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Origin of Man

Before the Fall

According to Kabbalah, humankind is like a group of cells. Each person represents a cell or a unit in the body of Adamic Humanity, and the privation or darkness in which we dwell is a result of Humanís symbolic fall from an original state of glory and oneness with the Divine Being, for Man-God, known in Kabbalah as Adam Kadmon, was originally a unified being. Before the fall, this collective man had a glorious spiritual form and was living on a higher spiritual plane enjoying the most incredible privileges. After the misuse of free-will, Adam, or Man-God, was cast out of that higher plane and lost his pristine position and spiritual privileges. As a result of the fall, this unified being became fragmented, and the cells of that being are now the souls of the men and women we now refer to as humanity. As you can naturally deduce from the above, every man and woman is connected. We are each one cell of Adam Kadmon.




Universal Kabbalah


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