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Meditation for the Spring Equinox

To be practiced alone, with your loved ones, or in a group.

Preparation: All our passions should be directed toward the service of good. Stay away from negativity. Meditate and feel God for the days leading up to June 22. Consciously remember the link between you and your Creator, as it is always flowing within you. Put your hands on the chest at the mind nerve. Concentrate on the third eye. Breathe slowly and deeply for 3 min. Next, do breath of fire for 2 min. This will help you control your destiny. To end, inhale very deeply, exhale. Inhale deeply, expand your shoulders as well as your chest and exhale. Inhale very deeply, expand your body and relax.
Recommended music: Sounds of the Ether CD, track 5.



Invoking the Light


Lumen de Lumine Meditation: Work to serve the soul, not the ego. Remember that humility and service are the keys. Invite the heavens into your life. Perform the Kabbalah cross to start. (See page 196 of Lifting the Veil: Practical Kabbalah and Kundalini Yoga.) Next, invoke the heavenly light by chanting Lumen de Lumine. Put your palms on your heart center. Close the eyes, and listen to or chant along with the Lumen de Lumine CD for 3-11 minutes to surround yourself with the strength of 100 angels. To end, inhale very deeply, hold as you send healing to the earth, and exhale. Inhale deeply, expand your shoulders as well as your chest as you send healing to your loved ones, and exhale. Inhale very deeply, expand your body and relax. (Use the musical version found on the CDs Lumen de Lumine and Mystic Light.) This will heal and recharge you so that you may proceed to work on the world.

There are four distinct stages to this next healing ritual. The mighty Rose Croix Kabbalah word of power, Ieschoua (Yea Hesh Shoe Wah) is to be invoked three times at each stage of the ritual. At the end of the four stages, Ieschoua (Yea Hesh Shoe Wah) will have been invoked twelve times, corresponding to the twelve signs of the zodiac.

Part One: Bring Healing and Spiritual Strength to Yourself
Sit in a meditative position, spine straight, head erect, hands resting on the lap. Take a few moments to quiet the mind and slow the breath.
Visualize a beautiful, white flame in the center of your being, or in the healing space of your heart, expanding with every breath. Surround yourself in this beautiful sphere of white light energy. Feel love, warmth, and healing radiating from that white flame in your heart center, permeating every cell and spreading into your sphere of energy. Let it warm your heart and heal the core of your being. With the breath that binds all Godís creatures, send this loving and healing light out upon the Earth, in order that it may heal and lift the spirit of all who are caught in the limiting darkness of this reality. Take a deep breath. Hold a moment and softly invoke the sacred name Ieschoua (Yea Hesh Shoe Wah) three times while visualizing beams of radiant light showering the world with love, peace and light on all.

Part Two: Bring Healing and Order to Your City
Now turn your healing focus towards your city.
See the white light becoming more and more concentrated in your city. Take a deep breath. Hold a moment and softly invoke the sacred name of Ieschoua three times while sending thoughts of love, peace and light as detailed in part one.

Part Three: Bring Healing and Order to your Country and the World
Now, in your mindís eye, imagine your country. Allow the bright light to cover it completely. Now see the whole world surrounded by a beautiful egg or cloud of white sunlight. See every human being, including the leaders of various countries, receiving the healing warmth of light in their heart. Let it raise their consciousness in the service of creating a world of harmony. Take a deep breath. Hold a moment and softly invoke the sacred name of Ieschoua three times.

Part Four: Bring Healing Light to Your Loved Ones

Now bring your healing focus to your loved ones. Visualize the concentration of white light around each or all of them. Take a deep breath. Hold a moment and vibrate the sacred name of Ieschoua three times.

To Complete the Ritual
Recite the Prayer of Love, Peace, and Light.

Take a deep breath, hold, then exhale as you whisper, ďIt is done.Ē

Meditation For Personal Healing

     In addition to the above healing ritual, you may also do the Prayer of Love, Peace and Light as an exercise to benefit your health. Touch your thumb to the tip of your ring or Sun finger in order to tap into the healing and revitalizing Light of the Sun. On the inhaled breath, silently recite the Love part of the prayer. Next, hold the breath as you silently recite the Peace part of the prayer. Finally, on the exhaled breath, silently recite the Light part of the prayer. By doing this meditation before 10 AM, with your back facing the renewing rays of the Sun, you will increase its healing benefits. You can always do it at any time.

     Work with the breath as a platform, as it will strengthen and rejuvenate you. By performing this powerful healing exercise you will fix the heavenly energies of Love, Peace and Light into every cell of your body. The words of this prayer hold the Divine energies of the Heavens within them. All healing comes from Love. All darkness is dispelled by Light. Peace brings the serenity and centeredness that allows one to gracefully face the ups and downs of life.


     You can practice these special rituals on a daily basis, from March 21st until June 22nd, when the healing star of the Universe is most active. The early morning hours are the optimum hours for ritual and meditation. During this period of the day you are able to capture and project the most potent healing and beneficial energies, as the healing tides shift exactly at 12 PM. However, if you are unable to perform these rituals in the early morning hours, you can still receive benefits by performing them at another time of the day. After a couple weeks, you will begin attracting the healing, blessings and protection of the luminous beings. At the same time, you will be helping to heal the earth, raise the collective consciousness, and magnify your own light. Understand that even those with no knowledge of spirituality will reap the benefits of these rituals. The sacred word of power, Yea Hesh Shoe Wah, is beyond religion, race, creed, class and gender. It works within, and beyond, time and space.

An Alternative

     For those who prefer to chant mantra, the following mantras can serve as a replacement to the ritual outlined above. Begin with the first track of the Seal of Higher Destiny CD, and vibrate the Naam so that the Lord of the Universe, the God of incomparable beauty, the One who fulfills our hopes and aspirations, may sit in your heart. By meditating on Naam, negativity becomes erased from oneís mind and the destructive karmic influences incurred from so many past lives are burned. Vibrate this Naam for 11 minutes. In addition to the Seal of Higher Destiny, Guru Ram Das Ė the first track on the Heavenís Touch CD, should also be used. Heavenís Touch causes opportunities to come to you in unexpected ways. Finally, you will want to chant the first track of the Mystic Light CD, Ra Ma Ram Ram. This mantra builds confidence, attracts opportunities, and clears your spiritual path. It creates a powerful energy of self-trust that makes others invest in your trustworthiness. Ra Ma Ram Ram develops the attitude of prosperity that lets you sustain your projection in the midst of all the experiences you attract. It magnifies the aura, brings vitality, and generates the energy of success.

     Simply put, these rituals and mantras work. As you commit to and learn the Divine Spiritual Wisdom, you will become a beacon of light and love, and an instrument of peace in the world. You will join the lineage of the Community of Light as a true servant of God.



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