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A True Spiritual Master

by World Renowned Yogi, Mystic and Universal Kabbalah Master, Joseph Michael Levry

Reading this work with an open heart will bring light to your mind, peace to your heart and strength to your spirit. Before I begin, I need to acknowledge the Rose Croix Kabbalah Initiates and Masters who guided me at an early age and imparted this once secret and vast Divine Spiritual Science to me; for from Divine Spiritual Wisdom emanates all wisdom, all knowledge and all guidance. I am extremely grateful to the late Master of White Tantric and Kundalini Yoga, Yogi Bhajan, the Siri Singh Sahib, who lovingly supported me throughout the many years, and encouraged me to merge the holy Kabbalah with Kundalini Yoga. For it is he who said, “It took me (Yogi Bhajan) 40 years to learn this science and it took you (Joseph Michael Levry) to write it down. This work shall live forever.” I am also deeply grateful to Maharaj Ji for giving me the Naam while I was in India. Babaji is a holy person of biblical proportions whose powerful spirituality was first recognized when he was a child. It was Baba Siri Chand Ji, the great sixteenth-century yogi, mystic and elder son of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the first Sikh Guru, who appeared to him and instructed him. Not long thereafter, Baba Siri Chand Ji returned with his father Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Guru Nanak gave him the Naam. As a boy, Babaji began healing intractable diseases, bringing the dead back to life and transforming people's lives. Villagers soon recognized that great spiritual powers were developing within him. Maharaj Ji is a true symbol of holiness, humility and service.

One of the highest blessings that you can receive from God while living on earth is meeting a True Spiritual Master. It is like finding your second mother, for a Master is the One through whom you will be born into the higher world. A True Spiritual Master is the Word Made Flesh. Finding one is a precious treasure, for a Master is the incarnation of the Word, or Naam. A True Master will teach you the exact divine science, the exact spiritual technology, the exact celestial knowledge which will allow you to connect with and experience the highest, purest wisdom in this universe. He will transmit to you the nourishing fire that gives the strength to act upon everything in nature. He will give you the golden key that opens the gate of mystery. By working with a True Master, a person can experience direct connection with the Spirit of God, and the unseen realm, so that one may receive unimaginable celestial treasures and the spiritual knowledge of all natural things.

The True Master will show you how to work with the forces of nature, planetary powers and zodiacal stars to heal yourself and serve others. He will reveal to you the secret of the inner Kabbalah along with the highest form of yoga. By working with a True Master, a person can receive the graceful method of awakening Cosmic Consciousness, so that he/she experiences an unusual joy which no one can take away from him/her. Working under a True Master is the beginning of the manifestation of the human soul. He will cause your soul to rise and display its timeless beauty. A True Master will open your heart so that Divine warmth can flow into it, and you may experience Divine joy and gladness. He will help you see the light of your soul, which will cast its beam far and wide, enabling you to see the indescribable wonder of God, nature and Man. God gives the Master, and the Master gives you God through the science of Naam. In this life there are two great gifts: the first is prana, the breath of life, and the second is a spiritual teacher or Master. Both gifts are given by the Grace of God. A True Master, then, is the pure vehicle through which the soul can connect with God.

A True Master will be known by his vast and magnetic aura that looks like the sun, and by his simple, direct and down-to-earth way. His words touch the heart because they emanate from one who serves thousands of lives as the conduit of the Divine energy. He is the Word Made Flesh, and the heavenly force is transmitted through his very presence. The aura and blessings of a True Spiritual Master can bring the entire psyche and being of those in his presence into balance. In the play of human existence, the True Spiritual Master is a different sort of being. His life is only sacrifice and, therefore, it contains more problems to resolve than that of the ordinary soul. His life is never his own, as he sacrifices his personal comforts in order to serve and transmute the karma of all with whom he comes into contact. The more the Master yields to his Divine function, however, the more powers become available. While he is the sacrificial embodiment of Divine Consciousness, the Master is still subject to some of the limitations of human existence. During his lifetime, he is transfigured and awakened to his Divine purpose. The life of a Master is one of constant service and communication of the Divine Spiritual Wisdom that is passed down through the ages.

A True Spiritual Master understands the pains of the world, as well as how to access the channels of cosmic energy in order to mitigate those pains. The majority of people are held captive by their destructive patterns caused by the seven negative karmic influences. It is only through Naam, and the help and guidance of a True Spiritual Master, that these persons can be assisted in overcoming their bad habits. A True Spiritual Master will teach you that nothing occurs by chance, and nothing is based on probability. Everything on your life's journey is directly related to your focus on self-improvement and your spiritual practice. Some of the hardships you experience are the obstacles you have created through the karma that you’ve accrued. Yet, karma can become a blessing. No matter how tumultuous of a time you have been through, or how much longer is required, you can't be attached to time. In general, eliminating all karma for a student is not permitted, and while a Master can help, every student must repay their karma. After the karmic arrangements are made prior to re-entering the realm of the earth, nothing other than Naam, along with the guidance of a True Spiritual Master, can change your karmic debt. To do otherwise would be to violate Heaven's Laws.

If you do Naam to merge with God, your illness will be healed. If you do Naam for the purpose of healing your illness, then the illness will not be healed. It is only by merging with God, which is Naam, that the goal will be achieved. Human bodies are meant to repay karma, and some karma manifests as illness. Therefore, practice Naam, receive Harmonyum Healing and give up your attachment to healing your illnesses. As a matter of fact, the Harmonyum Healing System will help you give up your attachments so that you may create the platform for self-healing. Interestingly, when you do Naam Yoga, you are spared collective karma, though you still have to deal with your individual karma. When a person is going through cycles of reincarnation in the human realm, he is reincarnating in the midst of hardship no matter how great his life is, and no matter how blessed. For Naam Yogis, everything you owed in the past will be repaid and settled through the bestowal of blessings upon you through Naam. Also, the tribulations that you experience while going through your spiritual practice are meant to pay for the karmic debts that you owe. Even though the increased hardship might render you unable to practice, you should still endeavor to keep up with your work.

When a Naam Yogi is about to run into trouble, the energy force of the Naam will dissolve the obstacles in his/her path. Naam can also give you signs and warnings of events to come. When you are dedicated to the sacred wisdom passed on to you by a Master who truly works with the unseen world, some angels may appear in your dreams or before your eyes to share things with you. If your level of spiritual evolution is not high enough, they will not let you see them, but they can let you know through signs. There are times when these luminous beings will let you see them in your sleep, often when you are in a dream state. Certain people can see luminous beings consistently in their dreams. If your ability to concentrate is very good, you may also see these helpful beings during meditation. However, if you desire to see them only for the pleasure of doing so, meaning that your desire to see them is motivated by your ego, you will not be allowed to see them. As long as you practice Divine Spiritual Wisdom for the purpose of merging with God, you will surely be able to see these luminous beings in the future.

Healing an average person takes his/her whole life and entails balancing his/her karmic relationships simultaneously in various dimensions. All those debts must be resolved benevolently in order for the ailments of this lifetime to be resolved. Some people accumulate a lot of karma. People leave this life with both the white light they have gained through doing service and good deeds, along with the black light of the negative karma they have collected. Normally, the elimination of karma cannot be done unconditionally, nor can it all be eliminated for you. It is said in the sacred teachings that you cannot succeed in seeing the unseen in one lifetime, and that only after a few reincarnations can you succeed in accomplishing this task. Basically, you are unable to eliminate that much karma all at once. Your capacity to see the unseen is proportional to how much karma you resolve.

A True Spiritual Master understands that each student must venture into the positive and negative side of things in order to wash out their karmic garbage and cleanse their psyches of that which has been holding them down for many lifetimes. It takes time, energy and patience on the part of a True Master to polish the rough edges of each student so that he/she is able to effectively communicate the teachings. You can pack a donkey with many holy books, but it will never be a priest. Therefore, it takes a tremendous amount of willingness on the part of the student; willingness to do the hard work necessary for authentic transformation. Initially, when the Master begins to polish the stone, the stone cries out, “Why does he chisel me?” But, after a time, as the stone becomes precious, it recognizes how necessary the chisel was, how vital it was to polish. As a result, you leave your old life and enter into the new one with a new understanding. When working with a True Master, he will both help you, and get on your case. This will make you strong enough to handle the pressure that comes with being out in the world on your own. It is a great privilege when the Master is harsh on you, because Gold is known by the fire it goes through. Remember, all Masters were once students who were also taken through the fire by their Masters. All must pass through the same door in order to become strong. It cannot be otherwise. The most difficult thing to do is win the heart of a True Master. When you do so, you are winning the heart of the Cosmic Mother. Thousands of people come before the True Spiritual Master. Through a screening process, he chooses to work with those who are truly devotional. And, among the devotional, he screens again to find the most devotional one. In essence, the student is the baby to the Master. As such, the student is secure when he/she is holding onto the mother with all his/her might. The relationship that develops between the Master and the student is a healing, Divine bond. Nobody can break it. Through this relationship, the Master helps the student reach his/her highest destiny and find the real Master within. Indeed, the real Master, the God of your heart, is always living in you, in your heart. This is the One Truth.
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