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Naam Yoga Therapies Training Level III

Advanced Course on the Psychotherapeutic Application of Universal Kabbalah and Naam Yoga Therapies

taught by Joseph Michael Levry, PhD, DD

Weekend I - November 11-14, 2010 | Weekend II - February 4-6, 2011

Weekend III - April 7-10, 2011 at Universal Force Healing Center

Taught by Universal Kabbalah Master, Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, this long awaited training, the capstone to levels I and II, is an illumination and a journey into the high teachings of Universal Kabbalah with a focus on the strictly adhered to tradition of Kabbalistic teaching methodology. As demonstrated in the Si Trei Torah, the actual method for presenting and teaching this sacred wisdom is as important as, if not more important than, the knowledge itself. For by transmitting the teachings in adherence to spiritual law, the student is able to fully receive, and in turn, be healed by the wisdom. That is why this training was not only designed for Naam Yoga teachers to deepen their knowledge of Divine Spiritual Wisdom, but indeed, master the sacred art of teaching.


The tides of this Age are quickly turning and as we move toward 2012, many men and women will enter into the dark labyrinth of the core of their heart. This karmic time is the age of love, wisdom and truth, bringing with it an abundance of Light for spiritual growth and self-healing. As a result, it will give you the opportunity to acknowledge your power and recognize your Divinity. There is, however, another side to this. When you truly look at yourself in the mirror, under the light of Truth for the first time, you come into contact with the shadow, your body of pain, and that is what you must endure and neutralize. The body of pain brings wisdom and opportunities for growth, self-love and self-healing by causing us to face and triumph over our fears and self-imposed limitations. As a result of this karmic age and the activation of the body of pain, many people at this moment in time are approaching a point of despair in their life. During this Descent of the Clouds, many individuals will be forced to confront their body of pain in such a way that they will experience great difficulty in their ability to free themselves from its grasp. This wave of depression and darkness will become increasingly intense. Many people will come to you for the first time, seeking solace and healing from the turbulence of their lives and in their hearts. Therefore, it is important for you to learn this wisdom so as to fortify yourself so that you may be prepared for this rush because it will be difficult and even overwhelming to be called upon by so many, so quickly and so often. Now, more than ever before, individuals will suffer from depression, fatigue, fear and emptiness. A lack of direction and a general dissatisfaction in their jobs will force many to change their careers. They may even seek escape and release from life. This course will give you the tools and understanding to not only allow you to accommodate the needs of those individuals who may enter into this state of being, but also offer true and lasting relief to their suffering.


Throughout the Ages, the great mystics and initiates of the past have always been revered and honored for their sacred role as Teachers. This course will bestow upon you the capacity to see and know those things that others cannot see and do not yet know so that you may become a benefactor of mankind. This unprecedented training will give you the condensed form of the whole of the Divine Spiritual Wisdom, carrying you across the turbulent ocean of worldly challenges with grace, and cause the God of incomparable beauty, who fulfills our hopes and aspirations, to sit in your heart.


Introduction to Training Curriculum and Topic Overview


The Body of Pain
The body of pain is the animal in us that causes us to act and react, creating tragedy in our lives. Normally, all of the power of God is in the spirit. However, the spirit of man needs perfect conditions in order to manifest. While the physical body is the most perfect instrument made by God, it cannot provide the perfect conditions because it is encumbered by the body of pain. In other words, the body of light cannot use the physical body as a vehicle to manifest the strength and light of the spirit so long as the body of pain is active. Our freedom lies in the realization that every human being is a ray of the Sun and a representative of God. As such, our potential self is unlimited. By taking this training you will deepen your knowledge of the Divine Spiritual Wisdom and your practice of Naam Yoga meditation so that you may understand the inner meaning of life and neutralize your body of pain. In turn, you are able to cultivate tolerance, kindness and forgiveness for others, as well as respect for self.


The Divine Seed
During this course, the high truths which will liberate you from that which you may have imposed upon yourself, your body, your relationships and your reality will be gracefully and safely revealed. They will enable you to see the presence of the Divine in all things, in all reality, from the cells of your physical structure to the nature of your weaknesses, from the shortcomings of your life to the perfection and potential of your existence. During the course of this training, you will receive a condensed form of the whole of the Divine Spiritual Wisdom, the high teachings of all Initiates, in the hope that this Divine seed may take root in your soul, and with time and dedication, be nurtured to its full, infinite potential, so that the Lord of the most High may bless you, His piety warm you and His love preserve you. This remarkable training will bestow upon you the wisdom of the three worlds, the wisdom of this Age and beyond. It is the wisdom of the future. It will show you how to help yourself, your loved ones, and everyone who may cross your path, so that you may become a blessing to the world, a living sun through which Heaven shines its healing rays of hope, strength, power, intelligence and beauty. By working with this heavenly wisdom it will become your intuitive knowledge, giving you the intelligence, peace and love to live life with clarity, health and fulfillment regardless of circumstance.

Practical Spiritual Tools to Face Life's Challenges Gracefully

During this course you will not only learn new, never before taught meditations and advanced healing techniques but also receive the spiritual tools that will allow you to transform challenging situations into tremendous opportunities for growth, healing and success for yourself and your loved ones. Through the application of advanced Kabbalistic numerology you will gain the keen ability to predict the outcome of an action before committing to its course, allowing you to avoid pitfalls and minimize destructive situations. Universal Kabbalah and Naam Yoga will carry you across the turbulent ocean of worldly challenges with grace, and cause the God of incomparable beauty, who fulfills our hopes and aspirations to sit in your heart. It will show you how to merge with the Verbum, which is the mightiest and most potent form of power, for it is the Spirit of the Living God. With practice, that power goes to work for you.

Spirituality as Integrative Therapy
Naam Yoga Therapies Training Level III will elevate the integrative approach of mind body medicine to as yet unattained heights of specificity and efficacy. Now, more than ever, the human mind needs spiritual help and guidance. Through its combination of Naam Yoga and Universal Kabbalah with its rich tradition of Divine Spiritual Wisdom, practitioners of Naam Yoga will have the rare knowledge to be able to prescribe Naam Yoga programs to treat the root cause of any imbalance so that the student may restore harmony to their body, mind and soul. As a special bonus, during this training you will learn how to use the advanced art and science of mudras or hand symbols to drink the pure prana of the universe in the Lord's Name so that your ten trillion cells may become imbued with the Love of the Lord.


When You Heal a Person's Heart You Heal Their Whole Being

Open your heart fully and let the living power of the Universe fill your being with strength and vitality so that you may become a true servant of Heaven. During this third and final training, you will be prepared to lead the world as the highest example of Love, Wisdom and Truth. You will learn how to bring complete healing to a personís heart and awaken them to their Divine potential. By working with these teachings, you can project your constructive vibrations and healing light into the farthest reaches of space, so as to help, comfort, enlighten and heal all. It will not matter the circumstances surrounding their troubles, you will be prepared to guide and/or carry them through it.

A New Level of Spiritual Awareness
Through conscious use of your higher self, you become open to a deeper level of awareness. In essence, the brain recalls the guidance of the soul; the human mind becomes aware of itself as an infinitely vaster and wiser source of spiritual understanding than it had ever experienced. You begin to connect with your own innate higher wisdom and to recognize that the Divine works through humankind and all living things throughout the universe. Let Time serve you. It is only when you know truth that the truth can set you free. The truth has to live and move within you, becoming the authentic experience of your life. Then you know the true meaning of freedom of heart, mind and spirit.
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Weekend I Curriculum, November 11 - 14, 2010
Part I - Advanced Kabbalah and the Science of Seeing the Unseen
l Kabbalistic Numerology l Predictions and the Wheel of the Torah

l Law of Correspondences l The Kabbalah of Love Relationships
l Illumination and Spiritual Power l Working with the Auric Field
l Experiencing Daily Life on a Higher Level l Discovering Your Hidden Gifts

l Maximizing the Power of the Brain and Developing Intuitive Intelligence
l Working with the Egregore l Manifesting Your Highest Destiny


Weekend II Curriculum, February 4 - 6, 2011
Part II - The Kabbalistic and Yogic Tradition of Teaching
l Learning How to Customize a Practice for Groups and Clients

l Advanced Mantras and Meditations for Spiritual Growth l Ritual and Theurgy
l Advanced Therapeutic Application of Hand Seals l Soul-work
l The A-Z Panacea of Remedies, Exercises and Healing Techniques from Kabbalah and Naam Yoga  l Mentoring and Individual Guidance l Naam Coaching
Corporate Counseling l Group Teaching l The Gift of Community Healing
Healthy Teacher's Boundaries l Leadership l Overcoming Challenges


Weekend III Curriculum, April 7 - 10, 2011
Part III - Transcending Disease and Suffering
l Creating Naam Yoga Prescriptions and Remedies l Transforming the Karmic Path into the Cosmic Path of Light and Wisdom l Spiritual Nourishment and the Needs of the Physical Body l Universal Kabbalah Understanding of the Cause of Sickness and Suffering and How to Release Oneself from this Cycle 


Part IV - The Kabbalah of Aging, Death and Transition
The Gift of a Light Filled Transition and the Hereafter, includes a Formal Training by Hospice Care Workers for Entry Level Certification in Hospice Volunteerism and Teaching and Supporting Family, Friends and the Dying as a Teacher and as a Part of the Community.


Required Prerequisites: Due to the advanced nature of the material presented in this course, this training is only open to Naam Yoga teachers and/or Harmonyum practitioners. To register you must have completed one or more of the following preparatory and/or foundational courses: Naam Yoga Therapies Level I or II, Harmonyum Healing Level I/II or III. 


Become Certified as a Practitioner of Naam Yoga Therapies at the Advanced Level (500 hour): Students who have completed the following training programs are eligible to apply for advanced level certification at the 500 hour level:

l Naam Yoga Level 1 (certificate)
l Naam Yoga Level 2 (certificate of completion)
l Naam Yoga Level 3 (certificate of completion)
l Naam Yoga Therapies: The Kabbalah of Birth and Beyond (certificate of completion)

To apply for certification as a 500 hour Naam Yoga Therapies Practitioner, teachers will need to submit the certificates listed above to the Universal Force International Naam Yoga Association. More information on this process will be provided during the Naam Yoga Therapies Level III program. For more information, please contact


Price: $3,900
Click to view the Universal Force Cancellation and Refund Policy.


Location and Registration: This training is offered by Universal Force Healing Center in New York City. To register, please click below for online registration or call the center directly at (917) 606-1730 or (646) 257-4852 to register by phone. Please note the online registration form will open in a new window.

Dates Subject to change. Please call before purchasing travel tickets.




Please bring your emailed receipt / registration confirmation with you to the training.
We recommend that you call to confirm dates and location before purchasing airfare.
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ontact Naam Yoga NYC / Universal Force Healing Center directly
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