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Shakti Naam Masterclass

with Dr. Joseph Michael Levry

June 8 in Miami, FL | $45 Ticket

This is a very empowering class. It will connect you with the eternal Light of your Spirit so that you may gracefully ride the path to your highest Destiny. This class will nurture your life force, that ocean of energy that gives life to your being. You will receive direct access to this advanced form of yoga, hardly known to the western world, featuring exercises designed to tone and recalibrate the entire nervous system. The essential focus will be on resetting and fine tuning the body's self-healing mechanisms by aligning them with your innate blueprint for optimal health and wellbeing. Not only will you leave the class feeling positively invigorated and renewed, you will be strengthened in your resolve to follow your heart in the service of your highest calling in this life. Join us as we come together in the Spirit of Love, with our beloved teacher, to heal and bless the Earth.

Time: Saturday, June 8, 3:00-5:00pm (on-site registration at 2:30pm)

Price: $45

Location: Miami Beach Convention Center Hall A, 1901 Convention Center Dr Miami Beach, FL 33139. Entrance on Washington Ave, bet 19th and 20th St.

Parking: Public parking is available at the 17th Street garage for $1/hr. The convention center lot is also available at $15/day.

Space is limited. Please register early.


Please bring any form of ID and emailed receipt with you to the event.
Have a question? Contact our team at 1 (888) 852-2100 or by email.


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