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A True Spiritual Master, page 2

by World Renowned Yogi, Mystic and Universal Kabbalah Master, Joseph Michael Levry

When a Master takes you under his wing, it is a privilege and a blessing. Those who serve a Master do so unconditionally and with love in their hearts. They are set on a path of mastery themselves, committed to serving all others. In fact, in serving the Master, you are also serving the thousands of beings that he serves, creating a chain of humility in the name of the Divine. Sacrifice will come naturally to you, as you will be returning a portion of the profound gifts you have received. Gratitude will fill your heart for the miracles of your life and wonder for the miracles in the lives of those around you. Even if you experience a tangle of complications that seem irresolvable, the light of the Divine will resolve them at the last minute – always in the very nick of time. Gratitude becomes a natural part of your life, especially to the one who has liberated you and shown you the Power of the Word and continues to direct your life in the path of that heavenly Light. Once you find a True Master and surrender to God, Naam, and your path, do not go back. Completely surrender to the Divine Spiritual Wisdom and dedicate your life to Naam. That is pure dedication. You will win and reach your highest, loftiest achievement. By treating a True Spiritual Master with reverence, we are awakened to our ultimate destiny and the God-realizing process of existence, and Heaven comes through in all realms of our lives.

The fastest way to grow spiritually and see the unseen, is to take the bull by the horns and open your heart to the Master. The Master doesn’t care whether you are good or bad. For him, everything is always good. The Master will always teach you to live in the positive, and die in the positive. That is the higher way of life. Walk one step toward the Master with a pure heart, and the Master will walk two steps toward you. The Master teaches how to serve so that you may awaken in you those forces through which the negative karmic ties of the past can be eradicated so that you may enter into a life of freedom. He will teach you that service is the way to heal all ills. When faced with mental, emotional and/or physical challenges, learn the Divine Spiritual Wisdom, vibrate Naam, serve others and serve God. This will cause your problems to vanish. Those who vibrate Naam and serve God have the favorable conditions they need to blossom and they are happy. They do not need to be concerned with what may occur because in the end, regardless of what happens, miracles will bless their lives. These people are protected by the elements of ether, air, fire, water and earth. They are able to receive the beneficial healing forces emitted by the cosmos. Serving others is a meditation in and of itself, and the highest form of yoga.

When the heavens arrange for you to meet the Master, it is your specific destiny, for you cannot override the heavens. Your entire life will be transformed, and your spiritual, emotional and mental growth will be exponential. You may even feel at times as if you are flying through waves of knowledge, sensing that all is changing around you. The light of the Master, who is one of the generations of the Universal Repairer, touches you, working through you to improve the lives of all around you, so you, too, become the conduit of the heavens. Your relationship with yourself will change as you become brighter, clearer, more focused and capable of others’ trust in you. You will become the living Word as its divinity comes to live in you. Then, your relationship with your family will change. As you work on yourself via the heavenly light, this light will benefit your family and smooth the paths of discord. This will extend to your relationships with all beings, creating a ripple effect – a wave of light that passes from one person to the next.

When you give to a Master, you automatically receive blessings. The Master is constantly sowing seeds of Goodness by turning thousands of people to the Light of God. He is opening thousands of hearts to God, with his words, his touch, his presence, his deeds and his works. He gives and serves thousands of people. The Master serves on a daily basis those who are in dire need and helps those overcome with sorrow, pain and sickness. God serves the True Spiritual Master because he serves others as an extension of God. By giving to a Master, you give, through him, to the thousands of people he serves. By giving to the True Spiritual Master you will receive blessings from the thousands of people you have served through him. In your time of need, the universe will automatically provide for you. Giving to a True Spiritual Master opens the channels to Divine Good within and without. It opens in our consciousness the way for spiritual growth and supply to come to us. It brings us in direct contact with spiritual life, substance and intelligence. It loosens the burdens of our personal lives, unifies us with the universe and opens within and without an inflow and outflow of God’s bounty. When you leave this world, all the material richness that you may have acquired in this life is left behind. However, every good deed that you have done will go with you. Those who have served in this life will attract material and spiritual richness in their next life. Abundance follows the Law of Service. When the student serves the Master unconditionally, he/she is automatically on the path of becoming a Master in this, or another, lifetime. Then the student is able to help many, many people as well. In so doing, the student receives untold happiness. Indeed, as others benefit from what the student is now able to give, his/her soul rises higher and higher, becoming increasingly powerful and bright like the Sun. Meeting a True Master, then, is a precious gift; a chance to move from fate to destiny.

When one decides to work under a True Spiritual Master, he blesses you with the Naam and helps you free yourself of the burden of fate, so that you may manifest your highest destiny. It is vital to "Know thyself, to learn to die before death." To know the method of dying before death we need a True Master who has experienced such a death. He will bless you with Naam, and teach the method of dying before death. A man must learn to die once, so that he may not want to die again. When dying, one loses the desire to eat. Then the desire to breathe is progressively cut off, causing you to breathe less air. As a result, one learns to eat with love and to breathe with love. God created man to eat with love, think with love, feel with love, speak with love and to act with love. This sacred fire must be the reason that stimulates man. It is not an easy thing for a person to learn without a Master, for he can teach you how to take care of your blood, in which the spiritual alchemy must take place. The Master instructs you on how to purify your blood so that the Holy Spirit may incarnate in you. You cannot purify your blood if you do not have pure thoughts, pure feelings pure speech and pure actions. When you study with a Master, you learn the Law of Purification so that even your blood may become purified. When you purify your blood you will get rid of thousands of diseases that derive from impurities in the bloodstream. A true Master teaches you how to eat pure and clean food, and shows you the right way to drink hot water so that you may remove thousands of diseases due to impure food and keep them at bay. Unclean and impure food brings filth into your stomach, which fouls the blood years later and inspires pessimism and poor health overall. A person with pure blood is always lively. If you lose your liveliness, your blood is impure. A Master can show you how the cultivation of pure thought, pure feelings and pure actions result in pure blood, lively spirits and abundant health and youth.

Working with a True Spiritual Master will cause you to go through a process of regeneration in which there will be a sublimation of vice into virtue. You will be reborn in the Spirit whereby the body and soul are penetrated by the heat of Divine Love and the light of Divine Intelligence that emanates from the Divine Fire held within self-consciousness and self-knowledge. The True Master will help you develop the Heavenly Rose, also known as the lost inner faculty, so that you may perceive the hidden, eternal truths. The opening of this spiritual faculty and blossoming of the Heavenly Rose is the mystery of regeneration – the vital union between God and Man. Human beings in the modern world are living in exile, deprived of our true essence and real powers. We are creatures of opposites, a battleground for good and evil that consists of the imperishable, metaphysical substance and the material, perishable substance that fight within us. The imperishable remains enclosed in the perishable; in other words, within our mortal shells exist a mighty spiritual body. We need a True Spiritual Master to learn the true method of regeneration, in order to loosen the corruptible matter that keeps our immortal being bound in chains, and the active power asleep. It is the inner spiritual organ that has an incorruptible, transcendental, metaphysical essence as its foundation. All our misery springs from our corruptible material of mortality. For Man to be freed from this misery, it is necessary for the immortal, incorruptible principle lying within our inner being to be developed so that it is able, as it were, to devour the corruptible and the mortal. We must experience a rebirth in which the spirit of wisdom and love rules and the animal nature obeys, establishing the conditions whereby we are able to enter into communication with the world of higher intelligences. To this end, we need a True Master, who will show us, while in the human form, how the Soul can realize God and retrace its footsteps to reach its first home. This Divine Spiritual Wisdom brings joy and expansion. The teachings of the Masters will lead you to self-realization and Cosmic Consciousness through an all-embracing love and selfless service of mankind. Those who are truly intrigued are automatically led to the right place by the Light of God within them. Those who have a strong desire for Divine Spiritual Wisdom can receive guidance from a True Master long before they come into the physical presence of the Master – the one who represents the Word Made Flesh.
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