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Personal accounts of healing & transformation from our international community.

A Big Miracle

Mantra is a gift in my daily life for which I am eternally grateful. A beautiful soul, Gurunam, brought this gift and so many more gifts to me when I needed them most. I look back at the end of last February before I first met Gurunam. At the time I was given devastating news of my sister's diagnosis of cancer. My sister and I are extremely close. (My late husband used to call us Visa/Mastercard.) I had partaken in a shaman workshop just before I met Gurunam. It brought me to a deep place. A few days following the workshop, I had a very distinct vision or dream. I was outside walking on a sidewalk along a foreign street. I could sense that it had recently rained. The smell of earth, minerals and tar were palpable. I was completely alone, but noticed that I wasn't afraid. Suddenly white vapor streamed along the left side of the street, across from me. Through the vapor or cloud appeared a luminous figure. It was a man wearing a white robe with dark hair. The most predominant features, however, were his sparkling coal eyes and a beautiful bright smile. He turned to me and smiled for quite a while making direct contact with me. Then the cloud enveloped him and he was gone.

I woke up with a beautiful blissful feeling. The sun was shining bright, right in my eyes. It took me a few moments to realize that there wasn't a window in my room but rather, the light had come from within me. That morning I told my sister what had happened. Like myself, she was completely enraptured by my vision.

Two weeks later my friend invited me to a Kabbalah class. In floated a most luminous being a beautiful man in a white robe with the brightest smile and sparkling eyes! It was he the man from my vision. It was Gurunam. After class, I told him that I had met him in my dream and asked him if he would help heal my sister. Without flinching he said, "It is done" and asked me to bring her to class the next night. I wasn't sure if that would be possible because she wasn't feeling very well. That was the last time I had an ounce of doubt regarding the healing of my dear sister. She came to class the next night without hesitation.

When Gurunam walked into the class my sister turned to me and said, "That's him." I said yes, he was the teacher and healer. No, she said. "That's him, the man in your dream!" That was the beginning of our journey to healing my sister with mantra. My sister met with Gurunam the next day. He introduced her to the beauty of mantra and gave her Kundalini exercises, nutritional advise and an abundance of love and support. A few days later I met with Gurunam. He was very serious, very definitive, and very compassionate. He told me that he was completely committed to helping my sister. He asked me if I was committed. He asked me to read his books and gave me two powerful mantras, one to balance my self, the other to help heal my sister. I had also become very interested in Universal Kabbalah and its connection to my daily use of mantra. From that night on, mantra and the Kabbalah have become an intrinsic part of my life. I don't take to routine tasks very well, but I was on a mission and I had the powerful tools, along with the support and love of a great master.

My sister underwent intensive chemotherapy treatment. Doctors were baffled as to how well she looked, how energetic she was feeling, and how well she was responding to the powerful and toxic medicines without experiencing major side effects. Not to mention her impressive display of unrelenting fortitude, courage, and compassion.

There was a time when my sister began to feel so well that she gradually found herself lapsing back into her old routine and chanting less. Her next treatment was sobering. She didn't react well to it. She took this as a wake-up call to keep chanting and take better care of her self. She swiftly got back on track.

After only 6 months, my sister called me to tell me that her catscan test was normal! I cannot express to you the joy, relief and appreciation that I felt and still feel from this glorious news. My heart is filled with such gratitude. My sister and I attribute her speedy recovery to the efficacy of mantra, the love and support of Gurunam, the luminous heavenly beings, and the grace of God. -Anonymous

The Path of Miracles

I have been a student of Gurunam for over a year now and my life has expanded in so many directions since I met him. From the first moment I stepped into his packed and exciting Naam Yoga class I felt a quickening in my heart and time seemed to stand still - only my heart and pure love remained. I have been chanting and listening to his healing music for some time now, but it was not till his Naam (Sanskrit for mantra or sacred word) literally helped save my life that I realized the true alchemy at play!

I was driving home after being at a meditation group with friends. It was after midnight and I was tired so I called my Fiancée before embarking on my 20 minute car journey home. I got off the phone from my Fiancée who had asked me to drive carefully as it was late and the roads were wet from the rain. As he put down the phone he said that he got a terrible feeling in his stomach and a thought crossed his mind...'What if she dies tonight in a car accident'. He then proceeded to chant Guru Ram Das - from the Heaven's Touch CD for 20 minutes non-stop. My Fiancée loves Gurunam's music and chants it all the time, however he never remembers the exact meaning of each of the mantras. He said to me he had no idea why he felt inspired to sing Guru Ram Das and had not even heard it for a while - but some greater power moved him to sing loud and clear continuously. We worked out that as he was singing I had my car accident. It was a side collision and by the grace of Naam neither myself or the other lady were seriously injured although both our cars got wrecked and the air bags were set off. I know in my heart that Gurunam's music divinely stepped in to protect me and I feel blessed to have his soul technology in my life.

As a yoga studio owner in Bethel, CT, time and time again my students come rushing to me - who is this singing they ask, as I play his music all the time! They are drawn to his magical vocal alchemy just as I was. I have had people cry just from chanting to his Ra Ma Da Sa and felt the healing. I also had a student who had to speak at her nephew's funeral and was so nervous she said she thought that her heart had literally jumped out of her body! She said that her mind was a blaze as she desperately tried to speak but no words came out. She tried all the mantras she could remember having been taught them by various teachers in the past and then she remembered Ra Ma Da Sa and heard Gurunam's voice in her heart. Her heart started to swell and relax and then the words flowed out like an effortless river. I myself have had this sensation as I go to teach sometimes. I wonder where will the inspiration come from and then I play one of Gurunam's CDs and I seem to plug into a source of light that carries me to a whole other realm of consciousness. But it doesn't stop there, my niece was born 6 weeks premature as my sister had some blood pressure complications. She was extremely worried and this only served to increase her blood pressure levels - so I sent her Ra Ma Da Sa and she said that it was the only thing that helped her through some grueling nights in the hospital under observation. She then found herself counseling other pregnant ladies reassuring them that all would go well, once again the flow of Naam divinely moved through vessels and poured out into its surrounding environment. My niece looks forward to Ra Ma Da Sa which my sister plays to her almost every day now...she is most definitely a Naam Baby!

I am grateful for Gurunam, his teachings and the light he brings to this world. Start vibrating Naam and just wait, the MIRACLES will come - see for yourself..... Thank You from my heart to you, you are a Divine Teacher. -Gaby Ellert - Naam Yoga Teacher Bethel, CT


Protective Foresight

I have been doing Kundalini Yoga for 4 months now. I started with an 11 day workshop for eating awareness where I received the Triple Mantra; and a Kundalini Chakras workshop followed by an 11 day Kundalini Summer Detox Cleanse where I received the Ra Ma Da Sa and the The Seal of Higher Destiny CDs.

I am a stone sculptor living in my studio with 10 cats and 300,000 pounds of stone, taking care of a man with emphysema. I have made it a part of my daily practice to play the Triple Mantra, Ra Ma Da Sa and Seal of Higher Destiny CDs while I am working and living in my studio. The animals love the CDs and look for the sound. The wild birds in the studio seem to have the same reaction. During day 8 of an 11 day Kundalini yoga detox workshop, while fasting on watermelon for 3 days, I came upon your site. Thank you for sharing on an ongoing basis your wisdom, truths and insights.

I would like to share an experience I had with Triple Mantra three weeks ago. I had been playing the CD continuously throughout the home when I began to sense that the building across the street from our house/studio was going to catch fire. A week passed but the feeling of danger did not wane. I woke up at 4 am from a dream where I saw we were being evicted. I kept playing the CD. That day, toward the evening the building caught fire. It was massive and its burning embers rained all over my roof and the neighboring houses. I was ready and had quickly called the fire department and the building’s owner. Ten fire trucks later we were all safe and had lost nothing. I have already worn out this CD and just received another at my 50th birthday celebration. As a beginner who has been practicing Hatha and Iyengar yoga for 2 years and then started Kundalini there are times when I have to honor my body and can't do the physical kriyas. Especially those times when I'm moving lots of stone for shows, and my schedule fills up with lengthy physical commitments. During these times I find it instrumental to chant along with the CD, often for the entire length. I will often listen with head phones when I'm working in the shop or gardening. I have recently experienced a shift and when I chant I feel the vibrations in my bones and especially in my crown. I regularly chant the Triple Mantra when I drive anywhere in the car. I am eternally grateful to you for using your gifts in passing these timeless chants. They have most definitely changed my life and those around me who have come in contact with them. With love and respect, Sat Nam, -Michele


Wisdom Beyond Age

I had recently begun chanting the 2nd track of the Seal of Higher Destiny CD for 11 minutes at 6 o’clock each morning before beginning my daily routine. I just wanted to tell you how it has completely revolutionized my way of thinking and my perspective on life. People don’t realize the impact a smile has on another person. Chanting has given me the ability to constantly smile even when I’m not feeling my best or in favorable surroundings because I know that smiling at others is very uplifting. I have developed a high confidence in myself and realized that I could really do anything I put my mind to. I have had so many opportunities come my way such as job offers in the fields I love the most since I started chanting this mantra consistently.

I have developed an inner strength that allows me to take situations that life throws my way and make a favorable outcome. I have also developed an intuitive sense and an ability to predict certain situations, even have visions of future events. As a teenager, I’m always in contact with others that want to gossip and put others down. Girls can be really mean to each other. Chanting has given me the ability to overcome certain hardships and not give in to peer pressure. People often don’t realize how hard it really is to be a teenager and how incredibly stressed out we are. Chanting has changed me as a person inside and out. The effects of chanting for a mere eleven minutes a day are astonishing. There is no better way to spend eleven minutes. Thank you for helping me understand life better, -Veronica


Benefits of Sacred Music for Children with Special Needs

A school teacher friend who comes to my meditation class bought the "Sounds of the Ether" CD & plays it to her class of Special Needs children. Here is what she has to say. Lots of love, Carolyn

Dear Carolyn, I wanted to send you a note to tell you about the wonderful and positive experiences that I have had playing the "Sounds of the Ether" CD at school:

As you know I work at a school for the Visually Impaired and some of my students have severe learning and physical disabilities. As our RE (reading) topic before Christmas was "meditation in religions of the world" I decided it would be an opportunity to start the sessions with a meditation. The students enjoyed the CD so much that now I play it when we have a few minutes to spare and also at the start of each day.

Since I have been playing the CD to my students, a post-16 group between the ages of 16 and 18, I have noticed that the group is a lot more calmer and more settled despite the disruption over the last few months of moving classrooms due to building works. One student enjoys joining in the mantras eg: 'I am, I am....' and another becomes very excited and will go up to the CD player and place his ear close to the speaker. It is wonderful to see his reaction and his utter joy and pleasure listening to the songs and occasionally he will utter 'I am I am'. My students all have a visual impairment and most of them do not speak. One of my students with autism who generally is very hyper, repeats certain words over and over, claps his hands, stands up and jumps, will now sit down quietly and be still for longer periods of time listening to the music.

I must add that this has been an eye-opener for me to see how this CD has had such a positive effect and impact on these young adults. I am now using the CD when I take a group of 14 to 19 year olds for a Yoga workshop on a weekly basis and have seen how they too benefit from listening to this CD. One of the girls (15 years old) becomes calm in most sessions. Generally, she is very unsettled throughout the day, jumping, self-harming and screaming and staff find it difficult to settle her down and calm her. On 3 occasions during the Yoga workshop she has stayed calm and lied down for the whole session - 45min! She has even smiled and laughed and has been very happy and settled throughout and afterwards too.

Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful and positive CD and I hope that many more people have the opportunity to enjoy it! I now use this CD every morning as my students come into class and for them this is very settling, familiar and comforting. -Best wishes, Maria

Recovery from Drug Addiction

I am a long time student of Divine Spiritual Wisdom and have studied under Gurunam for many years. My sister in Kansas has been addicted to drugs since the early teenage years. She is now in her mid twenties. All of the doctors and psychiatrists diagnosed her with the most severe form of addiction that was very difficult to overcome. The entire situation came to a head last year when she called us to say that she was homeless. My entire family was in agony because we knew that by inviting her to live with any one of us, she would simply use the home for her drug use. We, as a family came to the painful realization that we could not offer her a place to live.

For anyone who has ever dealt with a drug or alcohol addiction, they know how difficult it is for the family to watch helplessly as the drug user destroys their life. Gurunam told us in a class one time that you must deal with this spiritual imbalance through spiritual means. His entire lecture that day focused on healing concepts in addiction and this was what gave me the original desire to have a phone consultation. I turned to Gurunam for advice because I knew that he would be able to offer insight unavailable from any other source. My sister showed no sign of wanting to become clean or remorse for her past.

Gurunam looked into the situation and agreed that this was a tough one, however he never gave up hope. He instructed me to do a very special mantra for a certain time. Although, the mantra and my life during that time was not easy and required incredible faith to keep praying for my sister. I am eternally grateful to say that my sister is not only clean now but she is amazingly spiritual and emotionally healthy. Although dealing with her past is still painful for her, I am grateful to see that she has the commitment to work through all of the patterns that contributed to the addiction. This, according to all of our family and friends was a true miracle. Thank you Gurunam and Rootlight for your support!!! -William


Prosperity and Peace of Mind

I was going through a very difficult phase financially. It appeared that everywhere I turned, there was no help. I started doing Har Haray Haree Wah Hey Guru using projections front, left, back, right, below, and above visualizing green beautiful water and pulling my navel as I said Har Haray Haree. I continued this for 11 minutes a day for 40 days. To my amazement I received an unexpected tax refund of several thousand dollars. Additionally I was promoted at work and received a sign on bonus as well as receiving a much higher salary than before. In addition to the financial security, I found my mind was at peace and bountiful - I was no longer worried about money and expected plenty in all areas of my life. Opportunities opened up in numerous ways for me to receive prosperity in my life. I am grateful for the grace of God and the science of Naam. For as Gurunam often says, I kept dialing God until he was so tired of me calling (with the mantra) that he gave what I wanted to give him peace. -Nirmal

Heal a Broken Heart

I had just gone through a separation with someone that I loved and cared for deeply. I have a tendency to "fall hard" and I was completely miserable. So many questions and feelings were running through my head beginning with "why couldn't I make it work?" and ending with the painful empty hole in my heart that I truly thought would never heal. I started chanting Sa Ta Na Ma Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung (Blissful Spirit CD) and experienced stillness in my heart for the first time since the separation. I continued to chant it twice a day and it saved me. It got me out of bed, it let me go to work, it gave me space to heal.

I was so impressed with the effects of the mantra that to this day I still pass it on to friends. Most recently a girlfriend of mine had use for it; she hadn't slept in three weeks because of a break-up after many years of being together with this person. The first night she chanted, she was graced with enough peace to finally sleep. Thank God for this powerful and effective way to heal our hearts. Please use it and pass it on. -Rebecca

The Wondrous Benefits of Mantra

As a spiritual seeker, I've spent much of my adult life searching for both a path and practice that would allow me to fully connect with the universe and the healing wisdom found therein. Various investigations led me from astrology to the tarot to silent meditation to Hatha yoga to spiritual and philosophical readings. Nothing, however, resonated with the depth and wholeness I was looking for. Then I met Gurunam.

It is said that when you are ready, the teacher will come. Gurunam introduced me to the art and science of the word. The benefits that have come with a consistent mantra practice are numerous. I have experienced an internal shift in consciousness that has freed me from toxic emotions and habits. Mantra has effectively replaced fear, insecurity and doubt with the peaceful stillness from which love, creativity, intuitive sight, and conscious clarity in thought and deed arise.

This may all sound a bit vague. Indeed, language often falls short of conveying the benevolent power of mantra. After all, a transformative experience with mantra is meant to be felt, not intellectualized. Having said that, allow me to offer two specific examples that illustrate the effectiveness of mantra.

A few months back I was at a loss as to how to thematically structure the book i was attempting to write. I spent countless, sometimes frustrating, hours thinking and thinking and thinking. During this time I had a dream. I was standing in a white house that was surrounded by mountains of white snow. I was struggling, against the snow, to open the front door. I finally succeeded, only to find that the bitter chill of winter sent me back into the house. I related my dream to Gurunam, who instructed me to begin chanting Guru Ram Das, on the Heaven's Touch CD.

Guru Ram Das is a mantra that "projects the mind to the source of knowledge and ecstasy. It represents form and calls upon the wisdom that comes as a servant of the infinite." While chanting this mantra I received the thematic and structural skeleton for a book that, with all my thinking, I hadn't conceived of.

Another example of the power of the word came this summer as I sat, mouth wide open, in the dentist's chair, listening to the grinding sound of the drill as it vigorously attacked a cavity. After about an hour and a half, the drill fell silent and my dentist said, "Looks like a root canal." I was horrified. I envisioned a lengthy, painful, financially devastating procedure. "Let me take another look at the X-ray," my dentist continued. "I'll be right back." I automatically began mentally reverberating Triple Mantra - the mantra of spiritual and physical protection. My dentist returned and said he would try, one last time, to remove the decaying matter from the tooth. Five minutes later, to his surprise and my relief, he proclaimed that the tooth could be saved. In the end, all I would need was one big filling.

Welcome mantra into your life. You WILL experience its wondrous power. -Anonymous


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