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Frequently Asked Questions



What is Kabbalah?

The Kabbalah is the foundation stone of the Western esoteric mystery tradition, just as the Yoga Sutras, the Upanishads, the Bahagavad Gita, the Stanzas of Dyzan, and other Holy works are the foundations of Eastern traditions. In its entirety, the Kabbalah is the great body of philosophy which is associated with the Judaic mystic tradition, but was originally practiced by the ancient Egyptians.

Kabbalah is found in the Old Testament of The Bible, particularly the Pentateuch; the vast complex of astrological, alchemical, and occult symbology, the teachings of the Rose & Croix, the Masonic Myths, and the Tarot. According to tradition, the Kabbalah is the revelation of God received by humans in the earliest times through the mediation of the great Archangel nearest to God - Metatron.

Originally, the Kabbalah was considered to be so holy that it was reserved entirely as an oral tradition, that is, it had been handed down since biblical times strictly "from mouth to ear". This Web site goes beyond the theory of Kabbalah into practical application in daily life. The teachings will serve as a guide to live more authentically and effectively and manifest one's highest potential...

Are there classes taught in Universal Kabbalah?

We offer Universal Kabbalah Classes, Workshops, and Intensives as part of our ongoing program at the Universal Force Healing Center in NYC. Our classes, workshops & intensives provide an essential understanding for beginners and experienced yogis and Kabbalists. We offer evening classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays that are appropriate for all levels, from beginner to advanced, and provide a consistent exploration of a wide variety of vital Kabbalistic studies. 2 Hour workshops & weekend intensives explore different themes in shorter & longer doses. The Intensives are a perfect way for eager students to dive in to this knowledge! (also appropriate for all levels). All classes provide a solid background for people to evolve, raise their consciousness, and create a platform for advanced work with Gurunam. Classes are fun, informative and give students the opportunity to experience conscious growth from week to week.

For more information about the program and our center click here.


Does Kabbalah have any relation to the Gnostic gospels or the Gnostic way?

The word Kabbalah, means receiving, or to receive, and refers to the fact that the entire body of knowledge that could be used for humankind to restore itself to Divinity was passed along, and "received" by our ancestors. As such, all of the divine traditions in the world which seek to serve and uplift belong as part of that teaching.

Gnosis specifically, is an aspect of the Christian trend of Kabbalah. In fact, the tree of life is a Gnostic symbol. It is one of the most potent of all symbols available to us as we transform ourselves. Understanding that in Greek, the word means knowledge, it is a path by which we are able to transform ourselves by liberating / activating the Divine Spark in each of us.

Christian Kabbalah is fantastic, very exciting, and full of rituals and often unseen/unknown meaning. In fact the famous Kabbalistic cross, which you can find in Lifting the Veil, by Joseph Michael Levry, has the same meaning as the last lines of the Famous Pater Noster.


Is Kabbalah a religion that teaches and stresses the behaviors listed in the bible, and are the members of such a religion taught to accept Christ as the son of God and as the only way to heaven?

The Kabbalah, simply stated, is the whole compendium of teachings that disclose the Laws of the Universe - all of them. This includes everything from the workings of our solar system to the basic precepts of good moral living. Those who practice the Kabbalah are encouraged to develop a strong relationship with God and to live a life equal to that which is in our hearts. Our hearts hold within us the desire to behave totally in accordance with God's Laws. Many of the civilizations that received a particular truth, a single set of laws, interwove it with their own religion and over the centuries it became known, in the minds of men, to be a part of that religion. This was the case in with the Jewish faith. Unbeknown to most, however, is that there is a Christian Kabbalah. The Universal Kabbalah is the Divine Spiritual Wisdom. It comes from a very pure lineage. Universal Kabbalah does recognize Jesus Christ as the redeemer of humanity, and welcomes all who wish to study it.


I notice that I am especially affected emotionally by the full moon and when it is waning. Are all people susceptible, and why?

The Moon has an enormous influence over us and the planet Earth. Kabbalistically speaking, there is no energy which can arrive on earth, without first going through the moon. Therefore, the conditions of the moon will determine the condition of many aspects on earth. The Moon rules over the element of water, which is constantly moving and changing, and is connected with our emotional life, which also is constantly fluctuating. The moon rules over physical water as well, such as the tides. Humans are made up of more than 70% water and as such the cycles of the moon influence the very chemistry of our being.

During a full Moon, the Sun and Moon are in opposition; many individuals feel this planetary movement tremendously. As the full moon is the culmination of 2 weeks of increasing lunar energy - it is advisable, therefore, to engage in spiritual practices during the full moon. People often feel they are in emotional flux during the period from the full Moon to the New Moon. This is the time when the moon is waning or decreasing. This is considered the best time to rid yourself of unwanted habits, diseases, or stresses - consequently, these negative manifestations are more likely to appear at this time as a subtle encouragement, or a call to spiritual practice. Consider this period an enormous opportunity to affect change for the good in your life, and it will be so through your positive thoughts and actions.

Furthermore, if one or more of your planets, especially your primary or secondary, are moon, the vibrations of the moon will play a major role in your life. This means that the people born on a Monday, for example, will be much more sensitive to the waning and waxing of the lunar tides than others. We recommend that you learn more about the moon and the sun, and your own genesis so that you may understand the true nature of the humanís relation to the heavens. Remember, anything that you want to find out about you will find out when you are on the right path, because it is your birthright.


Is it acceptable to listen to mantra CD's while doing daily chores?

It is acceptable to play mantra even while doing our regular daily activities. Cooking while playing mantra, for example, will infuse the food one prepares with Divine love which in turn will serve to heal and nourish all those that eat of it. People even love to fall asleep to mantra and find themselves awaking more refreshed and revitalized. When we are surrounded with prayer and love flows from every corner of our home, heavenly blessings begin to flow into our lives and the lives of all those that share our living space.

What can one do to dispel negativity?

Prayer is the quickest remedy. In our science there are many prayers and words of power to dispel negativity. Sat Narayan and Lumen de Lumine are two such incredibly potent prayers. There is no darkness that can exist in their presence as they invoke the highest light. Sat Narayan is found on the 2nd track of the Heavenís Touch CD and Lumen de Lumine is found on the Lumen de Lumine and Mystic Light CDs. By consciously chanting these mantras with hands on your heart in prayer pose the desired result will be obtained within minutes. When dealing with hauntings or places where terrible things have occurred these prayers are indispensable.

"When you wish to learn about the world, ask questions from your heartís desire to know, and do not be content with answers until you find inner peace from them.Ē

Joseph Michael Levry (Gurunam) 

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