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The Seven Archangels

"Seven lights are there in the most high..."

Everything on Earth and in Heaven contains meaning, especially its secret and soul meaning, as well as its place and number in the order of things, as decreed in the Heavenly design. Every day of the week, every hour of the day has a corresponding sacred meaning and number that governs its action, attesting to the incredible regularity and organization of Heaven, which is beyond word. The laws of the seven Archangels are immutable cosmic laws that are final and entirely different from man made laws and operate on an unknown plane. God, the great Architect of the universe, effected the manifestation of certain laws that they might operate towards a certain end. In our limited ability to understand these laws, we are even more limited in our ability to perceive their outcome since we can only comprehend a fraction of the original intelligence, God, who instituted these principles.

The great hidden truth contained in the operation of the seven Archangels, who stand for the expression of the mysterious God force in nature, may forever remain a mystery to those who have not yet realized the importance of the Divine Spiritual Wisdom. Divine justice operates through these seven Archangels and uses the seven creative planets, which compose the karmic wheel to restore harmony in all things. After King Solomon, son of King David, ascended to the throne and the knowledge and wisdom he so fervently desired was bestowed upon him by the Creator, he said: "I thank thee O creator of the universe that thou has taught me the secrets of the planets that I may knowest the times and seasons of things; the secrets of men's hearts, their thoughts, and the nature of their Being, thou gavest unto me this knowledge which is the foundation of all my wisdom." These seven creative planets are the outcome of the influence of the seven Archangels, who sit before the throne of God and whose magnetic influence radiates all over the Earth. They are also responsible for the seven days of the week, which exist throughout the world. It is written in the Zohar, "seven lights are there in the most high, and there dwell the most ancients, the secret of secrets, the hidden of all hidden ones Ain Soph." The magnetic influence of the seven Archangels who stand forever before the throne, have helped the laws of God become known on this earth long before human made his creeds and man made laws.

From the beginning of time through the very confines of prehistoric days to present day, we find the influence of the seven creative planets governed by these seven Archangels in every country of the world. These Archangels direct and control the entire course of life through the seven planetary bodies. This mysterious energetic influence affects every sentient being in the universe. The seven planets not only compose the karmic wheel; they set in motion the universal laws that are responsible for the order and regularity of everything in Heaven and on Earth. They ensure that we comply with the natural laws, systems and order of things in the universe to which we owe our very Being.

People give little thought to their place in the universe, or are seldom conscious of the manifestation of the laws of the seven Archangels, unless these laws interrupt their human lives or create an inward crisis that brings them to their attention. We are all interconnected throughout the universe. We often act as if we are separate from one another; in fact, we are representations of a greater whole, a manifestation of a law of the universe that binds us to one another. When we pray, we ask to be connected to the Creator and his universal plan, linking us in harmony to all other living beings. It is important to keep in mind that we live in a purposeful universe governed by a superior intelligence. And the law of the seven Archangels is a cosmic and absolutely just law that is immutable until the purpose is fulfilled. Divine justice is indicated by the fact that the law of the seven Archangels operating through the seven creative planets will continue to operate toward their end whether or not every man and woman understand them or even works with them. One cannot change the laws of the seven Archangels, because they work for a purpose which is much more important and much more significant in the entire cosmic scheme than our little selves.

You can work with the law of the seven Archangels so as to improve your health, your love relationship, and your life. These are fully covered in the books: The Divine Doctor, The Alchemy of Love Relationships, and Lifting the Veil. The manifestation of the laws of the seven archangels affects everyone. They are the reason why the universe moves in such order and harmony. They are not only the ruling laws of this Age, but also, they will be visibly active in our lives, all the way to 2012 and beyond. When we work with them to understand them, we automatically receive help from heaven. Therefore, if we have gained an insight that makes it possible for us to enter into a deeper relationship with these laws, then we must compensate for the benefits that we have gained. For example, if we are fortunate in business, money matters, or health, then we should strive through our own effort of sharing our gains to make it possible to truly assist others who are not as fortunate, and who desire similar goals as ours. It is important to remember that we are all interconnected throughout the whole universe. We should stop acting as if we are separate from one another. By serving others we are helping ourselves.

Now is the time for the greater truths concerning the nature of our divine spiritual wisdom at this moment in history to be shared and expanded upon throughout the world. Moreover, the Divine has ordained its usage so that the promise of great transformation can be brought about exactly at this time; we have held this space in time for worldwide healing since the beginning of ages past. Let us pray during these complex times so that we may receive blessings from Heaven and gracefully face the challenges of our personal and collective destiny. Let us pray for all, for ourselves and for this process. We must pray so as to dwell in the shelter of Heaven, so we may rest in the shadow of the Luminous Beings and feel our connection to them. For prayer is the power that all human beings have by birthright; when we speak the Word, the Luminous Beings may act on the physical world through the invisible world. We must also keep in mind that if every prayer were answered, we would have more misery, more inconvenience, and more trouble than currently exists; therefore, pray wisely, and for the best interest of all. Prayer is the simplest act, its impact seems invisible, yet it can accomplish everything. It is the heavenly power that transforms all misfortune into delight, because it is a godly act from the heart. Blessed is the man or woman who practices with the Word and makes the Lord their trust. Those who pray shall inherit the land of light, and shall delight in the abundance of peace.


Universal Kabbalah


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