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Laws of Nature

God Sits at the Tip of Our Tongue

One of the main goals of Universal Kabbalah is to help each person develop within him or herself an ever-increasing aptitude to hold more and more light. It is a well-known cosmic law that everything moves in a circle, and whatever forces we send out into the Universe will return to us in due course. It is often the simplest laws of nature that are neglected. For instance, each day, with the words that we use, we are either building or destroying ourselves and creating platforms for what will happen to us next. Therefore, one of the first, and yet often the hardest, laws of nature asks us to treat words as sacred, and carefully choose each utterance that leaves our mouths. In most cases, this requires that the mind itself be cleaned, for therein lie the seeds that blossom into speech. When men and women have conscious control over their speech, they choose to uplift and heal each other and create vibrations that are positive and constructive. This means getting past the smallness of “I” and growing into the vastness of “we”. As chaotic as the Universe may appear, nothing goes unnoticed or unbalanced, and those who use their words to project peace towards others turn themselves into co-creators of light that will be duly returned to them, even when least expected.

In addition to working constructively with our words, it is very important to avoid negativity and gossip, for these are qualities that will surely rob us of our Light and delay our progression towards self-healing.

Kindness, goodness, and compassion lead to happiness and health, because our inner souls are constructed with these qualities. They are the basis of our true nature. They carry the power that not only brings positive transformation, but also shields us from destructive forces. Focusing on the good and realizing the positive aspects of every situation leads to harmony. Behaviors such as racism, gossip, criticism, intolerance, selfishness, disloyalty, bigotry, along with all of our vices and passions, actually break the natural laws. These attitudes run contrary to the very structure of our souls, the world and the Universe. They excite the elements and cause catastrophes, disease and trouble of all kinds. Air, fire, water, and earth cannot remain harmonious in the presence of anarchy producing energy. In other words, the elements mimic the states of human and these elements exist in the Universe, on the earth and within our physical bodies. Just by exhibiting negative behavior, we devastate humankind collectively and individually.

By developing love and appreciation for the Laws of Nature and cultivating within ourselves the Light to uphold them, we attract a multitude of blessings into our lives and purify our spiritual bodies. The divine plan of the Creator unravels itself and the multitude of illusions that kept us shackled to past error dissipate until finally, we are free to see a greater Light that would have otherwise blinded our unchaste eyes.



Universal Kabbalah


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