Triple Mantra: Moving the Heavens for Grace and Protection

Triple Mantra gives self confidence, equilibrium and total stability to combat all adversity.

Vibrate Triple Mantra at any time, in any place, and everything that is negative, known or unknown, will leave you, even the possibility of untimely death. Whenever you feel indecisive, vulnerable or scattered within, stop and do Triple Mantra to collect yourself, so that you may connect with your Higher Self. By vibrating Triple Mantra, all the currents running through you will be brought into harmony and, whatever the circumstances, you will sense a powerful, peaceful balance within you which nothing can disturb. As soon as you vibrate Triple Mantra, the faithful servants of God in the higher world automatically take notice of you. Triple Mantra causes all the children of nature - spirits which inhabit the cities, the forests, the mountains, the oceans, the lakes, the rivers, the winds, the clouds and the sun, to come to your rescue. By vibrating Triple Mantra, an army of entities of Light arrive from every direction and crowd around you so that you may be protected, blessed and freed from confining situations.

A Story of Grace and Protection

 "When you meditate, you connect with God. The more you meditate, the more you strengthen and purify your connection." When I heard these words from Dr. Levry during the first Naam Yoga Teacher Training in Mexico, they pierced my heart like an arrow and had a profound impact on my entire being. I am thankful for the many, many blessings I received during the weekend. The tools Dr. Levry taught allow me to live in the flow of the divine. By connecting to the divinity within me, I connect to the divinity in all beings and am able to think, act and speak with more consciousness. Pranayamas, mudras and mantras - I have been using these tools for some time, but I now do so with more understanding of their meaning and impact. The weekend expanded my consciousness to the extent that I am able to put more love, gratitude and joy into my practice. Im more able to live consistently in the vibration of Naam.

On Tuesday Nov 4th, I was running late for an appointment because I had worked late. When I got into my car during rush hour, I visualized my route. With full faith in the power of meditation, I began chanting with the Rootlight Triple Mantra CD so as to break through any obstacles on the physical plane and arrive as quickly and safely as possible. At the same time, I needed to release any internal blocks and connect with my divinity; my appointment was to conclude a difficult matter and speaking from the heart would be essential. Every time traffic stopped moving, I took my hands off the steering wheel and did a mudra. As I continued along my route I arrived at a traffic light that turned red. Without hesitation, as if I was being guided by something stronger, I turned left and continued to another avenue. Just two minutes later, I heard a loud noise. At the time, I did not give it importance because I was immersed in the mantra. About 10 minutes later the person with whom I was going to meet, called me and asked where I was. He was very alarmed because a plane (Laser Jet 45) had just crashed (6:45pm) near one of the busiest intersections of Mexico City, killing all 8 passengers and wounding at least 40 others in the street and nearby office buildings. This was the avenue I had just turned off of. I was supposed to be driving right where the plane had crashed. It was then that I knew God had protected me by shifting my route. God had moved me into the correct space, away from the accident. I can only be THANKFUL for these powerful teachings; there is no other word but THANKFUL. Learning is equal to Blessing because it allows you to know what to do so that the entire universe, that creative force, takes you into the love, into the light, and into the peace of this wonderful trip that is life.

Thanks, Dr. Levry, for your presence. Thanks to all who make it possible for us to all be surrounded by blessings. -H.H.K.

There are many protective mantras in the mystical teachings of the East and West. Most of these high spiritual teachings are still kept secret and are only passed down to advanced spiritual initiates who are ready to receive them. Out of the various methods that have been made public, Triple Mantra is the simplest and most protective one you can wear around you. Where there is Triple Mantra, there is no karma. Advanced mystics know that the presence of the sound "CH" in this mantra gives to the Universal Kabbalist and Naam Yogi the ability to resolve all mysteries of the magnetic fluid in every realm. Mastery of the use of "CH" can allow the advanced student to calm the wave of the sea and cause rain. The presence of the letter "B" in this mantra gives to the Universal Kabbalist and Naam Yogi, mastery of the physical plane. Many beautiful and incredible things can be achieved with the use of the letter "B," including the control of life and death. For mystics, the letter "B" represents all laws of polarization. The energies contained in the word Aad in the beginning of this mantra are of an ascending order. Normally, in Universal Kabbalah "A" or Aleph, stands for Air. Mastery of the use of the letter "A," gives to the Universal Kabbalist and Naam Yogi absolute power over the Air element, so as to control the Spirit of Air. Through study and practice, Universal Kabbalists and Naam Yogis become masters in the healing use of the Word.

Spiritual initiates have long known that each and every articulated word, or sound, contains either positive or negative energies. When we practice Naam Yoga, we connect with sacred sound from the east or west in a specific way in order to experience its beneficial influences. Words of power such as "Lumen de Lumine," used in Naam Yoga are ideal as they contain and carry Light. By dwelling upon these divine words, you will receive spiritual nourishment. Indeed, Naam Yoga is the science of studying sounds in order to connect with the energies flowing through them and properly regulates our human organism. (From a Naam Yoga point of view, it is also important to consider the movement of the throat, tongue and lips.) If the energies of your organism are not properly distributed, you will suffer in various ways. If, on the other hand, you come to understand the law of energy transformation, you will not have to deal with darkness. In other words, it is essential that you learn how to regulate and balance the forces of your organism, control your mind and heart, direct your will, and understand the relationship between Spirit and Soul.

As mentioned above, in regard to the various methods of protection already made public, nothing is more powerful than Triple Mantra for our physical and spiritual protection. Triple Mantra enables us to control the opposing forces of nature so that we may move gracefully through time and space. Like an invincible warrior, the combination of Universal Kabbalah used to create the Rootlight Triple Mantra CD, causes it to cut through karma and destroy all threats and vulnerabilities. In accordance with the global shift in consciousness that is presently occurring, the Heavens are drawing a pentagram in such a way that they are rendering themselves neutral. This means that we, as human beings, will not be under their protection again until the year 2012. Normally, the Heavens and Earth control karma, but when the Heavens are neutral, the capacity for tremendous spiritual growth becomes available to everyone. Therefore, until the year 2012, you have the opportunity to work with the laws of nature through the wisdom that is Universal Kabbalah and Naam Yoga to open your heart, so as to rewrite your destiny for divine, spiritual and healing purposes. Now is the time when the Heavens are bestowing the opportunity for personal spiritual growth and healing. In other words, up until the year 2012 you will be able to cleanse your karma and eradicate all your darkness. This time is meant to create drastic changes in everyone's life. Indeed, a new universe is presently birthing, bringing with it a high vibrational energy, not only to earth, but to every particle of existence, every parallel universe, and every life form in this realm and others. Everywhere, we see evidence of the battle between light and darkness, between the head and the heart, as animal man struggles against the coming of the spiritual man. This is causing a separateness and dispersal of consciousness that has never before existed on earth. As a result, people are experiencing the mental, emotional and/or physical stress that is affecting relationships with friends, loved ones and oneself.

Work with Triple Mantra and discover for yourself how it heals you, removing sadness, sorrow and disease. As long as you chant Triple Mantra on this earth, you will be protected. Each time you are confronted with a challenging situation, vibrate Triple Mantra to affect time and space through your radiance, so that you may give birth to a beneficial circumstance. Triple Mantra gives self confidence, equilibrium and total stability to combat all adversity. Triple Mantra is a scientific way of relating to God through the balance, combination and permutation of sound. The whole game of spiritual acuity begins with the electromagnetic field. The moment one's magnetic field becomes Naam, the prana generated takes care of you. Triple Mantra is the simplest and greatest protective weapon a person has to overcome the damage of the past and bring in the Spirit of God.

Material vs. Spiritual Protection

The tests life presents have their purpose; namely, to move us toward eternal wisdom and the development of a strong aura so that we are able to move gracefully from the head to the heart. Through proper use of the WORD, we can do so, while strengthening the aura and taking care of the body. To this end, mantras have proven to be exceptional tools. Mantras are a very powerful combination of words which, when recited, deliver the vibratory effect of each of your molecules into the infinity of the cosmos. An incredible amount of energy is hidden in your brain. Every time you vibrate the mantras of our sacred teachings, beneficial changes take place in the brain's patterns. By vibrating Triple Mantra, these patterns can be directed to create a protective frequency around you. The words of this mantra are akin to an explosive vibration of light bombs, which, when set off, melt away all opposing force, and create the changes necessary for our psychic and material protection.

There are two methods of protection that you can employ. The first is material, and involves the wearing of amulets, protection strings, or parchments. If you lose your amulet, string, or parchment, you will find yourself in big trouble. Material protection is the inferior form, because it is limited. The second form of protection is spiritual, and turns our attention toward the unlimited Divine power. As we have already hinted, it involves the power of the WORD. There is no greater power than the power of the WORD of the Logos released in the original FIAT of creation. Without the spoken WORD no creation, alchemy, or true change is possible. It is through the power of the WORD that God communicates with mankind, and it is by your words that you will either be justified or condemned. Vibrating Triple Mantra enables you to maintain conscious awareness of God's omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence. As such it allows you to dwell in the protection of the fullness of the light, thereby making you an extension of God's own consciousness. With Triple Mantra, God's flame descends, eliminating all negativity.

The body is a combination of the five tattvas put together by the Spirit, guided by the mind, and subject to time and space. When, as a yogi and Kabbalist, you chant Triple Mantra, the creative power of the universe, the manifestation of Shakti, the God, the Ultimate, the Infinite, dwells in you through the grace and blessing of Heaven. Triple Mantra melts negativity, enemies and negative vibrations. When you chant Triple Mantra daily, you effectively prevent negativity from entering your life. Negativity behaves like a germ. Germs are all around us, but our antibodies provide protection. Similarly, the practice of Triple Mantra becomes a source of protection.

Triple Mantra and Karma

In this karmic age, the universe is working swiftly to remove the self-imposed illusions that shade and distort the ways in which we view our bodies and minds, indeed the entirety of our reality. All adversity and misfortune, including that which affects one's health and relationships, are the result of karma. During our current and previous lives, or stays on Earth, our thoughts, feelings, and actions invoke the reactive laws of nature that, in turn, directly impact both the individual and those in his or her surroundings. The present and future are forever engaged in a dance of causality. Thus, the deeds of the past become the karma of the present. Negative mental attitudes and irresponsible behavior can lead to unnecessary struggles and are the primary reasons we get stuck at the crossroads that life produces.

Some people experience difficult karma throughout their lives, while for others it is only periodic. The sacred sciences of universal Kabbalah and Naam Yoga can be used to rise above the limitations imposed by karma. When we are able to transcend karmic constraints, we encounter the Divine Grace of the universe. Mantra is a potent tool available to all who choose to undertake this process. Through consistent practice, mantra effectively rebuilds our magnetic field, enhancing our light and aiding in the development of an increased capacity to withstand the pressures of the new age. In essence, chanting and listening to mantra lightens our karmic load, enabling us to manifest our potentials and become our highest selves, the selves we truly are. Moreover, the Divine Spiritual Wisdom allows you to study man himself, within whose nature is concealed the supreme secret. It is through the power of the WORD and the knowledge of the mysteries of life, that we obtain the protection and blessing of the angels and spirits.

Certain planets, along with a zodiac sign, precisely govern the day on which each of us was born. According to the highly respected wisdom of Kabbalah and Naam Yoga, the day of one's birth signifies the level of challenge and bad luck that a particular individual will face. Any planetary disturbances occurring in the Earth's magnetic field during the birth period will generate an imbalance in the energy patterns of the corresponding zodiac sign. Those negative energy patterns are then imprinted on the eastern hemisphere of the brain. Sooner or later they will emerge as health problems, relationship challenges, or general misfortune.

We are not, however, powerless against the effects of karma. Just as Nature provides a remedy for each new disease that manifests itself, so do our sacred teachings provide a remedy for our complete protection. Not only is the Divine Spiritual Wisdom founded upon that knowledge that is the sum and head of all faculties, sciences and arts, it also bestows the keys that unlock the secrets and wonders concerning the hidden workings of Nature. By our Divinely revealed science, we gain the blessing and protection of Heaven. The adversities that result from bad karma only impact an individual who finds him/herself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Through the Divine sacred wisdom, each individual has the ability to seal his/her aura, effectively neutralizing karma and lessening his/her susceptibility to being in an undesirable space. As we strengthen our energy field and open our third eye we begin to work with, rather than against, the unseen forces that govern our lives. This work becomes our defense; our assurance that we will find ourselves in the right place at the right time.

Triple Mantra and the Art of Changing Space

The truth is, everything happens according to time and space. You cannot stop time, but you can gain or lose space. On the one hand there exists an unavoidable death period which is essentially an individual's true time to go. On the other hand there exist avoidable accidents, misfortune, and death which result from carelessness or being at the wrong place in time. In other words, an individual only gets into trouble when he/she finds him/herself in the wrong space. Let me emphasize, this is an age when you do not want to be caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. Trouble is yours whenever you are not where you are supposed to be.

Your third eye allows you to see the unseen, while your energy field keeps negativity at bay. Your third eye is your creativity center, your command center. It commissions everything in the human being. You need to be in your command center in order to command a situation. You can achieve second sight as well as a strong magnetic field through the power of the WORD or Naam invoked while chanting mantra. The magnitude of the magnetic frequency of the Earth must be neutral at a certain longitude and latitude in order to terminate a human life and dispense the five elements (earth, air, fire, water, ether.) Adversity and calamity manifest under similar circumstances. It cannot be stated enough, by vibrating Triple Mantra, you remove yourself from harm's way. The timing of accidents, calamity or death may stay the same, but you will not be in the space in which they occur. You will avoid Earthly disturbances or accidents as they take place in particular spaces. Indeed, they will happen either before you arrive or after you've departed. The greatest influence on your life, after your own will power, is your environment. When you're in trouble, escape and protection can be found in the art of changing space.

Triple Mantra liberates you from the grip of karma and allows you to minimize past debts incurred when you were only partially aware. As it shifts time and space, you rise to the heights of your being and are able to turn unpleasant situations around. While it is true that we all have debts to pay, we must not let these debts become insurmountable obstacles. When faced with difficult life circumstances and/or adversity, perfection of Triple Mantra through focused repetition will create the divine heat that burns karma and allows God to shine through.

There are three parts to the Triple Mantra. Chanted in its entirety, Triple Mantra gives you space, protecting your aura by 9 feet. If you are early or late by 9 feet, you may not become entangled with the moment in time of a particular event. Again, you cannot stop time, but you can gain or lose space. The first part will surround you with a powerful light of protection, and should be chanted as soon as you sit down in a car or airplane in order to prevent accidents. The second section will remove obstacles from your spiritual path. Finally, the third section will remove obstacles from your daily life.

Triple Mantra and Sacred Music

Triple Mantra is now available to all in the form of sacred meditation music. Over the years, we have used the sacred sciences of Kabbalah and Naam Yoga to guide people from all walks of life. We are now bringing these teachings out into the open. Everyone, without exception, can reap the many benefits of these sacred sciences. Chanting mantra or listening to sacred music is akin to meditating on the Divine truths that exist on a higher plane of reality. When we engage with sacred sounds, the depths of our being awaken fully to life. Sacred music is food for the soul; in it the underlying unity of all life is revealed. It takes time, knowledge, dedication, and skill to make music that has a positive effect on the soul, for the making of spiritual music encompasses ancient science and a vast body of philosophical teachings. Rootlight has formulated and compiled the most effective words of power in its Healing Beyond Medicine Meditation Music Series. When used properly, these CDs make it possible for you to connect with the healing energy of the Sun. In so doing, you will open yourself to receive its pranic light. All music on the Rootlight label has been created during the most positive and healing phase of the Moon to magnify its beneficial impact on the listener.

Rootlight music is not solely for entertainment, it is a powerful spiritual tool that effectively answers the deepest demands of the soul. Man is not only a physical body, he has a mind too. Every planetary body has a particular influence, and there must be a certain musical rhythm, tone and cycle to answer it. If this is not taken into consideration Sacred Music may become a pastime; it will not do the work for which it is designed. All Rootlight CDs have been created in accordance with cosmic principles, and each contains a special Kabbalistic formula that is in perfect harmony with the divine and creative laws of the cosmos. Therefore, use them, as each acts as an invisible key, opening the door to opportunities that help us achieve our innermost dreams of living a successful, fulfilling life while smoothing the way for spiritual growth. Through mantra and melody, these CDs will raise your consciousness and set your spiritual centers in motion. You must keep your magnetic field strong. The strength of God, the flow of life and the pure truth and Light of God are all within you. Simply fold your two hands, come to a very neutral place within your Self, concentrate and vibrate Triple Mantra in this state. Allow it to take you beyond the moment into the beauty, protection and bliss of the Eternal.

Working with the WORD is your way of protecting yourself against all known and unknown animosity. In particular, Triple Mantra has proven invaluable in dealing with the world of duality in which we find ourselves. As Triple Mantra acts as a defensive shield, both physically and spiritually, in the ways we have outlined, it is the one mantra you definitely want to commit to memory. In addition, we suggest that you chant it each morning for 11 to 31 minutes in order to block negativity from entering your aura on all four sides. It is quite simple, really. Triple Mantra expands your mind so that you may rise above the limitations of time and space while, at the same time, renders the mind like steel so that you begin to stand, unshaken and brave, before the challenges of your life.

Those who practice our Divine Spiritual Wisdom command the five tattvas, the three gunas, the seven chakras, and the 108 elements in the universe, rendering them dangerous to any who seek to cause them harm. Whosoever tries to hurt someone who practices with the WORD will be destroyed; they will destroy themselves. The glow and strength of the aura allows us to determine the cause of both one's happiness and unhappiness. Like God, man must continuously act by working on his aura on a daily basis. The energy of a person who works with the WORD becomes the image, or reflection, of the will of God. As it gains in strength, so does it command events, for the WORD gives birth to light, and the empire of the world belongs to the empire of light, and the empire of light is the throne of the Divine Will. Always remember, as we go through life, we attract the influence of both good angels and evil spirits. This is why it is so necessary for the Kabbalist and/or yogi to have a strong and protective aura before venturing out into the world. It is your birthright to experience the blessings associated with the words of power contained in our sacred teachings. We must chant in order to liberate our imprisoned splendor. This is an age where it is not the head, but the heart that will rule. Therefore, let the Sun rise in your heart and illuminate the world.
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