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2012 & Beyond

An Opportunity to Achieve Your Highest Destiny

Normally, the Heavens and Earth control karma, but when the Heavens are neutral, there is a tremendous capacity for spiritual growth. As of 2004, the Heavens have drawn two pentagrams in such a way as to render themselves in this state of neutrality. What this means for humanity is that there is a tremendous capacity for spiritual growth. We must use this time, up until 2012, to open our hearts and rewrite our destinies for positive, divine, and spiritual purposes. In other words, up until the year 2012, you will be able to cleanse your karma and get rid of all of your darkness. At the same time, this unique opportunity will create drastic change in everyone’s lives, and change often brings fear and anxiety. We are very quickly approaching a time where the veil of illusion that cloaks the world will be lifted and the realm of light, wisdom, and love will be revealed. A new universe is birthing, bringing with it a high vibrational energy not only to earth, but to every parallel existence, every parallel universe, and every life form in this realm and others.


It is for this very reason that people are experiencing the mental, emotional, and/or physical stress that can affect relationships with friends, loved ones, and oneself. The best way to feel comfortable during these times is to raise your vibration and strive to live from your heart center. As we discover more and more how to live from and remain in our hearts, the spiritual faculty of man expands and absorbs the mortal/animal aspect, transforming him to a glorious state of being filled with the light of the heavens. The teachings within Universal Kabbalah contain the keys that allow man to access this state of elevation; however, these keys are only revealed through the ways of the heart, as the ways of the head are no longer conducive to Universal Harmony.



Universal Kabbalah


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