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Radio Interviews with Dr. Joseph Michael Levry

Enjoy these truly fascinating interviews filled with countless pearls of wisdom, inspiration and Light.


NEW! Antonio Esquinca and the Crowd Show

In this interview, Dr. Levry expands on the importance of the Summer Solstice and practicing Naam Yoga in a group. "The Summer solstice is the best time to work with Naam Yoga in order to contribute to the healing transformation of mother Earth." Dr. Levry then goes in depth on how the particular combination and permutation of sacred words in Triple Mantra develops a powerful shield of protection around you with the help of a hundred thousand angels. It is the most powerful protective thing one can wear around them. Click here to learn more about Triple Mantra. Source: Alfa 91.3 Mexico City.


NEW! The Dr. Diane Pérez Show

In this very insightful interview, Dr. Levry explains how Naam Yoga acts as a fountain of youth for the brain and gives one control of the frontal lobe, which controls our personality. He goes on to expand how vibrating Naam, or the sacred sound current, can bring harmony into one's life by stopping impulsive behavior and giving us control over our emotions. Dr. Levry also gives two healing Naam Yoga meditations for the prostate and reproductive system. Source: Radio Trece 1290am Mexico City.


The Sound of Transformation with Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith

Reverend Michael Beckwith, a spiritual leader and world renowned speaker, is the founder of the Agape International Spiritual Center. He has been featured in the documentary The Secret, and is a frequent guest on Larry King Live and the Oprah Winfrey show. He is the author of several books, including Spiritual Liberation, which won the Gold Medal Nautilus Book Award. This uplifting and inspirational interview, filled with laughter, love and countless pearls of wisdom, highlights how interconnected we all are and that the only reality in life is Love. Please share and enjoy. Source: KPFK 90.7fm Los Angeles.


Antonio Esquinca and the Crowd Show

This dynamic interview expands on the meaning of Naam and the unprecedented merging of Kabbalah and yoga. It addresses and highlights the many benefits of Triple Mantra, a special prayer used for protection. Antonio Esquinca is a popular media personality and the host of the internationally syndicated morning show, Antonio Esquinca and the Crowd. You can learn more about the Triple Mantra CD referred to in the interview here. Source: Alfa 91.3 Radio Mexico City.


Health Notes with Kinshasha Kambui

In this intimate interview, Dr. Levry discusses the hidden power of words, the spiritual art and science of Naam Yoga and the Harmonyum Healing System. "We are both the key and the door." This is a fascinating account of the infinite potential that exists within each of us and what we can do now to begin the process of awakening our Divinity. The mantras mentioned in this interview can be found on the Flow of Naam, Sounds of the Ether and Soul Trance CDs, respectively. Source: KFAI Radio.




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