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The Only Permanent Form of Healing is Self-Healing - Spiritual Healing

Self-healing is initiated when we begin to live in accordance with the laws of God and Nature.

It is important to realize that true healing comes from the Great Architect of the Universe and, therefore, is only accomplished through a function of His laws. When we gain knowledge of these laws, we are able to heal the mental and physical diseases that take root when we live outside their bounds. Conversely, when we either break these laws, or choose not to live in harmony with them, we must suffer the consequences. These consequences come in the form of partial or complete systemic breakdown.

Self-healing is initiated when we become aware of the laws of God and Nature, and begin to live in accordance with them. Man's very essence is duality, a spiritual body that gives divine guidance to a physical body. As the body houses the spirit, the spirit inspires the body. Thus working in tandem to infuse the human being with the divine spark of life, both the spiritual and the physical must reflect the harmony of the relationship. Otherwise, whatever affects one body necessarily influences the other. When you listen to or vibrate Naam, it automatically magnifies the puissance of the prayers of the Healing Circle. Vibrating the Naam invokes an invisible pyramid that brings down the divine power from the Father, so that His will may be done. You must also purify yourself by clean living, for an unclean vessel cannot contain pure and wholesome energy. The work of our heavenly science is to help man/woman transcend his/her present environment and limiting influences, so that he/she may again commune with God within and regain the Lost Paradise. When a man or woman acquires the ability to commune with the Infinite intelligence at will and consequently is illuminated by the influx of Divine Wisdom received, he/she is then ready to apply such wisdom to the earthly realm where he/she exists as a commissioner of God.

The ultimate goal of this sacred wisdom is to lead humankind to reintegration back to our original Source, which is accomplished by passing through the gate of regeneration. Naam (Divine Word) is the heavenly agent of regeneration. Naam will connect you to God. Regardless of what your problem may be, keep in mind that God is not outside of you. You are not lost, separated from God. It is really a choice within you, an awakening of sorts, to realize that God exists everywhere. We are not alone. We live in a state of ceaseless guidance, in a field of infinite knowingness, but most people are deaf to the process. Through Naam we connect with God. Through this process, we also generate healing energy which can be directed to any body part or released into space to flow as a healing force to those in need, regardless of their location. Through the Holy Naam, we can directly contact God's omnipresent consciousness. Therefore, there is instant contact between the earnest request of one in need and the concentrated energy sent forth by the Circle of Light. The Circle of Light is here to serve you as a pure act of love.

There are three important books one must read for health matters: The Divine Doctor, The Code of the Masters and The Healing Fire of Heaven. These spiritual healing books give us invaluable knowledge concerning Man's relationship to Nature, including many time-proven healing methods. As well, if you wish to increase your prosperity, reading chapter seven of Lifting the Veil can be extremely helpful.

Above all, you must make your body a suitable instrument through Naam. The world's great religions state that all created things originate in the cosmic vibratory energy of Naam, the Word, or Holy Ghost. "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God ... All things were made by Him, and without Him was not anything made which was made (John 1:1,3)." The omnipresent Naam that holds the world together faithfully testifies to the continuous operation of the cosmic "engine" that upholds every particle of creation through its vibratory energy. Naam removes the grime from your existence so that your actualized life may manifest. In addition, the transcendental healing system of Harmonyum regenerates you by renewing your entire spiritual being. Through receiving Harmonyum we can consciously increase the body's supply of prana or life force. Harmonyum will change the entire direction of your life through the process of transmutation and evolution. Then the purified and perfected qualities of the new self can arise within you, creating a rebirth on the higher planes of consciousness.


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