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About Naam Yoga

The return to One.

Naam Yoga® is a unique merging and refining of the world's most powerful esoteric traditions. It is a spiritual science and art that merges the crowning yoga practices of the East with the unparalleled esoteric tradition of the West, which is Universal Kabbalah. The result is the most powerful distillation of the world's major teachings. Naam Yoga™ is the return to One. It is the universal key for maximum spiritual evolution.

There are many amazing yogis who have developed their spiritual gifts, but who are unaware of the Laws of the Universe. They may have the most dedicated spiritual practice, and still be unsuccessful in their career, limited in their health and challenged in their relationships, due to the fact that they simply do not know the cosmic laws that govern all things. They are just as vulnerable to the Divine, immutable Laws of timing and Cause and Effect as anyone else. Similarly, there are many Kabbalists who do not understand the importance of the nervous system, the glandular system, the digestive system and the chemistry of the blood in maintaining vibrant health. They do not know that, through yoga and chanting, they can strengthen their physical and spiritual bodies to achieve higher states of physical and spiritual well-being. All yogis need the knowledge of Universal Kabbalah and all Kabbalists need the practice of yoga. Just as the brain connects and relays information between the two hemispheres, so must the traditions of the East and West be united, for it is only in Unity that there is true and everlasting power. It is only in Unity that there can be lasting achievement, spiritual regeneration and fulfillment of the soul. The science of Naam Yoga™ is the path of Unity wherein the bad luck of past karma is transformed into the good luck of the future for the fulfillment of your soul in the present.

Naam Yoga teaches us to use the divine Word in prayer, which will awaken the spirit, revealing the true essence of self, purifying the body and mind. Universal Kabbalah teaches us how to work with the laws of Nature, through which the unknown becomes known, the unseen becomes seen, and the unheard becomes heard. This sacred technology provides the integrated tools for radiant health, well-being and ultimately divine consciousness, to help you move from the head to the heart center and face challenges with Grace.



Naam Yoga


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