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     Joseph Michael Levry's work is an invitation to discover the intense and pure inner life of an authentic spiritual Master who, at the dawn of the 21st century, is bringing a renewal to spirituality. A tireless and dedicated teacher, writer, and lecturer, Mr. Levry, who is also known by his spiritual name, Gurunam, has traveled extensively and continuously in the United States, Europe, and Asia for almost three decades. By adopting such a rigorous travel schedule both here and abroad, Gurunam has been able to introduce many to the divine spiritual wisdom as well as tune the frequency of the countries he visits to a higher level of vibration. With the current shift in global consciousness that will culminate in the year 2012, he has decided to teach more intensively in the U.S. and Europe. To this end, he travels 9 months out of the year, focusing on New York, Los Angeles, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Israel, the UK, and France. Whether traveling, or at home in New York or Los Angeles, Gurunam corresponds with thousands of people of every race and religion, guiding them through the process of self-healing and the realization of meaningful careers, healthy relationships, and life-long dreams.

     Since the age of 12, Gurunam has been trained in the esoteric arts and sciences and initiated into many spiritual orders, through which he learned the science of Kabbalah. In his books and lectures, he illuminates Kabbalistic symbols that were once kept secret within the doctrines of Judaism, Christianity, and other religions. Time and time again, he has earned the trust of even the most skeptical through his precise diagnosis of physical ailments, and unique ability to see and analyze the energy field. After 30 years of study, research, and teaching, Gurunam has created a unique synthesis of the powerful teachings of Kabbalah and Kundalini yoga that helps people avoid adversity and improve their lives, the proof of which is revealed in the testimonials of those he has worked with. Believing that nothing is done by chance, and that one can rewrite his or her destiny through the knowledge and application of this divine spiritual wisdom, Gurunam is able to reach all who come to him with a willingness to actively initiate and participate in their own healing.

     Having experienced a high level of spiritual realization that made God a reality in his life, Gurunam places a strong emphasis on the fundamental oneness of all religions and the divine spiritual wisdom that comes from the one and only source. For there are many ways but One Supreme Way. There are many truths but One Supreme Truth. God is one, and His Name is Truth. If you ignore the Truth, you will be ignored. Gurunam leads a Kabbalistic, research oriented life, imparting his knowledge without hesitation to a chosen set of students as well as all worthy individuals who cross his path. Many spiritual traditions have lost their knowledge of the science of the soul and the spiritual technology necessary to develop higher consciousness in man. The teachings that flow from Universal Kabbalah can improve one's life, restore one's health, solve the many problems of one's existence, and lead one to happiness; and that is why they are authentic.
     Gurunam's universal style of Kabbalah does not focus on the traditional requirements of an Orthodox lifestyle and the study of ancient texts. Rather, Gurunam espouses and teaches Universal Kabbalah, which is free of the religious aspect of Judaism, Christianity, and Sikhism, yet promotes a Godly and conscientious lifestyle. Whereas traditional Kabbalah emphasizes mysticism as a part of devoted Judaism, Gurunam's teachings focus on the merger of Kundalini yoga and Kabbalah for personal improvement and spiritual happiness. It is targeted to people of all faiths, as well as those with no specific faith. The ultimate goal of Universal Kabbalah is to unite East and West through the magic of sacred music. Sacred music is food for the soul; in it the underlying unity of all life is revealed. It has positive effects on the soul, and the making of spiritual music encompasses ancient science and a vast body of philosophical teachings. Working with Sacred music is akin to meditating on the divine truths that exist on a higher plane of reality. When we engage with sacred sounds, the depths of our being awaken fully to life. In practice, Universal Kabbalah is based on the proper use of the Word. In fact, the whole meditative life of the Universal Kabbalist is built upon the mystery of the Word. Universal Kabbalists believe in the power and efficacy of the WORD which went forth at the creation of the world, and which is now "lost" to the majority of humans. That WORD is supreme. Since the fall of man, it has become our only hope. By practicing with the WORD humans can get to infinity without interpretation or understanding. Devotees do not need to learn Hebrew in order to partake of the divine spiritual wisdom. What is emphasized is the importance of seeing God in oneself, in others, and in every sacred teaching. Gurunam believes that to confine oneself to a particular belief system and deny all others puts us at risk of missing the vastness that is the knowledge of reality. In other words, much good eludes those who restrict themselves, for God is much too vast and tremendous to be limited to one belief or another. God is everywhere, indestructible, indivisible, fearless, unborn, forever, within everything, invisible, immortal, unimaginable, unnamable, formless, unfathomable, destroyer of all, beyond birth and death, more than love itself, beyond all color, all form and karma, beyond all doubt, again God is too vast to be limited to one belief or another.

     The combination of Kundalini yoga and Kabbalah produces the ultimate spiritual science, providing the necessary tools for healthy, effective living. The majority of men and women who study Universal Kabbalah have chosen the path of becoming both yogis and Kabbalists. Through the application of both spiritual disciplines, they have come to realize that there is a natural kinship between them. In working with both, they have attuned themselves to the unseen powers and forces of nature, as well as the universal laws that flow in, around, and throughout all of life. The spiritual technology of Universal Kabbalah has shown them how to work in accordance with these laws in order to achieve great success and contentment in their worldly experiences. Together, these men and women have formed an invisible empire of agents of light contributing to the positive evolution of humankind. Universal Kabbalah is expanding quickly in America and other parts of the world. Gurunam has established a healing center in New York, Universal Force Healing Center, of which he is the CEO. True to his vision, Universal Force Healing Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to philanthropic activities that serve humankind, as well as healing individuals by uplifting them from the sufferings of life. In turn, of course, these individuals are then better able to positively contribute to society in both large and small ways. The institution is not only committed to intellectual and spiritual development but is also dedicated to providing a healing sanctuary for the average man or woman. Moreover, Universal Force Healing Center is creating a research team devoted to natural and holistic healing in New York City. Universal Force Healing Center is truly one of a kind in the U.S., where the science of yoga, Harmonyum, sound and mudra therapy, as well as meditation based on the purity of life are helping to diagnose and heal people from chronic cases of physical, emotional, and/or mental disturbance. Moreover, it is committed to the prevention of further troubles. Universal Force Healing Center operates according to the philosophy that spiritual diagnosis and treatment is of the utmost value and efficacy. Its team includes highly qualified yogis and Kabbalists who are well-versed in many diagnostic and healing modalities.

     In addition to establishing Universal Force Healing Center, Gurunam is also the president of Rootlight, Inc., a publishing, production, and consulting company that produces sacred music and books that reflect the sacred teachings. In his various CDs and books Gurunam, like traditionalists, presents Universal Kabbalah as a way to know the unknown and see the unseen forces that govern our lives. Moreover, he offers a wealth of Kabbalah and Kundalini Yoga exercises and meditations that allows one to strengthen the nervous system, balance the glandular system, renew the blood, merge with the higher worlds, and improve life. He has also developed Harmonyum, a transcendental healing system born out of Universal Kabbalah. The "Harmonyum Healing System" activates the original seed and awakens the threefold soul, born of the threefold spirit, from the threefold body into self consciousness and self knowledge.

     Gurunam maintains that the divine spiritual wisdom contained in Universal Kabbalah creates, within Man that which is known as Mysterium Conjunctionis of the Alchemists, symbolized by the Star of David that unites the upper heavenly triangle with the lower earthly triangle. Only through the true spiritual marriage of the upper and lower triangles can the sacred wisdom cause the spirit to spiritualize matter, transforming one into pure spiritual Gold.


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