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A True Spiritual Master, page 3

by World Renowned Yogi, Mystic and Universal Kabbalah Master, Joseph Michael Levry

In this life, it is important to find a true living Master who is able to impart to you, through Naam, the everlasting inner connection of the soul with God, and who will guide you until you reach the goal of oneness with God. The Master appears when the student is ready. Once found, your Spiritual Master will teach you the Divine Spiritual Wisdom and initiate you with the science of Naam. Upon initiation into the vast heavenly science, you are then charged with maintaining a connection with the three Circles of Light. The first Circle of Light corresponds to the physical plane, and is activated by your pure love for the Master. The second Circle of Light corresponds to the astral plane, and is activated by your love for the teachings. The third Circle of Light corresponds to the divine plane, and is activated by your love of God. It is very rare to encounter a living Master who works with the unseen. When a Master can perceive the unseen, he is possessed of a pure and massive desire to serve mankind and has only been given this knowledge in order to further his service. When you merge with such a Master, he gives you a taste of the unseen by teaching you the various laws of nature that govern life. Then all your inner faculties will begin to open, and you will understand things as you have never understood them before. Your heart will be purified, and you will communicate from an open, loving stance that is nourished and fortified by the Living Word that the True Master embodies. Time and space do not interfere with the work of a Master. The Power of the Master is all-pervading and not confined to any one place. The gifts of a Master are priceless. Only the currency of this Divine Spiritual Wisdom given to you by a Master allows you to navigate through this world and the higher dimensions. Understand that sex, money and power will never go past your last breath. It is the Divine Spiritual Wisdom you have learned and all the good that you have done while living on the earth that will remain with you and follow you into the hereafter. Divine Spiritual Wisdom is the only currency used in all the other dimensions beyond the earth. The fact is, no amount of money can buy you a car or a house in the higher world. It just doesn't work that way. Authentic spiritual wealth causes the universe to take care of you in this lifetime and beyond. Also, the words and advice of a True Master will always be effective and in the highest interest of the student, and will always produce results. When you read the work of a Master, no matter where you are, the power of his words subtly and distinctively penetrate to the core of your being and begin changing you. A real Master will not interfere with your fate or your free will, but will guide you gracefully. You alone will change to the measure to which you are ready, as the heavenly light always gives you free will. You will develop psychic spiritual powers, becoming one of the thousand hands of Heaven that love to serve and bring great joy to the world.

Humankind usually lives in a degraded state, however, the path of Naam will give you the highest spiritual strength and true grace. It is important to keep in mind that no yoga posture can open the heart; only Naam can do it. Work to serve the soul, and through humility and selfless service you will achieve true happiness. The crown of sacred wisdom, which is Naam, gracefully and sweetly arouses the dormant power and makes a person all-knowing, peaceful and full of light. When we vibrate the Naam, we expand the breath and contract through the heart, which causes us to digest heavenly light. By focusing on the third eye or seat of the soul, and vibrating Naam, one is lifted and carried up by the sound current from one plane to the other until he/she becomes All-knowing, All-pervading and All-powerful, embracing the totality of His being. Naam makes one as perfect as is the Father in Heaven. Besides physical health, it bestows mental and spiritual equilibrium, which is the health of spirit and on which the health of both the body and the mind depends. The spiritual journey starts by going within because this is the true pathway toward the kingdom of God. By rising above the physical body, one grows in awareness and consciousness of a higher order. Vibrating Naam lifts the soul beyond time and space. Naam is the heavenly food of the most perfect and God-like beings, a celestial diet that gives us radiant health and a path toward fulfilling our destiny. Naam enhances the development of the dormant faculty within us that allows us to perceive hidden, eternal truths. The opening of this spiritual faculty represents the mystery of regeneration Ė the vital union between God and man. Readiness is achieved by developing the willingness to serve your fellow man. Humility and service are the keys to open the door. The Master takes you in and guides you upward because the way of Naam lies inward and upward. By vibrating Naam we knock on the door of Heaven, so that it may be opened to us. It is especially important to repeat Naam without disturbing the steady and intently penetrating gaze emanating from the All-seeing eye; the third eye. With Naam you will be taken into the upper world where you will experience things neither seen nor heard, nor ever conceived of before. Ascending from one spiritual plane to another gives greater awakening and an awareness of a higher level. Naam allows us to ascend from the physical to the astral planes, and then to the divine plane.

To those of you on the path of light and service, who are being faced with gossip and criticism, just keep in mind that if all the criticism and resistance represented by the forces of darkness were eliminated from our lives, the power of goodness would be left unmanifest and by the lack of comparison would remain unqualified and perhaps unknown. If there were no such thing in the electric circuit as a small globe containing a wire of high resistance, the electric current flowing through the wires in our homes and offices would never produce any light to dispel the darkness. The resistance offered by the fine wire acting as a challenge to the flow of electric energy, attempting to stop it, curtail it, to checkmate its rhythmic surge, is what produces in the electric globe, a light. There are always challenges in spreading the Work of Light, but these obstacles inspire the greater light to be revealed. Nothing can destroy a servant of the universe from carrying out the Work of Light and serving others. They are protected by the higher worlds, the Lord of the invisible Community of Light. There is a Cosmic law which states that regardless of how seriously, how costly, and how sadly a servant of light is forced to labor as a result of the unpleasant, unkind, and incorrect activities of the representatives of the darker forces, and regardless of how greatly he/she personally suffers in time, effort, and mental concern, it will always be known to them that they are protected by the Light of Heaven, and must carry on without one degree of concession to the fictitious claims and attitudes of these unevolved beings and representatives of the forces of darkness. When people criticize and gossip about you they are doing you a big favor. It's the best PR you can find. Cook these obstacles with the fire of Naam and transform them into your breakfast. A Spiritual Master is not disturbed by opposites. He will teach you that everything in this world is perishable, and the only constant is change. He will show you that in order to find permanent peace in this unstable world, we must find Naam. Naam does not die. Therefore, by uniting ourselves with the Word, we are released from the cycle of re-birth and find our seat in the home of God where there is eternal peace. Understand that in order to find peace and happiness on this earth, we must unite our soul with God through Naam. This is the only union that will make us truly happy. A True Spiritual Master who is already united with God can impart the method of uniting with God through Naam, for a true living Master is one who has been commissioned by God to reconnect souls. The crown of a True Spiritual Master is only bestowed by the heavens.

The Wisdom and Teachings of a Master will confirm and bring into perspective all that you have previously discovered and practiced. It is then up to you to maintain the rigorous adherence to truth and selflessness required to reach the highest summits of the spirit. The Master neither reacts nor judges. He will only act in harmony with the heavens, and he will teach you that succumbing to reactions only creates additional karma. He will show you how to enter the eye of the storm so that you may escape the turbulent, destructive power of karma. He will lovingly teach you that all situations must be faced with compassion, love and prayer. We must keep in mind that there are always two sides to the truth in human matters. The universal truth is, that which we consider bad is God, and that which we consider good is God: this is the whole of God as He manifests in the world. The first refinement of higher consciousness is to accept the presence of God in darkness as well as in the light. All situations are opportunities for growth that prepare us for the future. With a telescopic, neutral mind we are able to see the opportunities hidden in the challenges we encounter. By finding our faith in each of lifeís moments, we find love. A True Spiritual Master will teach that God enters on the wings of Love, Faith and Hope, and helps us see through to the heart of any matter. Only with Divine Love are we able to heal ourselves and effectively communicate with others to reach their hearts. As we walk through life imperfectly, we are given the chance to evolve. The healthiest change is brought about in evolution, and not in revolution. A true living Master will teach that we are all incarnations of God who must be approached with tolerance and grace. A Naam Yogi must lead by example. As you face your obstacles and complications with tolerance, compassion and spiritual transcendence, you give others permission to do the same. As you acknowledge how to utilize the ego in the service of fortifying right action and aligning with the Divine, you will become an earthly representative of Heaven. If you desire to open your heart and see the unseen, then find a Master who sees the unseen so that he may give you the correct method of working with Naam in order to help you lift the veil. Read the books the Code of the Masters along with the Alchemy of Love Relationships, vibrate Naam and recite the Prayer of Love, Peace and Light. The luminous beings in the entire cosmos are all indebted to us because of the Prayer of Love, Peace and Light. Letís make this prayer the foundation of all our lives. There is greatness in store for those who practice Naam Yoga and recite this prayer on a daily basis with sincerity and the intention to spread these qualities throughout the universe. Again, finding and working with a True Spiritual Master who sees the unseen is the highest blessing that you can receive from God while living on earth.
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We would like to express our loving gratitude to Akiane Kramarik and Danny Hahlbom for their inspirational paintings.


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