The Kabbalah is the foundation stone of the Western esoteric mystery tradition, just as the Yoga Sutras, the Upanishads, the Bahagavad Gita, the Stanzas of Dyzan, and other Holy works are the foundations of Eastern traditions. In its entirety, the Kabbalah is the great body of philosophy which is associated with the Judaic mystic tradition, but was originally practiced by the ancient Egyptians.

Kabbalah is found in the Old Testament of The Bible, particularly the Pentateuch; the vast complex of astrological, alchemical, and occult symbology, the teachings of the Rose & Croix, the Masonic Myths, and the Tarot. According to tradition, the Kabbalah is the revelation of God received by humans in the earliest times through the mediation of the great Archangel nearest to God - Metatron.

Originally, the Kabbalah was considered to be so holy that it was reserved entirely as an oral tradition, that is, it had been handed down since biblical times strictly "from mouth to ear". This Web site goes beyond the theory of Kabbalah into practical application in daily life. The teachings will serve as a guide to live more authentically and effectively and manifest one's highest potential...

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The Wonders of Chanting and Prayer

In the nearly three decades of working with various spiritual technologies, I have come across thousands of prayers, meditations and methods of talking to God. While all prayers are beneficial, some are extremely helpful. And then there are prayers so infused with power, they can cause the forces of the Universe to come to the assistance of the person who works with them. More


The Universal Healing Mantra

After almost three decades of teaching and healing, I realized that I needed to formulate a universal and healing mantra especially for those plagued with health problems. I wanted to find a sacred sound that would work for anyone, in any situation, in any country, without the limitations that constant ritual and overly formalized structures often bring, especially for those restricted physically with ill health. More


Mantra Testimonials

Read about the ongoing transformational experiences others are having when they apply these teachings to their lives. More


The Prayer of Light: A Potent Prayer for All

The quality of your projection is determined by your mental vibration and your spoken words. You can use certain words to raise your frequency, elevate others and heal the planet. More


The Art of Absent Healing

The purpose of this technique is to render metaphysical healing to a person you know who is in distress. It may be a member of your family, a friend, a neighbor, or anyone who is afflicted by a physical, mental or material problem. More


Question and Answer with Gurunam

Q: Is practicing Yoga alone enough to compel my spiritual journey?
A: After almost three decades of extensive work with universal Kabbalah and Kundalini yoga guiding individuals to heal and rise from crossroads, I can honestly say that it is neither enough to practice yoga alone nor is it sufficient to work only with Kabbalah.

Wisdom Library

A compiled archive of articles regarding Universal Kabbalah and its applications in our changing world. More


Universal Kabbalah Classes, Workshops, and Intensives

part of our ongoing program at the Universal Force Healing Center in NYC


Our Ongoing Universal Kabbalah Program

Our classes, workshops & intensives provide an essential understanding for beginners and experienced yogis and Kabbalists. We offer evening classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays that are appropriate for all levels, from beginner to advanced, and provide a consistent exploration of a wide variety of vital Kabbalistic studies. 2 Hour workshops & weekend intensives explore different themes in shorter & longer doses. The Intensives are a perfect way for eager students to dive in to this knowledge! (also appropriate for all levels). All classes provide a solid background for people to evolve, raise their consciousness, and create a platform for advanced work with Gurunam. Classes are fun, informative and give students the opportunity to experience conscious growth from week to week. For more information about the program and our center click here