditation
and P
ractice Sessions


7 Creative Planets
Healing Mudra Series
Spiritual Anatomy of the Spine
Group Meditation
Lunch Break at 12:00pm
Dinner break at 5:00pm



Harmonyum I Practice Sessions


Harmonyum II Technique
and Practice Sessions


Special Circumstances Lecture
The Seed Sounds
The Electro-Magnetic Field

Group Meditation
Lunch Break at 12:00pm
Dinner break at 5:00pm



Harmonyum II Practice Sessions


Final Q & A
Group Meditation



Role of Harmonyum Practitioners
Final Lecture and
Special Closing Group Meditation
Lunch Break at 12:00pm
15 min. Break at 3:30pm



Registration Information

Registration Price: $1,350 if paid-in-full by September 15th.
Association members please call to register.

Note: As the healing science of Harmonyum is continuously evolving, this training will allow students the opportunity to learn the latest forms of the Harmonyum I & II techniques, including their specialized applications.

Date & Time: October 3-6, 2013.

Location: TBA

Registration: Register online by clicking below. For questions, please contact +1 646 291 6174 or email ProsŪm kontaktujte Kateřinu Kolihova na nebo 734 480 033.



Have a question? Speak to a Harmonyum Healing Training Team Member by calling
1 (310) 751-7550 (USA) or 734 480 033 (Prague). You can also email us here.


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