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Personal accounts of healing & transformation from our international community.

Story of Grace and Protection

"When you meditate, you connect with God. The more you meditate, the more you strengthen and purify your connection." When I heard these words from Gurunam during the first Naam Yoga Teacher Training in Mexico, they pierced my heart like an arrow and had a profound impact on my entire being. I am thankful for the many, many blessings I received during the weekend. The tools Gurunam taught allow me to live in the flow of the divine. By connecting to the divinity within me, I connect to the divinity in all beings and am able to think, act and speak with more consciousness. Pranayamas, mudras and mantras - I have been using these tools for some time, but I now do so with more understanding of their meaning and impact. The weekend expanded my consciousness to the extent that I am able to put more love, gratitude and joy into my practice. Iím more able to live consistently in the vibration of Naam.

On Tuesday Nov 4th, I was running late for an appointment because I had worked late. When I got into my car during rush hour, I visualized my route. With full faith in the power of meditation, I began chanting with the Rootlight Triple Mantra CD so as to break through any obstacles on the physical plane and arrive as quickly and safely as possible. At the same time, I needed to release any internal blocks and connect with my divinity; my appointment was to conclude a difficult matter and speaking from the heart would be essential. Every time traffic stopped moving, I took my hands off the steering wheel and did a mudra. As I continued along my route I arrived at a traffic light that turned red. Without hesitation, as if I was being guided by something stronger, I turned left and continued to another avenue. Just two minutes later, I heard a loud noise. At the time, I did not give it importance because I was immersed in the mantra. About 10 minutes later the person with whom I was going to meet, called me and asked where I was. He was very alarmed because a plane (Laser Jet 45) had just crashed (6:45pm) near one of the busiest intersections of Mexico City, killing all 8 passengers and wounding at least 40 others in the street and nearby office buildings. This was the avenue I had just turned off of. I was supposed to be driving right where the plane had crashed. It was then that I knew God had protected me by shifting my route. God had moved me into the correct space, away from the accident. I can only be THANKFUL for these powerful teachings; there is no other word but THANKFUL. Learning is equal to Blessing because it allows you to know what to do so that the entire universe, that creative force, takes you into the love, into the light, and into the peace of this wonderful trip that is life.

Thanks, Gurunam, for your presence. Thanks to all who make it possible for us to all be surrounded by blessings. -H.H.K.


Waking Up from a Coma

Not so long ago a 17 year old boy from outside of the United States was in a major car accident and experienced severe trauma to the brain. Doctors and surgeons concluded that the boy, who was alive but in a coma, would most likely never recover and remain in a vegetative state for the remainder of his life. His family was devastated. One of the extended family members had been exposed to the Rootlight CD series and recommended the Lumen de Lumine CD to the boy's family, to have played in his hospital room. Applying prayer and faith the family decided to play Lumen de Lumine in the young boy's room and in less than two weeks, not only did he come out of his comatose state but he was speaking and eating. This was nothing short of a miracle and the doctors/surgeons were completely surprised and baffled by the boy's miraculous recovery. So moved by this, the boy's surgeon asked permission of the boy and his family to bring him to the terminal patient ward of the hospital as an example of faith in action, to give hope to those without hope, and to show that miracles do happen. The Light of Lumen de Lumine is indisputable, constant, vast, miraculous, and very powerful. It works. Where there is light, coupled with faith, hope and love, there is no way miracles cannot happen. Lumen de Lumine is truly the most divine tool for accessing the Light in the purest most profound way for healing - for miracles.



My Aunt was known by people in my family as being "difficult" and always needing to get the last word in, so she would be "right".

Well, my grandmother was very ill, and my aunt and I were talking about it. She was angry and was holding a grudge about things that had happened between she and her mother for many years, and couldn't forgive her. We'd been on the phone for 2 hours, and I just kept thinking "if only I could get her to look inward instead of blaming everyone else around her, she'd have an epiphany."

While we were talking I prayed for God to take over in the conversation, and started projecting Lumine de Lumine in my mind, and surrounding her with light. The most amazing thing happened... Rather than blaming everyone else in her life, She began to see herself as responsible for the circumstances she found herself in, and said to me. "you know... I may be slow, but I think I just got that I have to have compassion for people around me because they are just going through the same garbage that I'm going through. I hope I remember that the next time I go to yell at someone."

What an amazing thing for someone to begin having compassion for the people around them. Thank God for Lumine de Lumine. -Margory

Neutralized Sugar Cravings

I was in Gurunam's yoga class in New York. We did two mantras: Guru Ram Das from the Heaven's Touch CD and Har Har Har Gobinde off of the Green House CD. Our palms were facing each other approximately six inches apart during the last mantra. At the time I was very frustrated with my constant cravings for sugar and my seeming inability to refrain from eating it. After the meditations he said that we should make a wish. My wish was that my relationship with sugar could be neutralized once and for all. I continued doing these mantras at home and have ever since not had the heavy sugar cravings. I can eat some fruit and not want to have processed sugars. This is a huge blessing for me because I can now take better care of my health by not only eating the right foods but also avoiding the wrong ones. Thank You Gurunam!!! -Maggie

Mantra Works

As I listen to Triple Mantra, I think of mantra as a science that heals. The efficacy of mantra surpasses even the most potent medicines and the results obtained of most sought after psychiatrists. It has the ability to create the most divine miracles. Mantra offers fast, long-lasting results, with a significant improvement in quality of life, enhancing one's relationship to others, and with one's self to the divine. Mantra works. -Anonymous


Traffic Unjammed

It was early 6am in New York City. We were heading into the Hudson Tunnel. There were three of us in the car and we were going on an adventure. Smiles and laughter were passed back and forth as we smoothly rode into the tunnel to get out of the city. Slowly but surely, however, our car was beginning to slow down as we drove deeper into the tunnel. We were crawling for a few minutes and then came to a complete halt. We were stuck in traffic. The driver of the car looked at us and asked: "What would be a good mantra to break through traffic?" "Triple Mantra," my friend answered excitedly. So the three of us put our hands into the Tree of Life mudra and began to chant. For a moment it felt like time stopped and all the orange yellow lights that illuminated the dark tunnel gleamed through our windshield creating a surreal image of light moving through space. The sound faded. All was still. We finished our third repetition of the mantra when suddenly the cars ahead of us started to move. The driver slowly pressed on the gas as he continued to chant the mantra with us. Within seconds all the cars were moving smoothly through and we soon saw daylight as we exited the tunnel with big smiles on our faces. "Wow, think of all the people we helped get to their destinations faster," my friend added. -Arthur

The Pure Love of an Open Heart

The Code of the Masters book and the Flow of Naam CD makes my heart sing... I am hearing it in my head even when it's not playing.. Please tell Gurunam how much I love the information and I am so sure the Triple Mantra saved my life a few months ago.. A really BIG deer ran right into my new Range Rover on the Drivers side.. and had I been 5 seconds slower he would have gone right through my windshield... There wasn't even but a small dent in the door... My first thought was of the Triple Mantra that I play every day for my precious husband (Wade) and I ... He takes his Harley to work most days.. so I worry a little bit.. he also survived a serious ruptured disk (in C7) a few years ago... and Ra Ma Da Sa was played in our house during his convalesces. He's 110% back now and the surgery at Duke was a success... I love him so we've been married almost 8 years now.. I am so sure Ra Ma Da Sa and Lumen De Lumine helped him.. He loves them too.. even though he doesn't quite "get" what it all means.. as he hasn't read all the books like I have.. he just says "Honey you know things... so I'll do whatever you ask me too"... I am soooo blessed..

Thank you and.. I love you all for the work you are doing...Raising the Vibration of the Planet.. It's why I'm here too... in my own little way... I know I make a difference.... -Michelle, NC

Naam Yoga - Gateway to Higher Consciousness

I've been doing yoga for almost 20 years and have been seriously meditating for about 7 years. I've sampled quite a few techniques. So when I first went to consult Gurunam, I was skeptical: did he really know what he's talking about? I thought I had seen the best.

Now my meditation is so delicious, beyond anything I had known. Now I understand what the yogis mean when they say "God satisfies all your needs." It's like opening a door and entering an entirely different world, so beautiful, and so full of magic. More importantly, now I can move between this world and the other levels of existence with ease. I don't have to strain myself to get there, and don't feel addicted to my meditation. Naam yoga is extraordinary because it connects you with God. Gracias!!! -With gratitude, Ranbir Kaur

Healing for Animals

My Arab Mare Sassy Marie foundered this summer and she is doing so much better. Ever since I started playing for her, and all the horses in the barn, the Lumen De Lumine and Ra Ma Da Sa CDs they have all become so laid back and happy. My mare is 21 and also has Cushings Disease (like people diabetes.) I play the CDs for them 24/7 and every time I go down there to the barn it's like there is light and love everywhere. My boarders don't really "get" it, but it's ok and they love it here nonetheless. Thank you for the work you all are doing for the planet, -Michelle

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