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Becoming a Naam Yoga Teacher

Practical spiritual tools to help heal yourself and guide others on the path to self-healing.

All those who walk upon the path of light are being called upon to learn this Divine science, so that they may assist others through these rapidly changing times. People will be coming to you for help; Naam Yoga has the tools needed to provide that help. As a teacher of Naam Yoga you are armed with the spiritual weapons of love, truth and wisdom. In addition, you will have extensive practical knowledge that you can apply in problem solving, in your daily life, for your friends, family, students and all who cross your path. Cosmic Law, planetary wisdom, mantras, mudras, meditation and yoga are just some of the tools you will have to call upon. These teachings will allow you to know your true self, heal yourself and uplift those who come to you facing challenges. It doesn't matter who comes to you, or what the problem, you will have the resources you need to help them.

In this 200-hour course you will learn new sequences of yoga and the therapeutic application of mudras and mantras, many of which have not been openly taught. Yogic techniques taught in this course include: Naam Yoga Kriyas (specific yoga sequences), Mantra (repetition of Divine Word—Naam), Mudra Therapy (hand positions), Pranayama (science of breath), Applications of Yoga in Everyday Life. You will also learn practical principles of Universal Kabbalah, including: Manifestation, Self-Healing & The Cause of Illness, Kabbalistic Numerology, The Tree of Life, Cosmogony (Workings of the Cosmos), Archangels & Beings of Light, The Science of Sound, The Science of Light, 7 Creative Planets, Sacred Symbols, Yogic Recipes and Healing Herbs & Much More…

In addition to the classroom time, this training utilizes the time between weekends and participants' own accelerated evolutionary process to impart the deep meaning and experience of Naam. Along with the guidance and support of their peers, a personal Naam Yoga spiritual practice helps students through their transformational process. Naam Yoga Teacher Training emphasizes teaching skills, therefore you will develop the capacity to teach students in many settings and feel comfortable holding space for students in and out of a classroom setting.

The Naam Yoga Therapies Training program is hosted by Naam Yoga LA Healing and Research Center is a registered yoga school with Yoga Alliance, a non-profit organization that maintains educational standards and a national registry of registered Yoga Teachers. The UFHC 200-hour Naam Yoga Teacher Training program meets or exceeds all education requirements set by Yoga Alliance. Completion of this program automatically qualifies students to be recognized as a registered Yoga Teacher at the 200-hour level (RYT 200) by Yoga Alliance. Immerse yourself in this unique Teacher Training program of yoga, mudras, mantras, breathwork, self-healing techniques and Universal Kabbalah. Open your heart, awaken cosmic consciousness and uplift others!

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Naam Yoga


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