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The Sacred Sciences of Kabbalah and Naam Yoga




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     Within every human being there is a spiritual body. Via that spiritual body, we acquire knowledge of the higher worlds. These higher worlds, the worlds of soul and spirit, are just as real as the world we see with our physical eyes and touch with our physical hands. Since the blind cannot lead the blind, however, one can only receive guidance as to how to go about awakening the advanced powers of spiritual perception by those who already possess them. The method of safe awakening is exact. And you will find it in our sacred science. Moreover, those who have been initiated into the nature of the divine spiritual wisdom know that only those who have been experientially exposed to it can truly gain understanding. Spiritual wisdom is not something acquired through casual spiritual window-shopping. Rather, the divine spiritual wisdom will find you under all circumstances if you provide the universe with proof of your earnest and worthy desire to attain this higher knowledge in order to heal yourself, uplift others, and serve humankind.

     Immediately after the fall of man, the divine spiritual wisdom that was once known to Original Man was communicated to Metatron, the chief of the archangels, in order to help fallen man rediscover his original estate. From God, Metatron received the revelation of how and by what methods fallen man could be raised to his former dignity and, therefore, saved from misery. This revelation consisted of a description of man's relationship before and after the fall and the state of his dignity, as well as the means of atonement and perfect reconciliation. Just as it happened that once immortal man became mortal by the enjoyment of a mortal fruit, so too it can happen that mortal man can, through the understanding and use of the immortal fruit of the divine spiritual wisdom, regain his former dignity.


     Those who work with our Divine spiritual wisdom are linked to the invisible community of light. This Community of light has a school in the higher world in which the spirit of wisdom itself teaches those who thirst for light. In this school all the secrets of God and nature are kept for the elect of light. Perfect knowledge of God, perfect knowledge of nature, perfect knowledge of man are the knowledge of instruction of this school. From it comes all truth in the world.


     Our work contains a real science; it is founded on pure and genuine truth. Our science is the promised inheritance of the elect who are capable of light. This golden path is for those who want to achieve self healing, serve others, and contribute to a positive evolution of humankind. The practice of our Divine spiritual wisdom is the fulfillment of the divine union with the children of man. The divine spiritual wisdom which flows from Universal Kabbalah is of a nature which can improve one's life, restore one's health, solve the many problems of one's existence, and lead one to happiness; and that is why it is authentic.


We invite you to delve deeply into this site and share this precious wisdom with others so that we may all live more fully and joyfully...



Facing the Years Ahead

     At different points in human history, the Heavens have undertaken the task of re-positioning themselves in order to awaken human beings from their evolutionary stupor and bring them closer to God. At these times of transition, the universal karmic clock sounds the alarm indicating that all is not right with the world. The last four times this occurred, civilization did not heed the alarm. As a consequence, these civilizations were destroyed. Presently, we have arrived at the moment in history when the fifth change is taking place.


     In the coming years, as we move from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius, the Heavens will be re-positioning themselves. This is the age of experience and spirituality. As it stands now, most people have not yet focused their energies on spiritual development and, therefore, only experience the material plane of existence. Only those with the divine spiritual wisdom will be effective in their lives. It is these people who will be called to heal and uplift others. As a result they will be liked, respected, understood, and confided in. Use the Rootlight RAMADASA CD to heal yourself and others. Work with the HEAVEN'S TOUCH CD to synchronize your energy and the MYSTIC LIGHT CD to brighten your aura. Doing TRIPLE MANTRA daily is a way of cutting out the negativity so that it cannot enter your life. Negativity behaves like a germ. And those germs are always there, but our antibodies protect us. The practice of mantra is a protective source. Working with the WORD is a self-protective device against all animosity known and unknown. It is a simple science. The use of the WORD is a timeless, simple truth that allows you to gracefully face the challenges of time and space. This, the greatest power of man, is completely at your disposal. As you absorb our divine spiritual wisdom, your consciousness expands, and you are filled with so much light that you become unshakeable. Above all, in this age, the way of the heart will prevail. To begin the day, use your first waking breath each morning to utter the phrase, "I am, I am." For now is the perfect time to learn this divine spiritual wisdom and serve the planet. As the light of love, truth, and justice streams down toward the earth via the pentagram (planetary alignment that took place on October 1st 2004), we must realize how interconnected we all are.

     The time has come for us to align ourselves with a new level of spiritual consciousness. We may only reawaken our awareness of our spirituality and divinity if we become dedicated to our personal growth and development. The jewel of our spirituality may only be uncovered through self-mastery, self-knowledge and self-realization. The successful Kabbalist and Yogi acquires these skills in several stages through positive manifestation, through thought, selfless behavior, and generosity of spirit at all times. Once reserved for the few who were set apart from the rest of humanity and were specially trained with rigorous and demanding discipline, the pursuit of spiritual mastery is now available to all those who seek. Universal Kabbalah creates a methodology that cuts to the essentials of the work, eliminating all of the unnecessary ideological and semantic adornments and encumbrances with which they were clothed in the past. The quest remains the same, but the technology for accomplishing it is far more precise and accelerated in its design.

     Universal Kabbalah is a spiritual discipline that alters, transforms and expands human consciousness in order to give birth to a spiritual consciousness that is introspective in nature with the sole aim of serving the divine in all fellow beings. This method of study also guides the student to higher states of consciousness by providing a philosophy of life and an ethic to organize and structure daily life so as to provoke higher incarnations of consciousness within the current life cycle. This transformation and expansion of one's consciousness can be pursued simultaneously through our Self Study course, as well as a willingness to examine one's character on a continual basis. By practicing with the WORD, it will inspire you, it will make you strong, it will carry you through any adversity. You will possess applied consciousness, depth and strength, wisdom and intelligence as well as intuition so that you may be flexible and adjustable. The practice of the WORD will bestow upon you a state of consciousness of self-confidence, self-equilibrium, and self-balance, leading to radiance. There is an exact science, an exact technology, an exact knowledge which allows a human to manifest the most high in the essence he wants. By meditating on the power of the Supreme Being, mankind can experience direct connection with His Spirit and the unseen realm; the Angel of the great God will surround you, imparting unimaginable celestial treasures and the spiritual knowledge of all natural things.

     We believe in the power and efficacy of the WORD which went forth at the creation of the world, and which is now "lost" to the majority of humans. That WORD is supreme. Since the fall of man, it has become our only hope. By practicing with the WORD humans can get to infinity without interpretation or understanding. The WORD has the power to create that consciousness in us. And our sacred wisdom helps man to regain this LOST WORD of divine and terrestrial authority. As we grow inwardly, we gradually find this WORD as it pertains to our mission in life. And the WORD of God is what opens the heart of the ignorant man to Godhood. The practice of the word or mantric way leads to the process of regeneration which is the spiritual birth that results from the marriage of the conscious, the emotional and the intellectual. The regenerated soul is a purely spiritual offspring of the marriage, within each individual, of the spirit and body. True regeneration, then, acts on both the spiritual and physical vehicles in awakening and renewing the soul powers. It causes right speaking, thinking and acting, thereby renewing the cells and tissues of the physical body, raising them to a higher state of vibration so that they are better able to coordinate their functions with the spiritual vehicle. As previously alluded to, when we consider that regeneration is the process of renewing, recreating and reproducing latent soul powers from a part of the complete individual by the action of the spiritual vehicle of man, we come to understand that regeneration actually reproduces a new organism from a portion of the complete individual.

The mantric way, then, prepares human beings properly for the worship of God in spirit and in truth. It is the science of rebinding man with God that brings about the accomplishment of beneficial changes in our fundamental state of being. These changes then allow us to become the servants of the universe or agents of God who bring those who are guided by their heads and led by the turbulence of passion to the ways of peace, light, and wisdom.

The acquiring of the WORD leads to action - to good and necessary works for the benefit and upliftment of humankind and the glory of God. The mantric way leads to ACTION in the NAME of the unknowable Divine Being; and its effects are magical, in that they rest upon the marvelous, innate spiritual powers of mankind. Our practice is built upon the mystery of the WORD, which is the link between our energy and the divine energy. For the WORD is love that flows; it is a divine shield that protects you. By practicing with the WORD, you hear the WORD from which you can get the LOST WORD, the light of lights. It is the light of lights because it is the essence of enlightenment. When you repeat the WORD, you invoke the original divine intention of that WORD. As soon as this WORD rises in your own heart, you touch God, you touch perfection, and then you begin to understand the divine tongue, and the secret that was closed for so long seems to be revealed. Whoever you are, whatever you are, wherever you are, in speaking the WORD, you humble yourself before your creator and seek his blessing so that Wisdom may flow through you. The simplicity of this path is not in ritualism, but in the reality of practicing with the WORD, so that the one who has no hope can have hope; the one who has no virtue can have virtue; the one who have no grace can have grace. If we are ever mindful of our humility and thankfulness that the creator has seen fit to preserve these divine teachings and offer them to us through the masters who have held and hold these teachings in sacred trust, our hearts will open and we will be filled with the sweetness of divine love. If you cannot open your heart, work with our divine spiritual wisdom and ask heaven to help you, so that you may bring the luminous beings into your life. The WORD is the linking bridge between the finite and Infinite consciousness, leading you to a stage of grace, greatness, fulfillment and achievement.

     Only the true opening of the heart may show us how to genuinely connect with all beings seen and unseen, giving us mastery over the element of air, and bestowing upon us the sight to perceive all spirits that cannot be seen by the naked eye, and the gentle command over these beings who are always around us. When we open our heart through practicing the proper use of the WORD, and live fully from the heart, these beautiful beings become helpful friends and messengers of God. The single element we must possess is that of faith; for the WORD saves us from the trap of time. If we earnestly practice and master the WORD, we may cross the ocean of the time cycle with complete ease, circumventing all obstacles and contacting luminous and helpful beings most people would never consider even existed. We increase our faith through chanting prayer, the ultimate power; that power lives in us and waits for us to call upon it to bless our lives. When you master the WORD the sound of your voice becomes alive and healing. From the voice you can find out the true growth of a person. You do not need to see them; just hearing his/her voice will tell you exactly how evolved he/she is. In other words, the level of spiritual growth of a person is evident in their voice. The practice of chanting mantra brings out the healing aspect of one's voice. Mantra is not only a code projection to decode the mystery of divinity, but also the mantric science is the principal structure of protection and happiness.

     When the true Yogi and Kabbalist experience the indescribable power of the WORD, he realizes that the true mystical experience is beyond description, and cannot be explained to one who has not experienced it himself. For all the one who has merged with the Sun of Suns can do is pass on the divine spiritual science so that the worthy can open the heavenly gates which are sealed to the unworthy. The divine bliss caused by the ecstatic experience of the true opening of the heart leaves one speechless. All one can say is, "Lord your loving kindness is better than life. Through the WORD my lips shall joyfully praise you. I will bless you while I live. I will lift up my hands in your name. My soul shall be satisfied." Let the hand of God be your help and rejoice in the shadow of His wings. It is only by practicing with the WORD that the Lord can stretch His hand down from above and deliver you from the tides of karma and negative forces. Then you will blossom like a well-nurtured flower, for you are protected by the Lord who made Heaven and Earth, the Keeper of truth, the Executer of justice. Practice chanting prayer and praise Him like His angels, like the Sun, the Moon, and the shining stars for He is the heaven of heavens. Praise the name of God, the Great Architect of the Universe. It is His alone that must be exalted.

excerpted from "The Heavenly Pentagram in the Sky", Autumn 2004 Newsletter


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