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Music that Heals the Soul

A difference you can feel.

Spiritual and meditation music differs from mainstream music in both origin and effect. Ancient Kabbalists believed that the utterance of certain words could be used to attract luck, health and divine protection. The Rootlight Sacred Meditation Music CD series was created in accordance with this principle. These CDs raise one's consciousness through melody and mantra. Each contains a secret Kabbalistic formula that is in perfect harmony with the divine and creative laws of the cosmos. Therefore, each acts as an invisible key, opening the door to opportunities that help the individual achieve his/her innermost dreams of living a successful, fulfilling life, while smoothing the way for spiritual growth. They transform the path of misfortune, illness, and sorrow into one of abundance, health, and happiness, for these melodies and mantras have been inspired by angelic forces whose only intention is to heal mankind and inspire greatness.

A true spiritual CD charges your human battery, because a potent combination of angelic and planetary influences endows a specific type of Kabbalistic energy during its production. The exact nature of this energy will depend upon which spiritual benefit the experienced Kabbalist creating the CD wishes to bestow upon those who are listening to it or chanting along with it. Once the meditation CD has been empowered with Kabbalistic energy, it acts in conjunction with the principle of universal sympathy to attract a flow of similar energy in the universe. This means that our CDs simultaneously fulfill the purpose of the cause to which they are dedicated while eradicating darkness from the life of its owner. For example, if your health is impaired, our CDs designed to assist in health related matters will act as a magnet, attracting healing energy from the universe. When you chant along with the CDs in the Rootlight Sacred Music series while using the breath in a specific manner, you connect with the universe and your deepest intuitive faculties. Your body heals, your mind settles, and you heart experiences the tranquility of truth.

The nineteen Rootlight CDs are unparalleled in their ability to connect you, and all areas of your life, with the healing powers of the universe. They are the ultimate spiritual weapons of protection. Not only will they keep you young and healthy, they will also cut through everything that is impeding your progress on your spiritual path. Dr. Joseph Michael Levryís unique ability to accurately visualize the electro-magnetic field and his experience of working with over 50,000 students individually allows him see the results of each CD in action. Each track is tested and refined before being sent to production through a careful observation of the changes in the listenerís and chanterís aura or energy field. Simply put, this is no ordinary music. Just listening to the healing alchemy of syllable formation, notes, melody, chord, rhythm and tempo woven into each track will create a beneficial impact on the way you think and feel. You can verify the energetic shift for yourself by using Kirlian photography. These nineteen authentic CDs are necessary, transformational spiritual tools for all who want to move with grace through the turbulence that has been predicted for the years leading up to 2012, and beyond. Within each track, the spiritual sciences of Kabbalah and Naam Yoga are woven to produce an extremely effective vehicle for the transmission of the power of the WORD as it was originally intended to enlighten mankind. Moreover, these CDs were created when the Moon was in a favorable position, and the heavens granted clearance for the utmost benefit for human beings. You can rely on these sacred tools to heal any aspect of your life. In difficult times, they will be your best friends. They will not let you down.

It takes an extraordinary combination of time, dedication, knowledge, and skill to create sacred music that will impact the soul. We believe it is the birthright of each and every person on the planet to experience the blessings invoked by these highly secret words of power once available only to the spiritual elite. Therefore, if you desire a spiritual CD that possesses maximum effectiveness, we invite you to experience the Rootlight Sacred Music CD Series. The extraordinary quality of our music and the creative power of our CDs speak for themselves. Those who have experienced other spiritual CDs and are now trying the Rootlight CDs can attest to the difference. When you add the nineteen Rootlight Meditation Music CDs to your library, it is akin to possessing the keys of mastery that cause the door of opportunity, once closed, to fly open. Once you embark on this spiritual journey of words and music, you will feel free to gravitate toward that which makes your soul sing.

Kabbalah and Naam Yoga are our sacred birthright as human beings. When you work with our Divine Spiritual Wisdom, the day shall come when you will cause your immortal, incorruptible principle, lying in your spiritual body, to consume all other principles that are not allied with the eternal Truth of Life. The envelope of animal man's faculty will be stripped away so that you can appear in your original purity and splendor. Then, you will become the embodiment of the light that breathes in you. No mortal tongue can describe how bright this light is or how beautiful. Yet and still, you will perpetually live in this light, seeing it all around you and showering its brilliance onto all you encounter. Understand that the path of light is the only way to overcome the cycle of karma. Once you have mastered it, nothing can disturb you. You will live beyond the power of the cycle of time, in a healthy state of existence.


Naam Yoga


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