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The Eye of God: Seeing Beyond the Mask of Spiritual Corruption and Falsehood, page 2

The wise among us turn away from false prophets and turn our attention and toward the heavens.

In the scriptures you read: “I am the Bread of Life. If any man eats of this Bread, he shall live forever.” God is Light; God is Life; God is Love. The Bread of Life is nothing but the Sun. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God.” The Word is the Cause of all Creation, settled in Heaven. It is the Bread of Life, referred to by Embodiment of Christ, which came from Heaven. The outer manifestation of the Word, which was made flesh, is the Sun. As the psalmist said, “The Word is a Lamp unto my feet, and a Light unto my path.” And, as Christ said, “I am the Light of the World.” There is one truth, and that truth is blanketed in the light of the Word made visible by the Sun, the Father of all Light. Since we are each a brilliant ray of the Sun, we are Children of the Light. Just as the outer Sun controls the universe, the inner Sun controls our being. We live and move by it. Meditating on the Sun on a daily basis is a method of working on the inner Sun.

By working on the Sun you will cause the projection of your energy field to arrange the rays of your existence so that your psycho-electro-magnetic circle can organize all the surrounding magnetic fields in tune. In other words, the environment will operate in tune with your purpose. Working with the Sun will cause the Divine Source that prevails through you to project the light of God. As a result, all darkness goes away. Wherever you go, there shall be light, beauty, bounty and fulfillment. This practice is the science of changing and strengthening the radiance to give expanded life and capacity. Working with the Sun is the spiritual art of setting the flow of the psyche in tune with the surrounding magnetic field. It is the king of the mysteries of God, Man and Nature, the guardian of the secret of spirituality, the keeper of the key to the secrets of good health and long life, the conveyor of love, wisdom and truth, and the carrier of the creative force of God. The healing work of the Sun is completely done in silence, with its unseen renewal and maintenance of the energies that contribute to the existence and order of the universe assisting the Divine in fulfillment of its plan for evolution and expansion.

We must first know ourselves. This is only achieved by working with our seven negative karmic influences and gaining knowledge of our ruling planetary bodies. It is a matter of rising above body consciousness via self analysis to gain practical knowledge of who we really are. By meditating on the Sun, you are taken high above the consciousness of your body so that you may neutralize your body of pain and give the inner Sun a chance to rise in your heart. Your body of pain is the karmic cross you carry in this lifetime, made up of your seven negative karmic influences and the combine energies of your ruling planetary bodies. This process allow you to face yourself by facing your darkness with the light of the Sun, so that you may cause the inner Sun to rise in your heart and glimpse the light of the soul. This is the goal. But, in order to know our higher selves, we must first know our selves.

Our body of pain determines our pattern of behavior, which is the rate of frequency and the radiance of the psyche and the magnetic field in relationship to the universal psyche and magnetic force. By meditating on the Sun, we are able to clean the body of pain with light, so that we may relate with that universal radiation so the beam and frequency of our projection may be clean and bright. As a result we are in harmony with the entire universe, and are supported by the heavens. Meditating on the Sun causes the soul to open the heart, so that man becomes divine.

Meditate on the outer Sun and cause the inner Sun to rise in your heart so that you may see through your mind into your own soul. Those who meditate on the Sun are uplifted to experience an enfoldment and perfection of the soul, an opening of the intuitive faculties and heart, and an ability to recognize the beauty within and without. Working with the Sun will embellish the light of your aura, making it rich, intense and pure to the extent that you have the projection, presence and power to attract the beneficial currents of nature and higher beings of the universe. It will transform you into a beautiful lighthouse, which is harmonized with the divine world. Mentally travel to the Sun, and you will be connected to the heart of the universe in such a way that all the currents running through your body are brought into harmony.
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